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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Lee Taylor aka goggy aka the ice cream man, dbs reg!
  • polly elcoat and emma cain live herre. they are amazin. lol google them and find out what happened, also they were in loads of newspapers. whooop (also live in rudheath) aka rufheaf!!!
  • Matthew Kelly, Rick Astley lived in Gt. Budworth & Pete Waterman lived round here somewhere.
  • Rupert Holmes is undoubtedly the most talented person from Northwich alive today, anywhere in the world. Rupert is not just a top songwriter of considerable repute, but he was also a pop star of the late 70s/early 80s . Who could ever forget “Him” Or “Escape (The Pina Colada Song) storming up the charts in 1980? Rupert continued performing with and writing for, internationally renowned acts . In the 1980’s Rupert became a world class playwright and has on many occasions had the longest-running and most successful plays on Broadway in the USA, touring the UK also during the 1990’s. Recently, Rupert has metamorphosed into a great crime writer, his latest novel is currently Waterstone’s book of the month! Songwriter, producer, singer, pianist, playwright, novelist, no-one can accuse Rupert of being a one-trick pony! Most people are either a jack of all trades or a master of one, but that exceedingly rare commodity the master of all trades sums up Rupert’s astonishing career. Rupert is from Northwich and spent his early years and subsequent summers in Greenbank, he had lived in Hemming Street and moved to America at the age of six, but frequently returned later in his youth. Rupert Holmes was born in Northwich, but grew up in the northern New York City suburb of Nanuet, New York and attended nearby Nyack High School and the Manhattan School of Music (majoring in clarinet), and he has dual American and British citizenship. He told me recently that his parents met in The Blue Cap near Hartford. His father was a United States Army Warrant Officer and bandleader, and his mother was English, and both were musical. Rupert’s brother, Richard, is an opera singer based in New York City and is the principal lyric baritone of the New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players. Songwriter and recording artist In his 20s, Rupert was a session musician (producing sessions, writing and arranging songs, singing and playing a few instruments), who wrote jingles and pop tunes (including for Gene Pitney, the Platters, the Drifters and television's The Partridge Family). As a recording artist, he broke through with 1974's Widescreen on Epic Records, which introduced him as a presenter of highly romantic, lushly orchestrated "story songs" that told a witty narrative punctuated by clever rhymes and a hint of comedy. Barbra Streisand discovered this album and asked to record songs from it, launching Rupert on a successful career. She then used some of his songs in the movie A Star Is Born. His second, self-titled album led Rolling Stone to compare him to Bob Dylan in the sense of being an artist of unprecedented originality that commanded attention. Ruperts’ production skills were also in demand during this period, and he took on this role for Lynsey De Paul on her album "Tigers and Fireflies", which spawned the radio hit "Holiday Romance". That album also featured a song, the bluesy "'Twas", co-written by the two. Rupert also produced work for the highly entertaining ‘Sailor’ (‘Glass Of Champagne’, ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ etc) in the mid 1970’s. "Escape" was included on his fifth album, ‘Partners in Crime’, and reached the Hot 100 No. 1 Hits of 1979. The song hit #1 late December 1979, becoming the last song to top the pop chart in the 1970s. The song fell to #2 for the first week of January, 1980 and then rebounded to #1 the next week, making Rupert the only artist to ascend to the #1 spot with the same song in different decades. Another popular song on that album was "Him". Rupert wrote a song for the band The Buoys called "Timothy," possibly the only Top 40 song about cannibalism. Holmes was not in the band, but did play piano on the track. "Timothy" charted at #17. In 1986 Holmes's composition "You Got It All" (sometimes called "You Got It All Over Him") was a hit single for The Jets and later recorded by pop superstar Britney Spears, featured in her internationally released version of Oops!...I Did It Again (2000). In the 1980s and 1990s, Holmes also played in cabarets and comedy clubs, mostly in New York City, telling often autobiographical anecdotes illustrated with his songs. Playwright Rupert later became one of the few playwrights to win Tony Awards for both book and score, for the 1986 Broadway musical The Mystery of Edwin Drood, based on the Charles Dickens novel, and also won the same three (score being split into separate music and lyrics awards) Drama Desk Awards and an Edgar Award. Rupert also scored Edwin Drood himself, one of the few Broadway composers to write his own orchestrations. Because the book was left unfinished at Dickens' death, Holmes hit on a novel idea: he provided alternate endings for each character who is suspected of the murder, and the audience votes on who the murderer is each night. Rupert also wrote the Tony Award-nominated ("Best Play 2003") Say Goodnight, Gracie, that Broadway season's longest running play, based on the life of George Burns, and a second Edgar Award-winning play, the comedy-thriller Accomplice (1990). Rupert has written a number of other shows, including ‘Solitary Confinement’ (2002), which set a new Kennedy