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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Bumped into Dizzy Rascal once in M&S Nugent shopping mall. Also sat next to Joan Regan in Orpington nail shop once. Didn't know who she was then being born in 1960 but fascination lady and as I now know, fantastic singer.
  • brian im ard jacks and garry gay rhodes lived in chelsfield, a much nicer place thats near to orpington but has big houses and big gardens with no scummy kids hanging around the shops
  • Violet Cray never lived near here. The Richardsons lived in Orpington, with one of them being arrested in Mungo Park Way at the home of his girlfriend. Crays and Richardsons would never have lived neaqqr each other Brian jack did live in Orpington. After retiring from judo he opened a fitness and martial arts club, then in 1990 he started a company hiring bouncy castles! He is currently living in Pattaya Thailand running a 60 room hotel/condo building that he built. Jimmy (and john) Cable were a local lads. They went to Charterhourse Albert and John Hillman (Also boxers) went to Farnborough primary Gary Rhodes did live in Spur Road, then Keston Park. The advert for a car being filmed in Orpington was a touch of irony as there was a car called ‘orpington’ Max Splodge and his girlfriend of the time, who was known as Baby Greensleeves were both residents. Gareth Hale and Norman pace were both locals of Chislehurst. Suzie, of the banshees was also local Billy Bonds, Kenny Sampson, Colin Powell, are not the only footie stars to hang up their boots in and around Orpington. Orpington could at one time of fielded its own team and had a good guy to do the commentary (Brian Moore). Richard Wilson (Charlton, etc.) went to Ramsden juniors, then Cray Valley (which was a grammar school, but is now Kemnal tech) When Jeremy went to (and was expelled from) secondary school, it was called Orpington County Secondary Boys' School, which later became Charterhouse. Back then the Priory was still 2 schools, Ramsden Boys and Ramsden girls The Bill episode was a Christmas special, with a hit and run on the crossing by the entrance to The Walnuts (market end). Part was also fillemd inside the school outfitters, Graduates. Eric Richard (Bob Cryer) lives nearby. Graham Cole (PC Stamp) not only lives close by, but is president of Greater London South East Scouts (of which Orpington District is part) David Bowie lived in Beckenham Peggy Spencer taught ballroom in Beckenham for many years Wolf (Michael Van Wijk) lived in Halstead, as does Karl Howman (former of Brush Strokes and ‘Flash’ adverts) Kenny Cunningham does not live by Darrick wood School, and it is tugmutton, not tud. Brian and Linda (Scothern) seafood is well worthy of a mention, although they sold up a few years back and it is now a Bells (Shame). Linda now works for a funeral company! The author of The Railway Children (E E Nesbit) lived in Halstead Charles Darwin, Downe House Enid Blyton, Beckenham Mark Ellis Record Producer (U2, Depeche Mode, Killers) Andy Green past team leader of RAF red Arrows Display Team; current holder of the worldland speed record, Som Wardner, lead singer of My Vitriol are all former pupils of St Olaves, while Mick Jagger went to Dartford Grammer, as did the lead singer of procal harem . William Willberforce has famous links with Keston. Douglas Bader not only lived in Orpington, but played golf on his 2 false legs at High Elms, often with one of the owners of Burton & Deakin. Brian Matthews (radio DJ) lived in Worlds End Lane, and I would like to say sorry, on behalf of my husband, for the gnomes he found floating in his swimming pool one morning in the 1970’s HG Wells, lived where Primark now stands in Bromley Lubbock who campaigned and gained us bank holidays was local Napoleon III lived in Chislehurst Walsingham was knighted by Elizabeth I in Chislehurst. She travelled down the river cray on a barge to get there John Pateman (journalist, author, etc) lived in Petten Grove, on the Ramsden Estate. If you don’t know of his work, google him. Fidel Castro once shared a platform with him. The Buff orpington chicken was first bred at Walden Manor, Walden Road. Orpington. 1st ever scout gang show was to raise fund for a swimming pool at Downe scout camp (now downe activity centre) which has a tower donated by Coleman (of mustard fame) to mark his wedding anniversary. Noel Edmunds had a record shop in The Walnuts.
  • dizzee rascal lives there........ with a baseball bat....
  • Some of the famous people I would like to mention are fighters who have thought at professional level, I will start with Brian Jack ( Judo) Then Mark Baker akk blod ( european Boxing Champion) Danny Kalfman thought pro boxing went for a british title, Jimmy Cable (boxing) european champion, Keiran Keddle world Mauy thai Champion, Alan Keddle european muay thai champion, also I would like to mention Mark Ripley bare knuckle champ and also Jonny Love Mark was mentioned in King of the Gypsies book by Bartley Gorman, aslo Darren Jackson aks Jacko who is thought in the UK mixed martial champion ships(cage fighting) and has been in main stream martial art mags such as fighters mag, aslo with a undeafted bare knuckle record, and trained manchester tony. thank for reading
  • Trevor Noronha the BMX Champion
  • brian jacks
  • My mates dad built and lived in this massive house and then sold it to Gary Rhodes... dnt know where but somewhere in orp
  • Brian Jacks yuk!!!!
