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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Gary Glitters mum used to live in Dalmeny Avenue. Pat Sharp(Woop woop) is sometimes the guest DJ at The Norbury
  • George Galloway lives near Streatham Common,Max Bygraves brother used to be the manager of the Norbury Hotel in the 1970's,i used to go to school with Max's nephews at Norbury Manor Juniors(sometimes you'd see Max collecting them at the end of the school day) James Bolam used to live in Norbury as well as Michael Aspel(who lived opposite me on Stanford Road).
  • keith moons cousin lived in norbury and stayed there regularly as a kid
  • Batty Boy Quentin Crisp and his young boyfriend Simon Scoble lived in Norbury Close. Legendry child and wife killer Timothy Tims THE GUY threw kids off manor farm foot bridge infront of trains AND MURDERED HIS MRS
  • i once was astonished to see martin sheen and lewis collins breakdancing at the kebab shop in norbury
  • jorden touched my bum in the norbury
  • thelate ronnie barker was spotted by a reliable source eating porridge outside the halifax
  • madness filmed two video`s at norbury train station........i also think i spotted lord lucan riding shergar through norbury park
  • Len Fairclough was a REGULAR at the THE NORBURY LEISURE CENTRE as was Billy Bragg...... 9/11 SURVIVOR Wassa Madawidu lives in Norbury
  • ex-Fulham legend Alan Mullery lives in Pollards Hill North next door to London cabbie and ex- Mastermind champion Fred HousgoE
  • Bembridge Mick....childrens entertainer lives in Norbury (bloody great likeness of Kenny Dalgleish, could be his twin) as does John (i`m free) Inman...he loves to mince up an down the high street in is camp regalia..........
  • Arthur Scargil`s right hand man during the minors strike Paul Duggan lives in Norbury many miles away from the northern colleries that closed
  • Cop killer Harry Roberts was hiding in a bedsit before getting his collar felt in Norbury
  • London`s oldest `PEARLY KING` Herbert Allen lived in Norbury. He was a proper chirpy diamond geezer! gould `bless `im.
  • Comedian "oooooooooooh! titter ye not" Frankie Howerd visited the local pet shop on a few occasions for food for his puppy called Elvis
  • lap top pervert Paul(Gary Glitter)Gadd, went to Norbury Manor Infant School (bet he wishes he still could)As did Tory MP for Croydon North Duncan Puncher
  • Elvis impersonator and British Bungee jump Champion Frankie Anderson lives on the manor
  • Ministry of Sound DJ`s "Steve the Fridge" and "Frank the Hat" AKA "Buddy Boy" first spun discs in the Reform Tavern. Child killer of the thirties Scott Boleyn was a local bloke till he was hanged
  • Arsenal Captain and wing half wonder in the twenties Bertie "avalanche" Allen is still a local resident
  • World War one fighter pilot legendry Squadron Leader and Wing Commander Brenden Duggan OBE who also won a Victoria Cross for Bravery lived in Norbury, till sadly dying by falling over, (pissed as a newt) and banging his head in a pub in the late 1960`s.
  • pervert Len Fairclough lived in Norbury as a youngster.
  • my neibour of mine in Norbury a bird called Kiera was once engaged to the one and only Ian Wright Wright Wright before she gave him the elbow and went out with and then married one of the So Solid Crews older brothers
  • ever since telling every one `Ive supported `CHELS` all my life became trendy everybody in Norbuy is a season tickect holder but still cant name who scored in the chelsea v leeds cup final or know where the `bridge is.. regardless to this Norbury`s biggest celeb` Chelsea fan Mickey Carter one of the actors who drove the blue mini in the micheal Caine Classic the italian job.
  • The Krays enforcer JOHNNY(THE BELL) FRENCH is a local resident who still knocks around the manor swapping old tales for pints of beer!
  • Shared a spliff with Bez from the Happy Mondays outside THE NORBURY HOTEL
  • Some of the scenes in a `CLOCKWORK ORANGE` `McVicar` and `THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY` were filmed in Norbury
  • In the Norbury hotel night club I watched ex footballer Terry Fenwick get a proper slap from a skinhead geezer after he blamed him for letting Maradonna run passed him and score (not the HAND OF GOD goal but the 2nd one) which put England out the world cup! Gay rights activist Norman Warner beat Oliver Read in a drunken arm wrestling competition in the Sussex public house.
  • Animal Magic`s hero the late great Johnny Morris`s brother Fred Norris lives in Norbury Hill (Norris being his real name changed to Morris so knowone thought he was the notorious villian of the early fifties)
  • ex-National front candidate for the South East and crime writer Sean Duggan was born in Norbury (Died last year) Jonnie Jock Gibb, Scotlands fly half in the sixties lived here
  • 2 of the original line up of phsycobilly band the Meteors,Kieran Brady and Sean O`Sullivan were expelled from Kensington Avenue School for setting fire to a girls coat while she was wearing it
  • Dexy`s Midnight Runners filmed the video to the song GENO in Biggen Way, Norbury`s most famous resident was Dave Allen
  • sold a Lambretta SX200 to be used in the film Quadrophenia driven by Phil Daniels` mate Dave with the trilby hat (the lucky bastard who ends up knobbing Leslie Ash after she`s blown Jimmy out) better known as Jim Carver in the Bill.
  • saw Terry Hall of the Specials and Johnny Fingers of the Boomtown Rats drinking in the Sussex pub Watching England mash the Dutch during Euro 96
  • Sham 69 Lead singer Jimmy Pursey once said "of all places in London he enjoyed leaving Norbury the most"in an interview in NME paperin about 1983. (I make him right!)
  • Corky the copper in Sykes the washboard wizard himself the late great Derek Guyler was a Norburite
  • the Who`s Keith Moon had a cousin who lived next door to me at 9 Biggenwood rd. As kids the legendry headcase drummer knocked about with us when he stayed over during school holidays
  • ex Crystal Palace and Man City manager Malcomn Alision lived at which is now the tuc shop in St Oswalds Rd
  • got knocked off my Chopper as a kid by BLAKEY (Steven Lewis) outside Norbury fire station, Every time I hear "I HATE YOU BUTLER! C`MON GET THAT BUS OUT" I cant help but chuckle
  • Caught my Aunty snogging singer "Smiley(please officer dont give me producer)Culture" at party in Norbury
  • I met that geezer who played the gay bloke Colin in Eastenders at a party he kept talking to the bird I was trying to get on the firm with so I nudged him into to pond
  • former Arsenal players Kenny Sansom and Peter Nicholas played tennis regularly at Biggen Woods tennis courts Jan Francis went to Kensington Avenue junior school Pickles the dog that found the Jules Rimet world cup was born in 6 Covington gardens. SW16
  • Derek Bently,
  • Sherlock Holmes visted here in the case of the Yellow Face (from The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes) - Norbury was "very countrified" at the start of the 20th century according to the good Dr Watson. Also, the novelist Kingsley Amis was a resident for many years. Norbury is probably best known for the number of people just passing through...

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