Centre box office record before its Broadway run, ‘Thumbs’, the most successful play in the history of the Helen Hayes Theatre Company, and the musicals Marty and Curtains (with a score by John Kander and Fred Ebb). Curtains is currently (as of 2007) playing at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on Broadway, starring David Hyde Pierce and Debra Monk. Holmes and Peter Stone won the 2007 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Book of a Musical, for “Curtains”. Rupert Holmes must be the most talented son of Northwich, his grandfather was even a diver who maintained the town centre bridges in the early part of the 20th century. Rupert has very fond memories of Northwich and mentions area of the town in many of his plays and books. Despite half a century in the USA, Rupert has kept his dual nationality and is a British passport holder, he has contributed massively to the world of entertainment globally. This is a deadly serious request, look at the unparalleled achievements of Rupert on I have to say that also I have been in contact with Rupert recently and he is an absolutely first class chap, he is a great bloke and in my view should be getting a bit of recognition from his home town. This guy has won every award in the book for his plays, books and so on. When I said that I thought he should be recognised over here for his outstanding achievements he thought that it was amusing and modestly said that he would be happy with a small plaque above a bin on Hemming Street, if that ever happened, he does hold Northwich in high regard and has very affectionate memories of his younger childhood and teenage years in Northwich. I am amazed that this has never happened, perhaps a plaque at Mid Cheshire College – either Drama or Music departments or even a local high school, I am sure he would like it, but he need to be brought to the publics’ attention . LOOK UP "HIM" or "ESCAPE" by RUPERT HOLMES ON 'YOU TUBE' OR HIS 'MY SPACE'!! and he is a great bloke into the bargain, a real man of the people, modest, unassuming but a multi-talented star!! Most people know a song he has penned or sung, everyone will have seen a play or read a book by him, so come on, recognise Rupert, they do in the United States and he is one of ours!!! It is time to “Recognise Rupert”!! Is there any way in which Rupert’s remarkable achievements can be highlighted in Northwich! Even if it is a small plaque above a bin in Hemming Street?
  • Anyone who gets to be rich and famous ,leave at the first opportunity if they have any sense.
  • oh dear well theres gary barlow, adam rickett (who suggesting by what he buys whenever he goes to weaverham co-op lives ENTIRELY off canned peaches) erm tim from the charlatans of course, the drummer from placebo, me, that pop idol guy lives in little leigh or whitley or somewhere. Nick barker played in cradle of filth, dimmu borgir theres him, that bird who ran for sale harriers whos always in the paper... dunno
  • bird from the fast food rockers
  • Clint Eastwood Billy Ray Siras Panthro from thunder cats
  • well khlaire trevor is on her way out.
  • paula radcliffe
  • Adam Rickett, Gary barlow, Bob Carolgees, Honest Bob
  • me, klair i am the best celebrity this shithole has to offer
  • Gary Barlow (Delamere), Paula Radcliff (Northwich), The Charlatons front man Tim Burgess (Moulton), and the rest of the Charlatons (Cheshire)
  • Bob Carolgees, Gary Barlow, Adam Rickett, Jennifer Saunders, Paula Radcliffe, Dean Saunders, Pete Waterman, Matthew Kelly, The Charlatans, Micheal Oaks (Wolves), Tony Dorigo (ex England star)
  • Horror author Stuart Neild was born and lived in Northwich for years. He's been front page of the Northwich Mail for every other week in 2004. He's wrote a series of horror books starring a ghost hunter set in Northwich and just sold them to an American film company. Apparently a series pilot is being shot next year in the States. Could this mean Northwich turning into a British Hollywood? At any rate the first book (a haunted man) is top notch. It seems weird seeing Northwich in print in a fiction novel, but it works. Plus my sister and her friends think he is dead fit and looks like Brad Pitt.
  • Adam Rickett lives in Weaverham, Steve hewitt(the drummer who is in Placebo), used to go to Weaverham High School, Tim Kash (The one off Top Of The Pops) used to live in barnton, and sometimes comes up to see relatives, Pete Waterman lives in Weaverham, Gary Barlow (The one out of Take That) lives in Delamere forest, the person who wrote Alice in Wonderland lived in little Leigh, SPit the Dog and his owner lived in Castle, and so Did Mathew Kelly. Supposidly Slash from Guns N Roses used to hang about Northwich for a while, Andy oakes (Goalkeeper) comes from NOrthwich itself, David & Victoria Beckham NEVER lived anywhere near Northwich, but they did look for houses around the Weaverham & Winsford area, such as a black & white house in Whitegate, leading into Winsford, been told the charlotons came from northwich
  • The Charlatans originated from round here, which I suppose is quite cool. However, not as cool as the fact that Matthew Kelly and Bob Carolgee's have both lived here!
  • Ross Milne - Best BMXer in town
  • frostie is a great guy hes got fuzzy hair and makes everyone laugh not famous but is sure he will be one day. lives in hartford but is always in northwich. he tap dances and it is funny to see him do it if you ask him.
  • Adam rickitt shops in sainsburys! Gary barlow Pete waterman is often around here Blue record is pete watermans studio, they usually stay in the blue cap!