  • Orpington featured in a car advert last year. They incinerated (i can't spell the real word) that that area was a bit boring. Dunno where they got that idea from.
  • Max Splodge of Splodgenessabounds, alias Martin Everest, used to live above cleaners in Orpington High Street and was a drummer along with his mate Nigel (guitar) who lived Farnborough Hill, both went to Ramsden Boys' School. I played bass at some sessions at Nigel's house, and Martin was always a great fun character.
  • I saw Billy Bonds(ex-west ham)in Petts Wood, think he lived there but not sure!! Gareth (Hale & Pace) always in The Bull chislehurst, Gary Bushell seen a few times in Good Friends "eat all can for a fiver" chislehurst, Wof man, Dan from East Enders,spotted in Tesco sidcup, lives nearby.Mr.Willett (moving the the clocks about) lived in Petts Wood and introduced daylight saving time, although he died before this was passed through goverment and has Willett Way named after him....according to the bar menu in the DAYLIGHT INN (also named after him in his honour)see reverse of menu for full story.
  • I heard a rumour that a famous football goalie was living in one of those nice houses outside Darrick Wood.
  • Gary Rhodes lived in Homestead Road until fairly recently when he sold house for c. 1.3mil and moved to Keston. Can regularly be seen shopping in Sainsburys Locksbottom on a Sunday. I think he probably did live in Spur Road before he had any real cash.
  • Hal Chapman Daws - He's well cool
  • Jeremy Beadle apparently went to the now built on Charterhouse School (NOT Priory as mentioned by someone - and wasn't in existance) which was in the road of the same name. Otherwise love the Honda advert down the old part of the High Street - great memories of catching the bus outside Barclays.
  • Steve Bennett- premiership referee. Ivy Mildred Millichamp died March 27 1945 age 34 of 88 Kynaston Road and was last person killed in Britain by enemy action in second world war.
  • They filmed the Bill here once...
  • It was recently revealed that Magaret Thatcher was going to end her career early when she wasn't given the opportunity to run as an MP for Orpington. Apparently she had a "great affinity" for the place. Unfortunaltey she decided to go ahead and become Prime Minister instead. Nevermind.
  • my mum saw gary rhodes in Blockbusters once
  • Famous residents?.....hmmmmm oo year.....some Judo bloke called Brian Jacks (always carried an orange) lived in Cockmannings Lane!
  • that donkey brian jacks was in waitrose once and only had a few items so he looked at the queues and saw someone he vaguely knew started a conversation and jumped the queue what a slimey toad . saw brian jacks with his son another time I do not know which was more sad a right couple of peacocks. went to school with a bloke in the 80s who was in a anti smoking advert as a cool young guy not smoking. thats how good orpington is.
  • The banjo player from the film Deliverance came from Homefield Rise
  • P.J.Moriarty the film actor, Hatchet Harry in Lock Stock. Razors in Long Good Friday, lived in The Avenue for a time in the seventies.
  • leslie grantham lived at 45 tillingbourne green
  • Brian (I did for England Jacks
  • Mick McCarthy used to live in Worlds End Lane - Former Millwall and Ireland manager, now Sunderland manager. Brian Jacks used to live in Oxenden Wood Road - Olympic Judo Medalist and of Superstars fame. Nigel Benn in Merc with blacked out windows Gary Rhodes Homestead Road - Celebrity Chef - lots of flash cars Jack Dee - St Paul Cray Jeremy Beadle - St Pauls Cray - Celebrity Prankster Hale & Pace lived in Chislehurst Joey from 'Bread' St Mary Cray Leslie Grantham - Eastenders The new Sam Mitchell - Eastenders Violet Kray (ma of Ron & Reg) owned a restaurant in Locksbottom Bumped into Trevor Noronha recently who I used to go to school with. Still lives in Chelsfield. Used to be a god on a BMX. Was British champion and had a single number world ranking too. Not really famous but the only person I know who was always in magazines and on telly.
  • I lived in Orpington for the first six months of my life. However, my Gran lived in Hayes. She was friends with the parents of the TALLEST MAN IN ENGLAND - Christopher Greener - who lived in Bromley or Orpington - now THAT'S a celebrity. Although I understand he's now been beaten by a man who has emigrated from Pakistan (forgive me if i'm wrong)
  • David Bowie use to play at gigs in the St. Mary Cray area, but he was not known then as David Bowie. Played at my wife's 21st back in 1967 when he was an art student. Pity we do not have any tapes.
  • Gary Rhodes lives just around the corner from me. My house is up for sale.
