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The Best Things
  • River cray is a stunning little stream, and the rough people
  • The running man!!!
  • The Knoll district of Orpington with its beautiful 1920's Arts and Crafts Cottages, Large Villa's and Noel Rees Property is an architectural delight. I have lived in Orpington for many years and have found it a fantastic place to live. You can get to London Bridge in 20 minutes via train.
  • the oldies
  • memories
  • the few old ppl and th atmosphere
  • rembering orpington 30 years ago
  • Orpington itself is a very nice town. It is surrounded by farmer's fields and has numerous woods in the area. Despite the greenery it has good links to London. The Priory park and building are lovely and contains a well stocked library considering the size of the town. Add to that the local history (Saxon burial site along Poverest Road, Roman bath house off Poverest Road, Roman villa next to the station, the Priory building which dates back centuries, All Saints Church and a pub which once played host to Elizabeth I. Orpington was once a pleasant little town - shame its been swallowed by 'Sarf East Londin' and is now full of builders, chavs and a wonderful assortment of freaks.
  • the whole of orpington! iv lived ere the whole of ma lyf n weneva iv bin on hols 2 uva places theyv neva quite ad the same feelin or atmosphere or 'community spirit'! all the rubbish dats bin written bou the gypsies is wel offensive n all the rubbish bou the 'pikeys' n the priory kids is aloada crap!!! if ur in wiv the gypsy crowd then they int gna do jak shit 2 ya n if u dunt giv em ne reason 2 bova u den they wunt! Iv grown up in the Crays all ma lyf n luv it.... i luv cumin hme evryday knowin wher i am n who iv got round me! if you'r in wiv the gypsies den they'l protect u n luk afta u more than gorgas' will!
  • orpington superbowl. The 'cool kids' have finally left! time to celebrate, finally a nice friendly place to go!!
  • its not so bad you know. this isnt a place to go out if you're under about 20 and above about 6 though. the facilities for youth are appalling. there are a good number of restaurants and pubs, and an absolute abundancy of estate agents. i would make a joke, but its been done.
  • What is with all the newstead and olave bashing on this website? i bet half of you have never even gone to these schools, your just bitter because you were too stupid to get in.having gone to newstead and now olaves i just wanna say you are all fucking idiots 'cloning centre' 'snobbery and arrogance' 'stuck up snobs who get mummy and daddy to dress them smartly in the morning and give them a sweety and a kiss before they go to school in there special lunch boxes.' - what the fuck are you on. i also want to point point our 'in their special lunch boxes' how do you go to school in your lunch box? there is clearly someone who was too fucking stupid to get in. so why dont you all go bitch about actual shit schools in the area rather than having a go at the two cleverest just cos you couldnt in
  • Best things in orpington are the Police....... there are none..... plenty of community support though HA HA HA
  • da pikeys big up
  • The Walnuts swimming pools, the glades *SHOPPING!* Darrick wood infant school playground (the caretaker takes a blind eye to skaters on weekends)
  • Orpington Train Station - it's handy for gigs in London because trains return to there a lot later than they do to Sevenoaks. But always leave your car within full view of the station building and CCTV cameras...
  • Green Street Green Kebab House does excellent kebabs - the best I have tasted in the UK.
  • leave orpington alone it is a wonderfull place to live so shut ur mouths!
  • Are there any? Orpington High Street has a dominoes pizza, thats the only thing I like about it!
  • Are there any? Orpington High Street has a dominoes pizza, thats the only thing I like about it!
  • Are there any? Orpington High Street has a dominoes pizza, thats the only thing I like about it!
  • Are there any? Orpington High Street has a dominoes pizza, thats the only thing I like about it!
  • its like the path to bromley
  • Not much good stuff but there a some good spots for bmx
  • A21 leading out of Orpington in either direction!
  • its the place i grew up and always return to when i need to recharge the batteries.
  • the hilarious pikeys who domintate the high street, with thier eaaringss and fake burberry and swearing and smoking and vandalism and crazy hats and rolled up trousers. I love those guys
  • erm... Kent Comics, The Harvest Moon
  • A few of street spots for riding bmx and skating.
  • So many cynics on this website- but I think I need to balance the argument here. Orpington is a lovely place if you want it to be. Even the "pikeys" are not so bad if you speak to them, they are involved in their own culture. Beautiful surroundings and helpful people.
  • Asks and Pizza Express? a breath of fresh air for orpington. The train station? actually the train station is preety damn cool and has links to like everywhere? London, sevenoaks, etc etc.... And newstead and olaves because we are the only people in orpington with brain cells.
  • I used to live there
  • One of the best things about Orpington is that 98% of it's residents are intimately related, and it shows. Visit the High St any Saturday.
  • the years 1968-88 when scum lived elswhere Orpington was okay
  • There are two main types of youths in Orpington, Pikeys and Rockers. Unfortunately, the rock fans are much outnumbered by the dregs of society, but one of the best bits about Orpington is the pikeys making absolute fools of themselves. take the following statement for example (note the poor spelling and lack of grammar...): "orpigton is great.its so much better that whats said dare you give orpington such a bad name, u sad pathetic grunger"
  • as you come down Knoll rise towards the high street, there is a tree on the right hand side that looks like monster from the mumpets!! bless!