  • garry barlow and nick from corrie in cuddington
  • Michael Oakes of Aston Villa and now Wolves fame lives near Vale Royal Abbey. He's right good at golf which is handy as the course is at the bottom of his garden I expect
  • Steve Hewitt - Placebo Garry Woodward (Woody) Pro/Semi Pro skater all round cool bloke!
  • Matthew Kelly used 2 live on Castle, that guy who has Spit the dog used 2 live round here. N one of the girls from Fast food Rockers lives locally.
  • that bloke from placebo, the charlatans and matthew kelly...hmmm CRAP!!!
  • The owner of Beats Ahead Music has toured with several celebrities! Including being the sound engineer for Adam Rickett & Atomic Kitten (also local)! As well as many others!
  • the drummer from placebo went to weaverham high school and of course the charlatans
  • Matthew Kelly, bob caragies and the charlotons What great fun
  • Mark Wigan - very cool, internationally renowned painter hails from Northwich, or more specifically Leftwich I believe. He was the first past resident I ever ran in to after having left Northwich fifteen years previously. We met in a club in Tokyo. We were the only two western people there.
  • Bob Carolges ownes and runs a candel shop(Lady Haynes Craft Center,Kingsley)
  • The only town that has Wham written on the road (work it out!)
  • Sue Townsend and Robert Westall are both supposedly from the town. Not sure where but think Barnton or Winnington way.
  • DAvid Moores and Chris Eves! they saved my life, and continue to make northwich a better place!
  • Charlatans, Matthew Kelly, Michael & Andy Oakes (Pro Footy), Gay? Barlow, paula radcliffe to name a few K Behan - lots of people know her so I gather (very itimately)
  • John Dalton the famous skateboarder is from Northwich,he lives in America now I think,He is always in the skateboard magazines,He was skatin in Northwich one day last summer.I saw him at the festival of sport doin some cool stuff.
  • Snake is the most legendary resident of Northwich. Northwichs answer to Keyser Soze or Al Capone. Mothers warn their children about Snake, like the bogeyman.
  • The Drummer out of Mansun comes from Barnton
  • Pete Waterman lives in little leigh and the Charlatans who everyone over the age of 30 reckons they knew before they were famous and saw em play at mid-cheshire college.
  • Malcolm Garrett - When young lived in Barnton, went to school there. Set up Assorted Images in Manchester. Became a famous designer of record sleeves and posters for the Buzzcocks, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Peter Gabriel. Since set up AMX Studios in London with Alasdair Scott - one of the first UK design companies to devote itself exclusively to digital interactive media. Malcolm is a Visiting Professor in Interactive Communications at the Royal College of Art; Visiting Professor at Central St Martins; external examiner for the MSc Multimedia course at Trinity College Dublin; Chairman of Judges for the annual Design Week Awards; and a member of the BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards Commitee. His work has been exhibited throughout Europe, the USA and Japan. In 1998 he was nominated for the prestigious Prince Philip Designers Prize in recognition of his achievements in design for business and society. In 1999 he was honoured with the title of Royal Designer for Industry, by the Royal Society of Arts, for his work in Interactive Media.
  • The Charlatans, woohoo.. Mark outta mark n lard judged battle of the bands final last yr
  • Graham Edgeley - ex football league liner!!!
  • that awful politician who got fleeced by that awful harrods proprieter
  • Adam Rickett is around some times (come down and call him things if u want), i'm famous as i'm the sexy bitch around Northwich.
  • Elvis Presley was spotted in sandiway
  • Charlatans and that is it
  • Paula Radcliffe - Athlete (ex-resident)
  • Dewi Morris Matthew Kelly Bill Bewsick- Top Sports Psychologist
  • Charlotenrs
  • Bob Carolgees, Matthew Kelly, Adam Rickets, Adam Booth (played Darren on Hollyoaks) - need I say more?
  • Becks and Victoria Spice live in Cuddington, near to where Gary Barlow lives. Jason Orange is staying at Gary's old place right next to Plumley station. Mel C still lives in Widnes with her Mum but has been to look round the old Restons house on Tarvin Road in nearby Frodsham.
  • Bob Carolgees has now got a household interiors shop on Chester Road, Hartford Pete Waterman of Stock Aitken and Waterman lives in Little Leigh
  • Jennifer Saunders (originally from Northwich, went to Leftwich Grammar, as it was then).
  • Bob Carolges and Spit the Dog (Delemere Park, Cuddington)
  • Gary Barlow (ex-Take That) bought a house in Cuddington this summer.
  • Shirley Strong, Olympic hurdler (Cuddinton/Sandiway)
  • Dewi Morris - all-time England rugby hero and ex-Winnington Park still lives in Sandiway , Michael Oakes (Villa reserve keeper lives in Davenham), my sister's friend's dad claims to have heard at the golf club that Stan Collymore has bought a house on Delamere Park, a dump full of professionals with pretentions to distance themselves from the hoi-polloi. Bryan Robson's daughter goes to school in Northwich. Dean Saunders lived in Whitegate when he played for Villa/Liverpool.

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