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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Nick Hewer from the apprentice lives in Quinton (or at least used to)
  • Chris' year 10 asian look-a-like
  • Savannah Merrill
  • Today Peter Andre came to town. Who the fuck gives a monkeys arse about a Z-list celebrity that fucked Katie Price. Big fucking deal. And his perfume smelt shit.
  • Matt who plays dr who was born in northampton and attended nsb. Andrew stone from pineapple studios was born and bred in Kettering.
  • Nanette Newman was born in Northampton
  • Tom Cruise's grandma, Gaymer Cruise came from Northampton and lived in Clare Street. Other famous ex residents (or their relations) include Princess Diana, John Noakes, Judy Garland, Des O'Conner, Nancy Reagan's Dad, Geoffrey from Rainbow (Moulton), Grace Kelly, Harold Bishop, Christopher Biggins, Pete Murphy, Errol Flyn and, not forgetting, William Shakespeare (lived at the Royal Theatre for a short period)
  • Des O'Connor actually worked as a junior in the Shoe Room at Church's Shoes as a very young man - my aunt used to be the manager of the Shoe Room, which used to quality control the shoes and she was his boss and remembers him as a fesh faced young man.
  • swear i av seen auntie susu from desmonds sitcom comin outta sains in the grosvenor a cpl aof times, ashley ingram was my sisters next door neighbour for 5 years before he was famous and i av seen one of the blonde girls from steps around town a few times as well so she must av connections to npton i think
  • The guy that discovered DNA came from Northampton...also Alan Carr was tought in school here
  • Alan Moore ( V for Vendetta ) Des Oconnor (during the war ) Pete Murphy (Bahaus) Me
  • Jo Whiley; Baron (i.e. Michael) Heseltine; Earl Spencer...all reside in the area.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha........famous? from northampton?? Na no chance.
  • Bauhaus (One of the leading Goth bands in existance) The Departure (were big a couple of years ago, novelty has worn off now)
  • Emma Beard of Popstars The Rivals and Clea fame
  • Ha-someone told me that Less Than Jake come from here - that's pretty cool
  • The Departure are from here and lived in Abington.. One grew up with the Jesus Army. March on with the righteous.
  • Omar Williams or Amazing Omar of skin flick/porn fame is often seen on the streets of N'pton. The fella who wrote one of the Indiana Jones films lives/lived in Moulton Alan Moore, writer of the Watchmen and other dark graphic novels lived/lives in N'pton. Tom Hall musician and wearer of loud trousers lived & died in N'pton.
  • Des o connor
  • With refererence to Onslow (Geoffrey Hughes) I think he lives in Northamptonshire and Northampton was used as the town and church locations for Keeping up appearances
  • Jim Dale, star of the early Carry On films, was born in Rothwell.
  • Less than jake came from northampton!!
  • Andrew Collins, broadcaster and writer, was not only born in Northampton (Barratts Maternity Hospital), he has now written two books about his childhood. The first, Where Did It All Go Right? (published 2003), is exclusively about growing up in the town. The sequel, Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (published 2004), looks at leaving the town and starting college in London. He now lives in Surrey but comes back to Northampton often, if asked.
  • des o'connor was born and used to live in northampton.
  • This is the birthpalce of one Andy Woolmer. The man who single handedly destroyed Hereford Uniteds return to the football league. If you see this man then please call him a cheat, a c**t, a w****r. The most arrogant man in the world. This guy deserves no respect off anyone in northampton and every effort should be made to drive this man out of town. This man is a disgrace to the people of northampton and should be hounded out of town.
  • Darren Bazeley, what you've never heard of him, he has played for wolves, watford, walsall (obbvious obbcesstion with w's).
  • I bumped into the drummer from Bad Manners.
  • Althorp house is probably the closest we get to having celebrities in northampton.
  • "Professor" Stanley Unwin, used to be famous on BBC Radio for 30 years or more for his 'gobbledegook' nonsense talk. Lived near Daventry, and used to borrow books from the County Library when I worked there in 1964. James Joyce not only wrote ULYSSES, which drives readers mad --- his poor daughter spent 30 years locked up in St Crispins mental hospital.
