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  • Josh's Crib
  • Its all about NB's Baby. We are there every Friday and Saturday without fail. Dj's are good. R&B room is the place to be on Saturday nights as the dj is better but Fridays we prefer the bigger room. Dj is better in there on Fridays. Get money off ur drinks if you show your student id card as well. Bonus! Like I said its all about NB's!
  • Mollys bar now has Bite on a Friday night playing rock / alternative / metal / hip hop. The promoters are friendly and you even get free sweets. For more information check out
  • What's the deal with that "Panache" place on Bridge Street? Used to Be Crush, then Quench, now Panache all in such a short time? Does the problem lie in that only Old women and African men go in there? I went there once with my brother (we were underage and it's easy to get in) we left about 30seconds later after my brother got punched for laughing at a middle aged woman dancing against a pole. Wretch Worthy Fo Sho!
  • NB's...................NB's...............NB's!!! Nowhere else compares. busiest place by far, staff all seem friendly. Massive beer garden which is always open and at weekends they have a bbq so great to grab a burger and drink a beer (Cant do that at McDonalds!) Friday and Saturdays are obviously busiest with 2 DJ's playing, R and B in the second room and chart, dance, party in the main room. Fridays are my fav night. Same dj in second room both friday and sat but different dj's in main bar (Friday night dj better than Sat night dj) oh and they have finally sorted their toilets out. Much better NB's. now you need to work on the sound system! Not nearly good enough for a venue like this!!!! come on sort it out!!
  • NB's is the place to be. Friday and saturday nights especially. No trouble and wicked atmosphere, wicked music and reasonable drinks prices. Double up on spirits for an extra quid. can't be bad. 3 cocktails in cave bar for a tenner and half price happy hour before 9 each night. awesome. the djs are shit hot mixing a decent variety of funky house electro trance and the compulsary r&b (yawn). 4 bars, 3 rooms, 2 djs (fri & sat nights) 3 bars 2 rooms and 1 dj through the week. huge tropical garden open every night with bar and there is even a barbecue on some nights (always at weekend. The djs's are really good. prob best in northampton with always playing requests. the friday night dj in the big bar is prob the best. We are in there most friday nights and sats as well. they open till 3 so who needs to pay to get into some club where you cannot smoke. not us girls thats for sure. See you all there. xxx Charlie.
  • Don't ever go to Northampton on a Thursday night. It was straight GARBAGE!!! the few females we did run across told us the locals go to Milton Keynes on Thursdays. My friends and I regularly vist Northampton in the summer for the weekends and have always had a great time. This time it was extremely disappointing.
  • the grinder for all different nights check website
  • Soundhaus has to be mentioned again - live bands and club nights with a variety of music tastes catered for
  • Molly's - Friday Night - 80's Pop/rock Racehorse - Weekends - Metal, Emo Racehorse - First Saturday of Every month - Goth Disco (proper Goth, not Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Shite rubbish) Sounhaus - First Friday of Every month - An Even Bigger Goth Disco in the Basement (usually co-incides with Blastchamber which plays the heavier side of Rock)
  • Disco's... you takin the piss. Roadmender is boyfriends band is playing there in soon I'm so excited!! Yeah I like Roadmender-quite a mix of people there.
  • fever is fab 5er to get in and most drinks 2-3 pounds full of rude boys and girls but easy to pull and friendly staff sometimes have live acts!!
  • M&Bs,Revolution,BarME,Time and Envy eurgh theres loads
  • Bar the soundhaus, everywhere else is a bit crap.
  • All our Clubs are pants. Some are not as pants as the others, but they are still pants. If you're not a "clubber" and you just want to drink yourself silly without fear of having to belt some irritating spotty oik off his mash on Vodka and red bull, go to Molly's. It's like one of those weird English bars you find in Spain where no one cares what anyone else is doing cos everyone's utterly hammered. Rubbish, but in a good way.
  • Looking for good alternative clubs in N/hampton, Soundhaus has a 'Blastchamber' on a Saturday night - did not enjoy it, anyone know of any alternative/rock/goth type clubs?
  • Whoever wrote about Ritsy has obviously not been to Northapmton in ages! The place it used to be is now the VIP carpark for the Saints rugby club. Anyhow if you want a good night out and you are into more than going out purely to look good and pull as many people as poss then venture down to Fever if you like funky house - get ther earlyish though as it is the best place in town (without all the 'townies')so gets busy.
