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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • RIVERSIDE -SWEET for skating!!! Clubs r shit!!!!!
  • The Waterfront, king street. Good music, not your usual club crap, open minds, great mix of people and friendly vibes. Have many good nights here! The Loft, open minded, open late club, buzzing atmosphere and people just into having a good night!
  • I haven't been 'clubbing' for years, am not that old tho'(24?) and the idea of heading anywhere near Prince of Wales fill me with dread! So the Mustard lounge is doing pretty well. One night definately worth checking out is The Pound Party, just been to their halloween eve, great eclectic mix of music, Mustard Lounge serves delihous (expect sore head in the morning tho') and they had sweets left out on the bar.Hope they do a Christmas one!
  • Hi there, could you please update our business info on your site please Cheers Ellis Maginn Two stylish yet welcoming bar areas, with quality beers, real ales, wines & cocktails. An exciting & extensive new menu served 12pm 2:30 & 5:30 9pm. Fresh coffees, juices, soft drinks & even a nut bar (from pistachios to chocolate Brazils), and free Broadband WiFi access for all customers A secluded & heated, decked beer garden / terrace, with free table football Some of the best DJ talent in Norwich playing Thursday & Friday evenings from 7pm. Live music & accoustic events hosted on monthly Tuesdays. Free private hire available Saturdays & Sundays Open: Monday Wednesday: 11am 11pm Thursday: 11am 12pm Friday: 11am 1am Saturday: 12am 6pm Saturday: Private Hire: 7pm 2am Sunday: Private Hire The Surrey Tavern 46 Surrey St, Norwich. NR1 3NY 01603 630 478
  • Meltdown at the Waterfront, every saturday , is mainstream rock downstairs with indie,metal,goth nights upstairs.I probably the best place for rock/hardcore/metal fans. Ponanas has student nights on monday/tuesday, which is cheap and usually full of students, it has mainstream music nights and d'n'b, funk nights too. The Ferryboat off rouen road has loads of bands playing from indie to hardcore. LCR at the Uea has loads of nights with different music, also has gigs which is where most of the more famous bands go to. The mustard Lounge has open fairly recently and has bands and club nights, very small but usually packed. Don't bother with any on prince of Wales road as they are usually really townie and expensive, and have bad music.
  • the waterfornt and mercy are great clubs with music for most tastes
  • most of the venues mentioned no longer exsist but i have had the pleasure of listening to the likes of Tall Paul,Brandon Block ,Boy George Judge Jules,and lisa pin up in Time and the UEA not to forget many nights at various Pams house events.
  • now closed: Ritzys(Icon), Boswells, Hy's, Peppermint Park, Manhattans now open: Mercy (Prince of Wales - better mainstream club than Liquid or Time), Optic (Prince of Wales - nice lounge / restaurant during day, club and bar in the evening)
  • Waterfront every time-Cahins on velvet the local goth night caters for industrial, ebm, goth and downstairs is a really good 80's night-held monthly. The waterfront also runs indie, drum n bass (yick!) and rock nights and hosts the best little known and up and coming bands around. class place really with a lot of character.
  • Ritzy's turned into Icon then closed about a year ago, so don't try looking for it. Same with Peppermint Park, it closed almost 10 years ago. Best to got to Prince of Wales Road where you can find a club to suit you, whether it be the superclub Mercy, the RnB club The Light Bar or just your average good night out at Liquid. Chicago's can also be found on this road if your into soemthing a bit cheesy and a wide variety of different people and crazy hairstyles!
  • Prince Of Wales Rd. 13-18 clubs are The Talk and Time.
  • For dance fans - the Riverside Complex features Time and a host of pre-club pubs such as Brannigans and Norwegian Blue. Prince of Wales Road features the new "super-club" Mercy and also Liquid and Chicago Rock. Handy if you want a kebab after, this place. Tombland isn't what it was, my first experience of "clubbing" in Norwich took place in the now defunct Ikon club. For the more alternative crowd (moi included), we have the grimey Waterfront over the river from Riverside, which features two rooms of music and a fairly friendly atmosphere, even if the music is slowly becoming more metal. For the indie fans (definately me) there is Lockstock, situated down the dark alley alongside Tesco Metro. Though the DJ has a bit of a Libertines fetish, it should suitably make up for any disdain experienced at the Waterfront. Then, somewhere inbetween we have Po Na Na, that caters for quite a diverse crowd and is generally the most interesting place to go, especially on a Monday.