  • Knowing going to university = taking me out of Orpington
  • Its a nice place to grow up. Reading through other peoples messages one word seems to stand out and thats "pikeys", but even so, Orpington is not any worse than other places who all have their share of trouble. You know that you can always catch up with friends, they live close by and everyone knows each other somehow.
  • The sign in the railway station that says "Next train to London".
  • there are lots of ways to leave, good bus and rail connection, together with a slip road to the M25 nearby which is handy.
  • Pretty much nothing.
  • Complete disregard for the drug laws. Parties in the Liberal Club.
  • Well erm i got my own room thats about it and i have found a place were i can hang but like i have said it only a matter of time before i have to f**k off like the hoverbags say.
  • There are so many good things about Orpington, believe it or not.. I've only just realised it myself! For one, Chelsfield Vista has a great view of all of Orpington and London. You can see all the way to Epping Forest.. That's almost 30 miles away! Also, the public transport, although dirty and crap, is very regular (though often delayed.. I'm usually late getting to the station so it's alright!). Thirdly, the M25 is very close and I can get to Huddersfield (where I go to uni, and where my girlfriend lives) by only being off of the motorway for 20 minutes! Easy! Forthly, have you seen that Honda advert? The 'adventurous' one? It's put us on the map! Fifthly (you ever tried to say that word?! bloody hell!) the war memorial is a vary good place to go and bang a bass drum after England have just won (yes that was me in 2000... I've heard people talking about it!!) Sixthly, 2 kebab shops! Although one's closed at the moment due to sad circumstances :( But the other one's open 'til 2.30am! enough time to get home from wherever and still get a home-cooked (home=orpington) kebab! Rock & Roll! Seventhly, there's loads of newsagents everywhere, which is great if, like me, you need a daily fix of tobacco and a monthly fix of FourFourTwo magazine! Eigthly, High Elms is a great place to go for a walk as is Kowle Park, but that's in Sevenoaks!). Ninethly, there are loads of football pitches in Goddington Park which is cool... easy to go for a kick-about! Tenthly, there are a lot of cool people here, they just don't hang out on the streets like the annoying gypos do. If cool people hung out (without fear of being injured!) then this place would be generally groovy :) Well, that's 10 points I've made... OK there is some bad stuff like Ramsden, St Mary Cray, St Pauls Cray etc, but I live in a nice bit... ha!
  • Orpington was once mostly fields and farms (honest) and one of the best things about it, despite the way London has moved out and swallowed Orpington up so that everywhere got concreted over or turned into housing estates, is that it doesn't take too long to be out of Orpington and in what passes for the coutryside.
  • Clean streets, friendly old people (bless 'em), The Priory School, great transport into London and Bromley.
  • The best things about Orpington - to an extent - are the lovely indian people that own the newsagents next door to McDonalds - they are so sweet and kind - the only type in Orpington!!!!! Be sure to put a smile on your face whether youre buying penny sweets or alcoholic drinks.
  • I don't want to sing the praises of St. Olave's, because I've been there and I know it's a pretty average school. The only reason it continues to get good grades is because of the horribly cynical manipulation of statistics (not allowing pupils to take exams they might fail) and because of the inherent abilities and or fiscal advantages of the kids. There *is* however a good atmosphere for learning there - better than most schools, and contrary to a lot of posts here, the pupils themselves are not any different from many other schools around. Some are wankers for sure. Some aren't. There are always going to be people who accuse the pupils of being "a bunch ofg snobbish pOsh rrich mummees boys!!!!111111111", but this is just as unfair as if I were to accuse all the other schools of churning out pikey scum.
  • Orpington is actually 100 x safer than Bromley or Croydon guys. Like any other place you get under age drinking and all that but at least you don't get stabbings etc every weekend like Bromley & Croydon.
  • u can get the bus and train to go away,
  • orpigton is great.its so much better that whats said dare you give orpington such a bad name, u sad pathetic grunger
  • The Priory School... sorry but someone has to stick up for it. The school is a luvley place! Has anyone else noticed that a large number of people who post comments on here are either students/ex-students from Newstead or Olaves?<---- usually complaining about their school? SO if you are beginning to think that rest of the world doesn't have acces to the internet, I'm here to prove ya wrong! :o)
  • Nice area to live.
  • yeah right thats a laugh!
  • Priory Gardens. The proximity of the motorway for a quick escape.
  • The Bakery, the countryside, the closeness to london, daring yourself to walk down star lane / herns rise before they were demolised to see if you made it out the other end alive. Also the place maybe a complete hell hole and most of the people a bit dodgey but the good people are really special!
  • The growing variety of cultures, which threaten the Sun readers, can give you a sense of existence of a larger world beyond the main roads of Orpington. Although the ill-educated residences would be quick to despise such a town as this since it holds cheap housing on the estates, which brings an undesirable element to the area and into the overcrowded schools, but without these people we would not know how better people we really are.
  • The "You have now left Orpington" signs!