  • Wow this stuff is out of date, Ritzy i think not, the clubs you've got, Legends, Fever, Soundhaus, Luxe, Time and Envy, Roadmender, pretty much it at the moment. More to come soon i think. Get on the case, write some more stuff about how SH*T our town is cause that some funny stuff.
  • roadmender rocks, but bin getin bit crap recent, hope it gets beta
  • Clubs are 4 saddos
  • Roadmender, its such a cool place.
  • Went to the Soundhaus which was odd! Saw a death metal band and then danced all night to Pet Shop Boys!
  • The Roadmender is definately the best club for young people in northampton. i go every friday that its on and it is always packed out with people.
  • molly's bar has come up in the world. chicargos was great, still is if your a kosovan or from the eastern district. yates not too bad for that late beer.
  • shakedown sister at black sheep on 3rd saturday of every month is fantastic, a great mix of current and quality older indie, no nu-metal (thankfully) some of the roadmender nights good as well but less often now, the buzz and magic roundabout are only on a couple of times a year each, and for pub hour tunes then plastic fantastic night at the labour club once a month is worth a visit
  • Visage is now called Time & Envy and is a Godawful place. Decadence used to do a half decent rock night on Mondays but that's finished now. The Lounge used to be grand on Thursday nights, with classic tunes on the first floor, trance/dance on the second and rock/proper bo retro on the third but they're hvaing a refurb now too. Soundhaus on a Saturday night is always rocking. The Black Sheep isn't bad at the weekend, and once a month they have a fetish night which is incredibly good fun if a little pervy.
  • New for Monday nights, Northamptonís Most Diverse Rock Night ever! FRANTIC @ the O Bar (Abington street) The complete music experience, cheep beer and lots of give-aways! Starting Monday the 9th of February (official) Cost: £2 all night Cheep beer! Featuring DJ Twiz from Dysfunction, (Northamptonís most successful Rock night!)
  • Errrr, an alternative clubbers guide to Northampton exists at I wrote the article as a jokily spiced review of the "top" N********n nite spots including the excellent garden centre/nite spot Glenvilles. It also features a clubbers memory lane for those foggy recollections of the "great" clubs of yesteryear.
  • Time and Envy is a reasonable club! Wednesday nights are good, £5 to get in and get 4 free drinks tokens! They are v. strict on checking ID!!!!!
  • Wouldn't give you tuppence for any of them!
  • The Lounge(18s)is full of Underage chappies - infact I believe they turn away anyone older than 12 to maintain their exclusive clientele. For a Rocky good time go to the Soundhaus for the BLAST CHAMBER on a Sat night. ROck , metal grunge - you name it (not pop)- its a blast
  • The Soundhaus is definitely the best for alternative club seeking folk, also the Roadmender. All the rest of the towns clubs are for alcopop drinkin townie freaks.
  • Scrounge at the lounge, have sex on a sofa, deal some drugs and get in a fight. It all goes on and we have a great time!
  • Soundhaus, excellent place. No stress, laidback staff & doormen, friendly punters, good music (particularly the 70's nights).
  • TRY TIME!!!!this site is well out of date....visage changed ages ago!!! you got bridghe street now full of posing bars but its all good, some interesting people and of course grubby students. lounge is £10 all you can drink friday and saturday nights so get yourself down there. thursdays are wicked too, absolutely packed with alternatives, is a wicked laugh with some interesting people no doubt.
  • Time & Envy (previously called visage), the lounge - a bit skanky but wicked if ur a student, legends, edwards (which is more of a baar actually), chicagos
  • thursdays at the lounge. Its dirt cheap, although its know as being the biggest shit hole in northamptonshires land of clubs it does have character. It is often overflowing with underage drinkers and the occasional grandad but the people there are generally students. It's impossible to move in there as the night progresses. the floors and walls get wet and you often find that you are sticking to the floor. However it plays god damn good music on the top floor, with the likes of blur and supergrass right up to things like queens of the stone age and rage againts the machine. The second floor is always empty and the first floor has its lovley comfy sofas where you can just chill out. The bar staff on the top floor are quality but never ever get on the wrong side of the bouncers cuz you might end up dead. seriously!!! And if you catch the DJ on the top floor in a good mood he will play your requests!
