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Computer and Games Shops
  • Niall Hearty sucks at osu!
  • Xbox and League Of Ledgends
  • CEX in the town centre is immense- its all second hand, but its cheap as. Got dvds, games, and some electronics and stuff. Go there now.
  • GAME you sad gits-get out and go skate don't bloody play computer games. Although it is fun whipping my boyfriends skinny little punk ass at that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game
  • Sad.. Electronics boutiqe, Game
  • gamestation and GAME are cool.
  • GAME is probably the best game shop in town at the moment, in fact there are 2 of them!!!
  • there's two games in northampton now and no eletronique botique
  • Electronique boutique in the grosvenor
  • Grosvenor Centre!
  • Game (Abington Street), EB (Grovesnor centre)
  • Game Station Rocks coz you get good prices and honesty
  • Games Workshop for War Hammer and stuff like that, but for computer games, Northampton has its typical shops like Game.
  • Try market ON wed THURS sat
  • mostly stuff likes Game etc.. there is a games work shop in the G centre which is good fun if not full of weirdos who spend way too much time there
  • Computer games or other games?? The usual comptuter games shop as a town would expect but we also have the Games Workshop. This is good if you are into role-play kinda games and War Hammer stuff....
  • Errrrr....HMV. Sorry.
  • Electronics Boutique in Clock Towers is the best bet. Woolies and Smiths have a few too.
  • Now they've just got Game and Electronics Boutique. When it was open, Gold Street Software was really good value.
  • Gamestation, top of the Drapery. Get a membership card for free, optionally under a hilarious pseudonym, and you'll get around 3-5 off new games straight away. Their trade-in prices are way higher than Game / Electronics Boutique's, and the staff are friendly. Mind you, so are the staff in Game and ElBo... but Gamestation beats them both. Good range of 2nd-handers, too.
  • Game, is probably the best, situated near some bloke shouting ccccroonniccllleee
  • in the center Game, Games World, Electronic butique
  • There are loads, Game, Games Workshop etc.
  • Future World's good, and there's a second hand store in the market that's the best.

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