  • Everyone knows each other
  • Orpington is now getting some great shops in its highstreet... like that new FIRST SPORT shop and things like that. Also it's really close to other places like the swimming pool and bowling. You meet all your mates there even if you don't intend to.
  • The streets are REALLY clean ... seriously! I used to live in Croydon and when I came here I was like WOW! plus... The Priory School Rocks (ex pupil) and if anyone says that whoever comes from there is a rough fag eating pikey then I'll go and sort'em out<--- ha just kidding I aint that ruff!
  • How easy it is to get into either the centre of London or the middle of nowhere (ie the depths of the countryside) within minutes. There can't be many places so conveniently situated for both.
  • where?
  • elpees record hop (now saly gone) the roads leading out keeps most of the oiks out of petts wood amusing to see oaps blowing thrir pnsions on mcmuffins in mcdonalds on a thursday morning
  • The good choice of restaurants and cafes.
  • the best thing about orpington is that the last train from charing cross goes there as does the n47 night bus every hour, thus making a night out up town very viable and not so expensive.
  • The swimming pool, where I used to muck about with me mates. If you're really unlucky you might bump into my sister, she's the one ploughing through the water like an epileptic Labrador.
  • Give me to the next millennium, and I might just...........
  • The retro pictures on the walls in the silver lounge, the excitement that New Look created when it opened, "wow, a clothes shop", watching the cool old people try and cross the road to get to the war memorial on Nov 11th, generally quite a safe place to live, having that argument with people who don't live there about whether it is in London or god forbid, Kent.
  • The Ravens Wood boys they are so much better looking than the olaves
  • There are a lot of cool people I have met living in Orpington, pity about the rest
  • Near enough to London to get there easily and relatively cheaply, but not so near tht it's polluted and traffic-riden and crime-riden. It's also close to the M25, so it's easy to get out.
  • Its not quite London - you can walk up the road into farm fields, but you can get the train and have all the facilities london provides. Totally agree its got some real treasures, but hey, its not even comparable to Oxford! (but it does beat Headington) :)
  • It looks really nice - got a pretty villiagey feel to it. Light traffic. Nice big open spaces. We've also got the best bits of town & country - I live about 15 mins walk from the high street, but I've got a big recreation field 5 mins one way, and wide open fields 5 mins the other way! We've also got a mainline railway station, which means it's real easy to get to Victoria. We also get mentioned all the time at Victoria - "The Connex South Eastern service to Orpington".. Cool. I only really noticed all the good bits about the place since I went to university. I go to Oxford Brookes - and Orpington's way nicer to live in than central Oxford, or even Headington! Oh, and we've got a breed of chicken - the Orpington Buff, which is really popular in the USA. We're also named in the Domesday Book - Orpington is an ancient Saxon town. We also hosted the Romans, too: Tintagel Road is laid on the path of an ancient Roman road - and the Crofton Roman Villas. Aso, Orpington Hospital was founded as a WW1 Canadian millitary hospital. The government took injured soldiers to Orpington, so the sight of so many wounded was kept away from London to keep morale up.
  • The rose coloured memories of growing up in St Mary Crays new housing estate around Tillingbourne green in the 50s early 60s, all my mates, all the good times worry free and even if it was not the most prestigious suburb, at that time it was the centre of our universe and we were proud to live there
  • the best thing is that Bromley is not to far from this DUMP
  • Curry. St. Olave's (okay- I go there) The war memorial.
  • The home of the Buff Orpington, an old fashioned hen by today's standards, but still a good layer.
  • The best thing that Orpington did was to demolish the school I went to. I wish they did it when I attended it, that was Charterhouse school back in 1982. I couldn't wait to leave it and the country for that matter.
  • St Olave's, by far the best school in the area. The only people who don't sing its praises are the people who didn't get in there.
  • The countryside's just down the road, and you can see the edge of London - go to Chelsfield Lane and one side of you is town, the other side is country.
  • The Walnuts is actually a decent shopping centre now they've redone it all.
  • The market's a decent size now, too, but the stuff it sells isn't great. It's put all the 50p shops out of business though, and at least the market's only open three days a week.
  • Nynex has finished digging up the roads at last ... Oh, and hardly anyone's got a satellite dish (I hate them).
  • The Walnuts sports centre which has adequate sports facilities.
  • The High Street which has a decent selection of shops even if it isn't as good as Bromley.
  • The pubs.
  • The fact that it's quite close to the M25 while still being far enough away to not feel like it's next to a big motorway.
  • It's close to Sevenoaks and the country side there in.
  • There are enough country lanes near Orpington to satisfy even the most sadistic of driving instructors.
  • It has quite a good bus service to the surrounding areas, and even as far as Lewisham, Catford, and Croydon (although if you live in Orpington I don't see why you would want to go to any of these places). It has a great train service from Orpington station (which is far bigger than Bromley South station) and even has a half decent service from the near by St Mary Cray Station (which is on a different line).
  • Goddington Lane chippie Station was pretty good before they started axing services Priory gardens about 14 years ago when the ponds still had water in, the playground actually had an excellent helter-skelter, and there wern't quite so many drug-takers/yobs or at least they only came out at night.
  • The train out

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