  • Don't bother unless its the soundhaus or roadmender. soundhaus has good bands and club nites.roadmeneder not what it was but those of us who remememberit,dosowithfondness!!!
  • The Cookie Club was the ultimate indie night on Saturdays (Stone Roses, Smiths and anything you want to ask for!) Whats happened to the place?? Any chance of it reopening? There's no where to go apart from the occassional Friday at the Soundhaus for us indie kids!
  • Legends nightclub has two rooms, both quite small and not a very good sound system. However, Friskys nights are amazing, with brilliant top name DJs coming in and a brilliant atmosphere.
  • roadmender, saundhaus racehorse
  • Lounge on a thursday night (and getting bottled isn't a compulsory element of your visit)... but the girl in the fluffy bra on the 3rd floor. hummer, hummer! Time & Envy or LegEnds are good for cheap nights out.
  • chicago rock
  • Time, aka Visage is brilliant on mondays, with a mixture of cheese pop, dance and old skool it a definate must if your around. Drinks vary in price so go to woodys, (Weatherspoons)next door for some cheap drinks.
  • The Lounge - rough as f**k at weekends, used to have some really good student nights up to 3 years ago, 2 bouncers presently on trial for manslaughter of a gent who accidentally fell down the stairs, nice. Bar Med, also rough as f**k at weekends but completely packed nonetheless. Makes it difficult to get a drink, then when you do someone will inevitably bump into you and cause half of it to spill. Has gained quite a reputation for fights (inside and out) in recent months (time of writing Nov 2002). Soundhaus, damn fine 70's night on the last Friday of every month. Easygoing crowd, relaxed atmosphere, no trouble that I've ever seen or heard of. It's off the beaten track as well and the likelihood of large groups of lads turning up gagging for a fight is a tad remote. Good standard of ladies and lots of blokes who appear to be gay, hence little chance of a bloke coming up to you and saying "you lookin' at my bird?"...I love this place.
  • The Lounge (Abington street, WATCH OUT AT THIS ONE), Bar Med (now having 14-17 nite with So-Solid and Oxide & Neutrino opening).
  • i think that fords is rather good lounge aint bad but if your lookin for a good time then you need to be in town on a friday or saterday night its a blast with all the people dressed up thinkin they look cool (what freeks!!)
  • Lounge = Death Time = 25% alright McGintys = Shite
  • Personally, i like Chicagoes, top of the market square, - you can sing along and jive!!
  • BLAST CHAMBER@Soundhaus. It's the best place to go if you're alternative or open minded. There's nobody to judge you or make you feel out of place -no matter what you look like. Cliquey places such as Dsyfunction and (the recently closed down) Cookie Club feel very elitist and quite unwelcoming. But Blast Chamber is full of people that care and people that love the music but love hearing a DIVERSE MIX. Which some clubs seem to promise and don't fulfill.
  • Chicagos for slappers Time and Envy for more slappers
  • Does benson's night spot still exsist
  • BlastChamber at the Soundhaus is the best place to go on a Saturday night for people of the alternative persuasion. It's got three rooms of great music...a mix or rock, nu-metal, punk, ska, ebm..etc in the main room, room two has cheese andfun stuff...and the basement plays industrial, goth and stuff like that.
  • The Soundhaus was okay when it used to be The Venue, it's absolute bobbins now and seems to cater to the town's proliferation of greebos. Chicago's is great if you like tribute bands (who doesn't?) and the odd long-lost superstar such as David Soul!
  • DYSFUNCTION @ Legends Nightclub, Gold Street, Northampton. EVERY MONDAY from 10-2. All styles of alternative music, top DJs and one of the cheapest club nights around. 2.50 entry, 1.50 pint fosters/strongbow, 2pound most other drinks. Giveways most weeks, competitions etc. DYSFUNCTION is probably the most fun you can have in metal venue.
  • has to be the Blast chamber club night in the soundhaus (behind chronicle+echo)rock goth and dodgy old indie stuff in three rooms, what more could a girl as for... well except the sexyness of ome of the male patrons yummy
  • Mcgintys - admittedly it is small but all excellent people that work there staff and bouncers v nice, no longer a place for trouble, dj v nice and plays gd music
  • the lounge definitely!! the middle floor is by far the best, if you want to dance all night to cheesy disco music this is your place!