  • that rugby player bloke
  • Broadcaster Andrew Collins, Dj on B.B.C. 6 Music and Radio Times Film Editor, comes from Northampton. Also, further information about `Marc Warren'. Marc definitely comes from Northampton. He was born in Parklands on March 20,1967, so he is now 37! Marc was brought up in Kingsthorpe and his parents and family still live in Kingsthorpe. Marc attended Kingsthorpe Upper school up to 1983, then attended Northampton College of Furher Education from 1983-85, then went to E17 drama school in London. He visited Northampton as recently as last friday, and added his handprint for a canvas that is being used to raise money for a Cancer Charity set up by former Arsenal Goalkeeper, Bob Wilson. Marc also toured primary schools in the Northampton area whilst at Northampton College in various fringe shows, in one he played the part of `Bonko' the clown, a character like `Vivian' in `The Young Ones' (BBC 1982-84). Marc also did some jobs, like selling Carpet Cleaner Door-to-door, and scrubbing pots and pans to raise money for his place at Drama School. Marc also goes swimming, and visits Northampton frequently, to visit family & Friends, etc. He can often be spotted in the town centre, especially around Bridge Street & Gold Street. `Hustle' by the way, can still be seen on BBC1 TV, for the next 2 Tuesdays (23,30 March 2004), and he has recently just completed a small role in a film with John Malcovich, and another one of his films, `Revnger's Lust' has just been released, and he has given a lot of interviews everywhere, so he can now be called a Household name! For more information go to and type in `Marc Warren' then press Search, and take it from there. Thank you.
  • Des O'Connor has a house nearby, Thom Yorke was born up the road from where I used to live, annnnd you don't need me to list the others that everyone's already said.
  • By the way, I forgot to point out, that Marc's first proper T.V. Role was in `Grange Hill' (BBC 1991) and he also appeared in `Band Of Brothers' (BBC 2001), so he has plauyed a variety of roles on TV, Films, etc, and he also played OBE-Wan-Kenobi in a test sequence in `Star Wars 1:The Phantom Menace' but this scene is only available on the DVD release, not the VHS release. I'm not sure though, whether Marc's Mum still works for Northants Fire Brigade. Just thought that I'd pass on the information though. Thank You.
  • Actor Marc Warren, who played `Dominic Foy' in State Of Play (BBC 2003), he also played `Dr.Chris Singleton' in Reversals (ITV 2003) as well as `Monks' in `Oliver Twist' (ITV 1999) and P.C. Dougie Raymond in `The Vice' (ITV 1999). He is starring in the forthcoming BBC drama `Hustle' with Robert Vaughn. Marc also comes from Northampton. His mother used to work for Northants Fire Brigade. For further information about `Marc Warren' go via and type in `Marc Warren' and you should then find out information about Marc from that. I know that Marc warren comes from Northampton because I found his Biography from the Internet and I became interested in Marc after seeing him in `Reversals' in November last year. He is about to star in the forthcoming BBC Comedy-drama `Hustle' with Robert Vaughn and there are promotions for it being shown on the BBC now. Robert has been doing dramas (mainly heavy drams, playing villians) since the early 1990s, but he is now finally getting the recognition he deserves, so he is almost a celebrity. I'm not sure which part of Northampton he comes from though, or which school he attended. Anyway, further information can be found by going via `' and typing in `Marc warren'. Thank you.
  • Michael UNDERWOOD is the CBBC presenter. Peter Ebdon is living in Wellingborough. Becky Hunter is from AllStars.
  • Shirley Eaton, who was in the James Bond film Goldfinger.
  • Steve Brown who used to play for cobblers but is now at wycombe still lives in the town as does Darren Harman another ex cobbler
  • Grisley
  • Erm, Alan Moore, writer extraordinaire. Dessie O'connor, thingy from All stars(not all stars anymore though are they!?!), Charlie Bradlaugh, (he said there wasn't a god dontcha know) and me.
  • Derek Redmond, ex athlete. I think he's married to Sharon swimmer woman too. I saw some dude from childrens TV in safeway the other day, forgot his name.
  • Alan Moore, big beard, walking cane - he wrote the comic that later became the film "From Hell", don't you know, and also the comic that's soon to be made into "The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen".
  • Check out KLF founder Bill Drummond's fine book "45" for a few mentions of his childhood in Corby and time on the infamous Art Foundation Course.
  • Up & coming stand-up Alan Carr hails from Northampton.... watch out for him on telly as he's gonna be big....
  • jo whiley
  • I saw Melanie Blatt from All Saints on the Wellingborough Road not long ago...what the heck is she doing here?! (She's better looking in the flesh...) Apparently Faye from Steps was born here, as were the retro eighties band The Jets, Tim Mud from Sulpher and Judy Carne who was quite famous in the 1960s.
  • Gian Sammarco of Adrian Mole fame is from Northampton. Went to my old school (Kingsthorpe Upper) Des O'Connor's official website says that he was born in Stepney though he was evacuated to Northampton during the war.
  • Looks like that girl out of Pop Stars: the Rivals from Northampton might be in a band, so it could e her. That bloke off CBBC, that girl out of AllStars, Des O'Connor, Bauhaus and Jo Whiley.