  • The Loft! Many a magical night, darkness, young men's sweat, soul, funk and latin music.Hidden in Rose Lane, next to domino's pizza. superb. mojo's, every other thursday, under the light bar on P.O.W. road. groovy, kids stuff, for the prettiest boys and girls in fosters.
  • waterfront
  • Your are all missing the greatest place of all and that is the Talk night club. Not for kids, always a good crowd and full of hot woman. They Even have stage shows such as The Prince tribute band and Roxi Monoxide is back this June. Give The Talk a look and you won't go home wanting
  • liquid on prince of wales st. norwich is great on a monday night -its student night and they play a load of cheesy music to get evryone dancing. drinks are'nt cheap though so go to prince of wales pub 1st, a few doors down, cheap drinks and you can buy entry tickets for liquid for 1 there is a new club called mercy on prince of wales which is supposed to be good suring the week. a bit commercial with the likes of jordan making special apperances and one night a week dean gaffney and richard blackward do their tv show bar wars. they do have podium dancers though, but drinks are expensive and it costs a lot to get in at weekends.
  • Please, please, please go to the loft, its great....if your into that..otherwise the music is great to dance to
  • no good clubs in norwich unless your like 12
  • Time is OK but a bit glitzy - amazing ladies loos! (you could get lost in there)
  • Pams House hold events at the UEA and the Waterfront. If you like dance music of any kind you simply MUST GO. It has the best atmosphere anywhere in the country.
  • you must visit for the best igneous rock around - can you handle it?
  • LCR, the best nightclub norwich has to offer, cheap drinks, cheesy music and charming local bouncers. All this and the legendary Rodney Burger...what more could a gal want?
  • no good clubs i'm afraid - the loft is a gay club but good music
  • I haven't seen this listed so here it is: Po Na Na's. So cool. It's got funky beats and cut-up soul. Its the best funk and jazz fusion of beat tricks in Norwich. Definatley a club to go to. Sorry, a BAR. Only open until half 1 :(
  • waterfront down king street ( i think) , loft- gay bar in main city, squares new nite club down riverside, the new 'COOL' palce for all you wannabies to hang. Thank god Hy's closed down and all the teeny bop's moved on to prince of wales slut seen! yes im talking about magic(amusments)!
  • Fat Pauly's (Edward Street near Anglia Square) was cool til the drugs bust but it was getting full of underagge trendies getting pissed on cider.
  • Po Na Na is supperb, a shame they close so early (1am most nights and they're stricter than they were). Avoid Liquid its a soul-less dive, riverside can be fun (at least time is open 'till late) but its pretty bland. Waterfront is OK if you fancy getting wasted but I wouldn't really class it as a club. and IKON must be seen to be beleived, if you've never been before make sure you go early so if you decide it's not your thing you can go elsewhere, but the day-glo paint on the wall (by the cloak rooms) has to be seen!
  • waterfront uea nights..some wicked goth n metal stuff!
  • Cow Club was the best nights at waterfront.
  • The Norwood rooms when I was 12.
  • Fat Paulys and the waterfront have the best goth n metal nights..we need more rock clubs here though..definitely.
  • waterfront waterfront waterfront, yes there are sweat drips coming from the ceiling due to the no air conditioning, however - great music, fucking excellent drum n bass nights, great live gigs and rawkus/wraith nights are cool too
  • The Waterfront is a good club.
  • Clubs? Norwich? Ha!
  • The Waterfront: first Friday of every month, The Thatcher Years, the *best* 80s night :-) The Loft: Gay/mixed on Thursdays and Saturdays. Nice, friendly atmosphere, but too much dance music for my liking.