  • get down the soundhaus for their club nights. Blast Chamber for you alternative lot and Sounds of the street if you wanna have a go at break dancing. If you have no ID then go to the lounge, otherwise avoid.
  • Soundhaus is absolute garbage, frequented by a 'fresh faced' crowd who make complete nuisances of themselves, together with the usual ultra-depressive greebos listening to their noisy crap downstairs.
  • the soundhaus rocks on a saturday night. it has three rooms with music such as, nu-metal, goth, cyber, indie, 80's, and industrial. the bar is quite cheep and the staff and bouncers are very friendly. ronnie Djs in the main room and is a really nice guy, he will play your favourite song. a good nite with friendly people and goths and rockers who are nice people!
  • The Soundhaus (Great Russell Street, behind the Chronicle and Echo building) now has its "Blast Chamber" alternative monthly saturday nights EVERY saturday night (oh my i do feel trendy) so get down there for one room of Cheesy Bon Jovi and one of Punk and Metal (ONLY club ive ever been to that plays Me First and the Gimme Gimmes). Feeling trendy then go Decadence on Bridge Street. Feeling like a drink and your only 15 then Saddlers on Bridge Street and McGintys at the Abington Street Grosvenor Centre entrance are notoriously bad at ID related issues...
  • Lounge on a thursday. chill out on the bottom floor, avoid middle floor enless you have forgotton what day it is or wearing kappa and then ming it up to the top floor once pissed. drinks arent too bad cos student night, and entry £1 wit NUS. dont fight the bouncers cos could end up dead.
  • ok - Visage is a wannabe gatecrasher buts its the best we've got, apart from MAYBE frisky on a friday night. For me, however, its gotta be the lounge on thurs or saturdays. northampton is not clubland but everyone in visage (and half the people on the trance floor in the lounge, to be fair) seem to think they're in Ibiza, and they're COOL. at least the lounge doesnt take itself seriously, and plays some great tunes - bottom floor especially - james brown anyone? on the whole it tends to be a good atmosphere though like all places in northampton, it can be a bit rough at times. all the same, if your gonna go anywhere, got to the lounge - its great! the cookie club does the best goth nights (thurs) and the best indie nights (sat), which ive now heard has returned to its roots - stone roses, RATM, all the classics - no more blink 182. yay!
  • Skanky lounge on a thurs nit is okayish!a coupla cute skater types hang on the top floor. for a sat night you've gotta go 2 the blast chamber at the soundhaus think it's once a fortnight but there is always the cookie clubs inie night for the other weeks!
  • Try out the Soundhaus, especially on a Saturday night for the incredible breakdancing tournament! Just watch out for the teenage mums hanging out at front of the crowd with their tongues draped on the floor.
  • The Lounge still rocks like a Muthaf***a on a Thursday night. Oh, and the only way you'll get any shit off the bouncers is if YOU're giving THEM some shit. I've been going there for years and have had no problems with them. Alternatively, go to Cuba Libre (pub opening hours unfortunately) on more or less any night and they will be playing some really smooth and mellow sounds - try the cocktails too! over and out.
  • Visage (near that big Argos & Big L - Levis shop), Bar Med (Gold Street) and Evolution in Wellingborough incase you go there
  • Its true that the clubs ain't that bad, especially when you consider the fact that they are all open all week. K2 (Gay bar), Visage, Legends, Lounge, Cookie Club, McGintys. I am sure that there is some very dodgy things happening in that place. All in all the clubs ain't that bad and even though the town centre is like Hawaii 5-0 on weekends there is hardly ever any really bad trouble. The clubs probably give a big salute to SLC (The Students Loan Company). The whole town is stduentified.
  • the cookie club is the absolute mutts nuts, sure, it's small, it's dingy, it even smells a bit (I should know, I work there...) but you won't find anywhere else with the same kind of electric atmos...and when it says indie on the flier, it doesn't mean your average oasis/supergrass/stereophonics out for the mad rush for the dancefloor when the stone roses or primal scream come on!
  • roadmender, its the only palce to go ,if u alt anyway!