  • robbie from east enders used to come drinking here a lot till he was run out of town...
  • Jo Whiley, that bloke off of cbbc...that girl from ALLstars...DES O'CONNOR!!!
  • Gordon of the sixties pop duo Peter and Gordon used to live here, and was a common sight in the Bridge Street pubs where he spent much of his time. Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople also has a home here.
  • Des O'Connor did play for Cobblers!!!
  • Geoffrey Hughes (Vernon Scripps in 'Heartbeat') has a home in the county, and a couple of years ago I spotted Lenny Henry coming out of a kebab shop on Abington Street...oooh, get ME!
  • Alan Moore is usually seen strolling around with his hippy stick and 'face furniture'. Don't get too near him unless you want a lecture on 17th century witchcraft.
  • aparrently JK briefly went to school in northamptonshire
  • Sharon Davies and Derek Redmond. Lesley Joseph. Derek Nimmo. That bloke from Children's BBC I think his name's Micheal. He's the one that is a presenter because he one it on 'Whatever you want' with Gabby Roslin. Toby Anstis (ex-CBBC)is from Northampton aswell. Liz Kershaw lives here. I can't think of anymore but I think there are some.
  • faye from steps i think, and the spencers (can anyone forget the spencers). oh, and lesly jacob (dorean) from birds of a feather. my dad says des o'conner northamtonian in fact my nan and his mum worked together.
  • soemone in Neds atomic dustbin!
  • that radio1 dj
  • Bauhaus, Des O'Connor, Jo Whiley, and Walter Tull (Britain's first black footballer)
  • Alan Moore, famous comic writer, who looks like a 12th century warlock and can always be seen shaking his scary walking stick and grumbling at people.
  • Roger Moore used to have a flat in Sheep Street apparently.
  • Des O'Connor was evacuated here during the war. I have seen Lesley Joseph about town occasionly as well.
  • Thom Yorke of radiohead was born in wellingborough...which isn't really northampton...but hey, it's just up the road!
  • Really really old people like Thomas Hughes and other Rugby School related people. That bloke from Allo Allo (the Good Moaning one) and that's all I know.
  • Des O'Connor is in some way affiliated - whether by the football team (NTFC rule!) or by living here. Lesley Joseph (Dorien off Birds of a Feather.) Robert Llewellyn (Kryten in Red Dwarf and also presents Scrapheap Challenge)
  • Alan Moore, the world's favourite comic writer / magician, lives here and can often be spied strolling around with his silver-topped cane. Careful! He worships a snake god.
  • Richard Coles of the Communards (the bloke who wasn't Jimmy Sommerville) was born here, as was Hot Chocolate's guitarist.
  • Geoffrey Hughes ('Onslowe' from Keeping Up Appearances). Saw Tim Brooke-Taylor (Goodie bloke) in a chippy a couple of years back.
  • Jo Whiley (R1 Dj), Des O'Conner, Bauhaus...erm, Me, someday!
  • All 4 members of the legendary goth band Bauhaus came from Northampton.
  • Saw Ricky from eastenders once...he is smaller than an action man!
  • Thomas a Becket, uuurrrr, ME?
  • Er, why would a celeb reside in Northampton?!
  • The inebriated guy is still about...he fluctuates between the bus stops at the Kettering/Welly Road junction and the middle of the Welly Road. He is usually harmless, but spends a lot of time with his ass in the air!
  • Des O'bleedin' connor
  • Graham Carr, not the Cobblers manager, has the longest penis in Northampton. The size of his donger is approx 11 inches (soft), can anyone beat this apart from Mark at the 'Brew your own shop'. Graham is a nurse at St Crispens hospital, so he can supply you with a lot of plasters if he injures you during sex. Alan Lamb, the cricketer, has a really little knob!!!!
  • Ashley Ingram of the 70's group IMAGINATION was born in Semilong, and he is now a renowned song writer, penning the song that won him an award in monoco, 'You've gotta be bad, youve gotta be etc.... Also Judy Carne (Rowan and martins laugh in) 60s TV prog, lives in Kingsthorpem she was married to Burt Reynolds, shes seen his Di** Derek Redmond, the ex sports person came from Northampton. Roger Moore lived in Moulton at one time with his old bird Dorothy Squires.
  • Robert Llewellyn (Kryten)
  • Doreen from Birds of a feather was born here and her mum lives in Kingsthorpe (wow, you'll all be flocking ther then)
  • Des O'Connor was born in Northampton.
  • Derek Nimmo,Earl Spencer
  • Des O'Connor was not born in N'pton but in Stepney His parents lived behind the cricket ground and he was nearly 'called up by the cobblers ' (got into NTFC's 2nds)
  • Not really except that Errol Flynn did a stint here

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