  • time on a saturday is banging but as if us poor students can afford it!
  • Fat paulies has closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 help, were do all the metallers go on a friday night, we need a new metal pub/club.
  • Liquid - Lets be honest most bouncers are on steriods, but the ones here, there all huge but guess whats not! The Club itself is cool, DJ Kev from Vibe on Saturdays, loads of 25+ people. Very strange regular with blond hair, goes by the name of Sadie, could be a tour guide, she talks to lots of poeple! TIME, Best club in Norwich. Took a while to take off, Tuesdays is now even more heaving than Saturday, best place to be on a Tuesday, you dont have to dress up too much and the drink is cheap. The que is huge by 11.30 but dies down at 12.30! Every one here is out to have a good time and the music is pretty cool too!
  • Time is the best but that is not to say it's good. Liquid has rude staff and very rude manager (Pablo, not his real name). LCR @ UEA has selection club nights some good some bad - plastic glasses, nice staff. Ritzy's has been IKON for years and it crap, statues outside are back, built over dissused swimming pool.
  • Time's O.K. but nowhere else is worth bothering with.
  • The Waterfront is a great Saturday night, indie/alternative downstairs usually and different nights upstairs, ranging from D&B to Goth, 70s, anything. Keep your eyes out for a flyer to find out what's on. Fat Pauly's used to be a pool club but has now taken out half the tables so there are more sofas and more space around the bar - it is now a very popular venue and lots of local bands play there, as well as bigger names on tour. Gothic/metal.
  • Time on Riverside has to be the best, Tuesdays and Thursays are always packed with good deals on drinks. Hys and Liquid are also quality for a laugh. Avoid Ikon, bit of a dive
  • I really cannot be arsed going to clubs in this town as they all look so shite. I cannot even summon the will to go out on an 'ironic'attempt
  • Hys - a tremendous club, the thursday 70's night is by far the most supreme in norwich. the club fills up with a friendly mixture men and women, that only have one aim in mind; to have a good time. reject city boys are not welcome so theres never any trouble either. dam good atmosphere and club for dam good people
  • Time is wicked. Tueday nights are student nights and are absolutely packed, but are good fun in a cheesy kind of way. Ikon is full of Garys and is quite aggressive sometimes. Hys is a smaller club with a friendly atmosphere. age ranges from 23 down to sixth formers.
  • Some of my friends go to Time on Riverside; apparently Tuesdays (student night) is OK. It's near the UCI and the station.
  • The Waterfront is ok on a saturday night - alternative, indie and Britpop. They have special nights upstairs, the best one's are In the Bag - Fantastic if you like The Stone Roses, Charlatans , Happy MOndays, Ride and such like - they even play Can you dig it by the Mock Turtles-cool! The Gas Station on alternate friday nights with Marvel at the Loft - which is not a gay club, i think it has one or two gay nights, but i don't know which nights. Gas Station is fantastic - loads of funk and acid jazz, it's better than Superfly on Wednesdays at Mojo's, because thats quite pretentious and there's loads of skaters there, it's still quite a good night though.
  • If you really want to go to a club where you can get attitude and buy any drugs you want as long as they don't rip you off. Try Manhattans night club! Down the seedy little alleyway near Tesco's and up the steep set of stairs, which the bouncers love to chuck people down! ENJOY !
  • things to look out for...... rollercoasters @ zoom , the offyerface crew , planet yes are not to missed , skint records coming in feb to the waterfront , goombata alliance @ zoom thursdays , keep your eyes open for any big do's @ the uea , bionic soup now @ zoom
  • Check out the Chicago Rock Cafe - good reports. Also the new club Liquid is good right next door. Also try Barcelona's just up the road - not bad for a good piss up!
  • Ritzys:
    Lots of club/chart dance. Student night on Mondays; for the rest of the week avoid-avoid-avoid.
    Peppermint Park:
    Usually chart dance downstairs and indie upstairs in the sweatpit. Student night on Mondays as well.
    Peppermint Park has tried to go upmarket, and in the process has become even more crap than before. They've abolished the Indie nights, closed the upstairs section, which was the only half decent bit anyway, so now there's no excuse whatsoever to be seen in there.