  • Visage, most nights, bottom floor, see if Adam's DJing. You'll know if he is.
  • Too risky! Northampton's drug culture has now become disturbingly large, and venturing out on a Saturday night is the rough equivalent of going into the hardest pub you can find whilst wearing a T-shirt with the slogan 'Please Kick My Head Clean Off Its Hinges'.
  • Average Saturday night (particularly for an NSB student, like myself) - Pennywhistle pub on Welly Road until about 10:15, then leg it down to The Lounge on Abington street (it's free before 10:30). It may not be the greatest place, or the classiest establishment, but WHO CARES?!!! Bottom floor is full of the comfiest sofa's known to man for when your lashed at the end of the night; middle floor is Steps, Abba - all the cheesy stuff. Always packed, so stick to dancing on the podiums (you'll get more attention from the lads anyway!) or you could always grab a mate and be seductive round the poles! Top floor is heavy stuff. Excessive strobe lighting and kinky sexual practices. Avoid, unless your body is filled with copious amounts of alcohol.
  • Glenvilles = Trendie plughole Soundhaus = good bands, High prices etc etc good night near the pub
  • if you're not a trendy twat then cookie club is the only place to go. lounge is supposed to be a rock club but its all crap american punk. and the bouncer dont beat the crap out of you if you get asked for id
  • Wow Visage is wicked, cutting edge Dj's like the man like Rob Lawes! Also worth a mention the legendary phenomena that is Simon Son!
  • The best part about the lounge is that the NSB sixthform lives there at the weekend. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The best club is Chicagos. Which says a lot. We go to Milton Keynes, where the pubs are open till 2am.
  • Steer clear of them, townies, are prepared for a fight anywhere, aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh, i'm surrounded.
  • Not much I can possibly add to the extensive coverage of this subject already, cept to mourn the closure of bass clef, truly one of the great alternative venues of the country. However if you are desperate for a fix of music hearvier than the smattering of alt.rock heard on the top floor of the Lounge on a thursday then the Cookie Club is really the only place to go atm. Not such a great vibe as BC used to have, but the music is wicked.Apparently Bensons Nightspot is still doing a goth night on mondays but there is no garuntee that you will meet anyone there that doent remeber the war!!!!
  • *The lounge - cheesiest club in town, walls drip with sweat Fridays and Saterdays more dance seen than Thursdays full of Goths, Trev's, beer boys uot for a srap and a v.young crowd of Visage wanabe's. *Lives in the shadow of Visage, rammed for sweat with mega DJ's, Wednesdays pretty full. The only place for Trancers and cyber-kids. Tunnel of boucers v.strict on dress, drunken state, attitude and age ID, carry your passport if under 30! Sweat at Guidhall top night out. *Legends half way house between Lounge and Visige, bit cheesy selling lightsticks and glow specs and pumping out conercial pop and dance, Fridays improving with former Minestry of Sounders Frisky bringing in respected DJ's. *McGintys OK for more of a drink, excellent half hour of fun on Saturday nights 10.30-11. *New eternity club a let down failing with guest DJ's, soon to be a late night pub as O'dwires. *Liquid opening summer 2001. *Chicargo's opposite of lounge excellent tribute bands, well known dance, suits all tastes but not for the young trancer. Golden wedding aniverseries easily held here!!
  • roadmender ledgends some others
  • Here's what I'm interested in... The Lounge is FAB for a v. cheap night out, the drinks are pricy but you can go down the Welly road for them. The bottom floor is great for taking your blokes, and the top floor is good for the hardened clubbers (dry ice etc). The middle floor could not be any tackier. For those who luuuuuurve dancing, Sweat at Guildhall is the place! USually has about 3000 people, tickets £8 from loads of shops (I get mine from Spinadisc). The music is absolutely brilliant, the stage and centre stage are good for showing off. Dress is really outrageous and the atmosphere is incredible...pure trance. Even though it's pricy, it's the one for the clubbers. Legends is (apparently) terrible, McGintys is a joke and there is an under-18s club for 14-year-olds.
  • Lounge on a thursday, don't annoy the dancing bouncer or you'll end up in the back alley....
