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  • Music and Video Exhange must take the award for rudeness shop of all time. They give customers the brush off, charge exhorbitant prices for dross and that’s just if you’re buying, Selling? forget it. They pull out all your LP’s then shove them back with the disc in the open side of the cover, ready to tumble out. Then distainfully offer you a pittance. All their shops are grubby and smell. Their website should be a warning to everyone.
  • The shabby shops that trade as Music & Video Exchange, Soul Exchange and Classical Exchange. run by rip off artists who are rude to you, especially the guy that owns and runs these places. Avoid!
  • The criticism of MVE is indeed fair. It's a total rip-off, both for buyers and sellers - and the guy who owns the whole chain is a sad acid casualty from the 60s who employs women as casual workers an then stops giving them any work if they don't agree to meet him "socially".
  • The criticism of MVE is fair.
  • Rough Trade innit?
  • Intoxica and other vinyl collectors' shops: you're missing the point to say that loads of this stuff you can get on CD. The clue is in the fact that these are largely VINYL COLLECTORS' shops, and I would challenge you to find a large part of Intoxica's stock on CD, especially their amazing Italian soundtracks, rare library music and a jazz section downstairs that's second to none for its left of centre range. The guy who's ok, Andy, doesn't work there any more, but most record shops have a large percentage of grumpy/rude/sullen staff, but if you engage with them assertively and show some interest, you can often break down these defences. Of course, some people are just 'orrid!
  • notting hill record and tape exchanges - a law unto themselves.
  • The Music and Video Exchange shops' staff have a weird attitude toward customer servive. ie. "The customer is an inconvenience to our oh so cool selves." If you want an ignorant numpty to work out their inadequacies on you feel free to do business with them. I exclude the staff from the MVE Greenwich branch from the above condemnation - these guys are fine.
  • Re Intoxica.Yes the guy who works there isnt too bad,he used to work at Music Exchange though!I seem to remember he had a pal there who bought a 1959 copy of a Sir Oswald Mosley Speech on a 45 in order to smash it in half there and then! Hmm Intoxica is pretty high priced for a lot of somewhat obscure and perhaps not very good 60s dross most of which if any good can be had on CD re issues nowadays. Can be a bit offish too in here.Suppose it comes with the territory.
  • Just what is it with Honest Johns - incredibly rude guy on the phone, acting as if customers are an inconvenience to him. forget it john, if you can't be nice, i'll take my cash elsewhere! Intoxica - nice bunch - they know their stuff, and reasonable prices. record exchanges - strange standards of service, depending on which shops you go into. generally, they don't seem to like tourists, or people who don't know exactly what they want. not really for browsers. the chap with the stutter in the singles shop is good. the video part is fair to poor - they know their stuff though. what is it with people who work in music/video retail that gives them that air of grace?
  • The Notting Hill Music and Tape Exchange of which there are 4 in Notting Hill Gate are best avoided. The Classical Music shop has never been known to me to offer more than 1 for any record and has rejected 99% of the 100s records I have ofered them.The Soul and Groove shop turned down most of my stuff too.The Rock singles section upstairs in the main Rock shop sells John Lennon Posters signed at 400+ but rarely offered more than 5 to me for ANY single that they considered "rare",again 99% were either rejected totally as "worthless" or the offer was "1p each"yes thats true 1p"!! Downstairs side of things big piles of records are quickly scanned and offers are usually under 10 for up to 40-50 LPs. EVEN if a really reallt rare record was offered I have no confidence that you would get anywhere near collectors value for it. The film shop is hardly worth mentioning-they do purport to "deal" in soundtracks but again are very very "picky"and pretty rude with it too. There have been rumours of some bad behaviour by the staff in here and quite nasty too towards some customers
  • quite agree with the ubiquitous record and tape shops, very indifferent service. wouldn't recommend going there to buy and sell, always negligable amounts, and the service there is awful. strangely, they sell some second hand cd's at more than brand new prices.
  • THe chain called Music EXchange might take your records. But an increasing number of customers complain of miserly offers and "odd"or"inmtimidating"service.Shops very dirty and scruffy.
  • The Music and Video Exchange Shops
  • Rouch trade
  • Minus Zero Records (2 Blenheim Crescent, just off Portobello Road) The best recordshop in the world for power pop and psychedelia etc..nice lads (hello Bill, hello Mike). Don't be afraid to ask for advice ... they know their stuff!!
  • what the fuck is wrong with this guy who wrote this shit below - lose the chip and get a life you tossnut.
  • The Record and Tape Exchange for giro gymnastics. Rough Trade of course. Vinyl Solution. Honest Johns.

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