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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains in Notting Hill Gate, Greater London*

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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains
  • Notting Hill Charity Shop, Pennies & Pence.
  • SUPRA on Portobello
  • Regretfully a year on the Notting Hill Exchange Clothes shops are as bad as ever.It is a matter of great surprise that they have actually expanded.One gets the usual bullshit stories when offering top notch goods for sale.We're full up with shoes is one.(Well what do you expect?)You-will-have-to-wait(A long long time)(Cant you see)"were "serving"someone(you stupid dolt) the order of the day.IF you do succeed in getting served after a 45 minute wait they will most likley say were not interested weve got too many.Exasparating!Few put up with it.
  • Portobello Clothes stalls are the most hyped and rubbishy thrift stores this side of the Atlantic.If you want grubby hoplessley too small leather jackets to try and look 60s you need help fast! They were uncomfortable cold and shabbily made then and still are!
  • The Notting Hill clothes shops are the same. if you are nopt selling Designer Clothing for les than 10 an item forget it! They turn down masses of really pretty OK stuff and whether they buy an item varies from one assistant and one day to the next! The mark up is shrouded in mystery its officially three times but items have been seen at six to eight times!
  • the retro man store [part of the record and tape exchanges] - see comments related to record stores.
  • The Mens Clothes branch of The Music & Record exchnage purports to sell used designers clothing. However service here is even more rude and odd.Many ordinary persons have been "banned"from the shop for no given reason and the police are often see attending frivoulous incidents sparked I suspect by the rudeness of the owner.
  • The Music and Video Exchnage Mens and Womens second hand clothing shops The ginger haired manager in the mens shop though is a real strange guy hes banned lots of people from selling there and it seems theres an "incident"every other day
  • the market!

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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