  • Visage has to be the place to go for a nite out, Sweaton friday is possible the best! Start your nite in T.P Woods next door, sit by the window and watch the blurry drunken world go by, until it's time to blag your way past the bouncers, convincing them that your not gonna throw up on there nice wooden dance floor!!!
  • the lounge on a thursday night.
  • As a regular Saturday night Northampton clubber I believe I'm qualified to update your seriously outdated club board. *Visage is one of the best clubs in England, 4 bars and one snack cafe thrown in with a stomping soundtrack in a place so big they should provide maps, makes an excellent combination for an all night snog and vomit fest. Tip: dress like a tart and attempt entry after a group of underage lads and the gittish bouncers won't ID you. Avoid a blond named Colin who habitually wanders across the dancefloor randomly trying to cop a feel. * The lounge is the most frequented club in N'ptn but only because it is free before 10:30 so there is a mass stapede from the nearest pub at 10:25. Wear less than underwear or you'll be sweating buckets. Downstairs is the supposedly 'chill out' room where they play a bit of Jamiriquoi and always seems to be where you spend most of the evening vegetating on the gigantic sofa's. Middle floor is 70's disco and the only way to avoid being flattened is to dance on the seats. Top is some weird speed garage shit but it makes a change I suppose. *Legends is small but vaired and they sell cocktails in test tubes, good pulling spot. * Cookie club is an Indie club on two levels but no one ever appears to inhabit the lower floor. Good for serious music fans. * Maginties is meant to be a pub but the charge two quid to get in??? Miniture but play good stuff and have video screen, best place for getting off. * Roadmender has sweat dripping off the walls and their used to be stabbings, don't go if you value your life.
  • The Lounge: Stiflingly hot, ridiculous bouncers wearing bullet-proof jackets who frisk you for weaponry, exorbitant drinks prices. Excellent laugh. For maximum enjoymentn try and get escorted down the back stairs by a bouncer and thrown out into the street, it ain't hard, they're stupidly strict now.
  • The Rock Cafe - Chicagos, is a good night out, especially because they play music that is at least 10 years old, only prob is getting a drink at the bar, you have to wait ages... best to have a few becfore you go in there, The Moon on the Square pub is a good meeting place, which serves cheap drinks, but at the time of writing this its closed for refurbishment.
  • The Roadmender is freak heaven.I live with one of these attention starved 'individuals', and if he is anything to go by,stay well clear of such hellholes; that is unless you would like to get bummed by a wierdo in black.
  • Visage. student Nights = wednesday. Chicago Rock
  • when was the last time you went to northampton? the vault is now the 'lounge' I like your review of ritzy/zone. also there is now the Bass clef nightclub- top alternative/goth/metal club- not for the faint hearted+ expensive for alcohol but pretty cool. roadmenders has had a new funky coat of paint job but still attracts teenyboppers and brit poppers on a weekend. for the ultra townie there's Visage, a souped up Ritzy for the older crowd.expensive with big walkie talkie clad bouncers. Oh, look posh to get in
  • The Roadmender is OK.
  • The most rocking nightclub in town, having just been refurbished, is now called The Vault, but to long-timers, it will always be called Panache. Wednesday and Thursday nights are the best, being rock and indie nights respectively, and drinks aren't too exorbitant either (£1.74 for a pint of Fosters). The middle floor is where all the mainstream stuff is played (always good for a quick 'dance round the handbag' sesh), but upstairs is the real good stuff. Go upstairs and keep an eye out for Elvira, Queen of the Damned - a local vamp who likes to tart herself up in slinky velvet numbers and flowing capes. Avoid her where possible - she likes to crush men into little pieces. *Don't* go on a Saturday night - there are too many kids around. Unless you're into that sort of thing.
  • Place to avoid - Ritzy's nightclub. Average age of entrants are about six years old. Paedophiles heaven. People who go there will be stoned to death by me. No excuses.
  • Auntie Ruth's. This is a private member's club which has a good vibe and clientele. It incorporates a Music venue at the back called The Blackbottom Club and has a club downstairs called the Basement. Auntie Ruth's is open to non members on Wednesday evenings and has live background Jazz in a cool setting
  • Base Clef is pretty good but only really for those into the heavier stuff not for the faint hearted

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The Best Things

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Cringing Cult of Celebrity

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Demolish It Now Building

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