    The Waterfront:
    A plethora of different nights. Sofa (ambient) on Mondays, indie on other nights, regular gigs, local techno/ambient acts; just lots of pretty good stuff.
    The Waterfront, despite being completely beerstained, is still my favorite club.
    the ambient/easy club is now every Tuesday night in the Alibi, 58 Bethel Street. Play board games or chat to the sounds of downtempo music and of course Great Lift Journeys of Norwich. Food and drink available. A quiet night out! As featured on the Today programme.
    Shite 'singles' (or so it seems) nightclub. They have 'best looking men/women' competitions; nuff said. There are more clubs, but I haven't visited them all.
    The Loft, Rose Lane:
    Gay and Lesbian (heteros tolerated!)
    Manhattans (Dove St., by Tescos):
    Cheap chill-out on Sunday nights but otherwise phenominally tacky.
    Any day of the week. It is a local Jazz club open later than the pubs. Great atmosphere and exceptional performances. Good place to be "seen" as well.
  • Hy's is pretty cool but not the place to go if you are drunk or high because the mirrored walls will freak you out totally.
  • BTW Ritzy is really bad... I have no idea why my next door neighbour goes EVERY Monday.
  • We would just like to say that, yes Ritzy is good on a Monday, not too bad on a Wednesday, and totally shits any other time, especially at the weekend. However, we must realise that this is the only club worth going too, cos; A, paedophile park is full of little kids. And B, well we don't need a B cos the A was so bloody good!
  • On the Saturday that we went to the Ritzy, there were some pretty girls (and they were good for a laugh which is no bad thing) but 80% of the crowd looked to be approximately 18 (conservative estimate). We did have a chuckle upon seeing one fella using the "conveniently designed" tables (lets just say they were "handy") to satisfy his girlfriend. We welcomed them with applause when they finally noticed us observing at which point he really didn't know whether to beat us up or take a bow!!!?
  • Advice for those thinking of going to Jumpin Jak's: Don't.
  • Rick's Place is cool on a Thursday night. Not full of grannies & grandads so check it out! Chicago Rock Cafe is pretty cool too... £1 for Fosters, Bud, John Smiths & Vodka & Coke on a Monday Night.
  • Zoom - forget anywhere else, this is the best club in town as it hosts Offyerface, the local dj collective who spin the best tunes around. From 9pm-6am every month for only £5 to get in (£4 students).
  • Liquid . It's ace...Norwich's newest club, brilliant on Thursdays as a worthy alternative to the LCR, and a credible attempt on Ikon's crown as student night spot on Mondays! Oh by the way it's down prince of wales road!
  • If you go looking for Ritzy's you won't find it, a name change has occured, it is now Ikon, a 1980's name for the end of the 1990's - who say's Norwich isn't keeping up with the times !
  • Rick's Place on Friday and The Waterfront on Saturday.
  • Let me ask you question. What has Norwich been crying out for over the past five years? Answer: A half decent nightclub. O.K. The pubs are superb, but before now the clubs have been poo. This past Easter a new club opened called "Liquid" and I can honestly say it's easily the best club in Norwich (but that wasn't difficult to beat!) - Try it out, I promise there will be a decent crowd and everyone will be old enough.
  • Peppermint has been left for dead now and Ritzys is now called Icon and is brilliant but still full of little people. Ricks place is a meat market and that is that.
  • Best: hard to say - probably the Waterfront cos they have a lot of live stuff and London clubs drop in from time to time too. Great atmos there - drink beer, dance madly or chill out and chat :) Worst: Ritzy - this is utterly dreadful...went there a few times when i was 15 and thought it was exciting being under age with my mates...haven't darkened its doors since, i'm happy to say. (incidentally, that's about the average age, which is slightly increased by a number of 40 year old dodgy blokes trying to pick up said 15 year olds) Norwich really isn't a clubby city - it's much more biased towards pub culture. ...and the worst news...Peppermint Park is supposed to be reopening...

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