  • Scary Steve and Wild Slag Pete of Fast Car magazine fame can be found (apparently) haunting the crime ridden streets of Orpington. Try Knoll Rise at 10.30 by the access to the High St. You may even see them!!
  • I heard Jeramy Beadle lived locally and went to the Priory School - no wonder he turned out the way he did, I should know being a Priory student! (don't kill me) Also, that Gary Rhodes bloke and Nigel Ben, who I met when he looked around the Priory when he was considering sending his daughter there. Why? I do not know..
  • The new Sam from Eastenders used to go to Newstead.
  • Splodgenessabounds were NOT one hit wonders with "Two pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please!" They also did a punk version of Big Ralph's "Two Little Boys had Two Little Toys." The actress Yvonne Servante lived in Orpington and attended Elmstead Wood school in the early to mid 70s.
  • only one i know of the lead singer of wet wet wet lives in chelsfeild lane i think.
  • Gary (I love myself) Roades.
  • Yvonne Servante, the actress, went to Newstead Woods Girls' School.
  • The actress Eve Servantes went to Newstead Woods. Don't take my word for it look her up in the Friends Reunited website.
  • Gary Rhodes the famous chef.
  • Nigel ben lives in beckenham park not orpington. Gareth hale lives in chislehurt, Brian jacks split from the younger wife and still lives in orpington. Wolf the Gladiator is the brother of the lady that runs the cafe at the priory grill whose brother in law is brian jacks!
  • Hey doesnt Som Wardner of My Vitriol fame come from Orpington? used to go to St Olaves I believe. MV rock!!
  • Kenny Cunningham the footballer, lives next door to darrick wood school, (just opposite the entrance to tudmutton common, i think i'm the only one who knows that though :-) i know coz my m8 used to live in the house
  • I beleive that most members of that semi-famous 1980's group Splodgenessabounds went to St Olaves. I seem to remember that they played a few gigs there several years back.
  • One celebrity who I was reliably informed (around 5 years ago) who lives in Orpington not mentioned anywhere else is Joan Regan. Anyone younger than 45ish will have to ask their parents who she is (was?). I think she lives in The Drive. I remember seeing her top the bill at the Wellington pier theatre in Great Yarmouth around 1960.
  • Hale and Pace were from the area. One of them used to teach at Kemnal Manor School.
  • Annabell Croft used to live in Keston Park and Barry from Eastenders lived in St Mary Cray for adges and no one has mentioned Handy Andy either. Also ther is a 1980's one hit wonder called Splodgennesabounds who's song was called '2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps' Leonie Martin. Siouxsie Soux from Siouxsie and the Banshee's lived in Chistlehurst - which is sort of close.
  • Word has it that a distant cousin of Keith Chegwin knew someone that had an aunt who occasionally stayed in a B&B just outside of Orpington every leap year!
  • Jeremy Beadle went to the Priory!? Wow i thought he was too old for that.
  • The famous Billy-Boy and Tommy-boy and Mommy's boy are the three types of pikey!
  • gaary rhodes
  • famous residents are linda & brian of SEAFOODS fish & chips shop
  • Jack Dee - which is why he's so miserable, he claims. I have to concur.
  • Gary Rhodes, who says that the afore mentioned Xian is his favourite restuarants, but don't let that put you off.
  • I heard that Jack Dee lived in Orpington till he was three. Anyone know any different? He was lucky he got out when he did.
  • Unfortunately Gary Rhodes, Brian Jacks the judo guy who fancies himself big time and strutts around with a much younger girlfriend. Also Wolf from the Gladiators.
  • I believe Gary Rhodes has now seen the light and made himself an ex-resident. Some boy out of that infamous boyband 'Bad Boys inc.' lived somewhere around here. Anyone with any amount of money won't actually live in Orpington.
  • Does 'THE' Orpington Bi-election count?
  • Gary Rhodes actually lives in Homestead Road not Oxenden Wood Road. Brian Jacks still lives in Oxenden Wood Road - His house was up for sale about 6/12 months ago, but no one wanted it due to the complete over the top price tag attached to it. Mick McCarthy used to live in World's End Lane but moved when he got the Ireland job. Jeremy Beadle never went to Ramsden. He went to the "now demolished" Charterhouse School.
  • General De-Gaulle the French President lived in Chistlehurst Road sometime during the 2nd World War. The big house on the left corner just before the railway bridge
  • Ooo, this is good. Apparently, Jeremy Beadle used to go to Ramsden Boys' School (which recently merged with the Girls' School to form The Priory). And ladiators' Wolf lives out Petts Wood way I think. And Nigel Benn lives in the area - my mum looked after his baby on her hospital ward... The Bill also recently filmed in the High Street between WHSmith and Woolies. The episode was shown over Christmas 1998.
  • Jeremy Beadle. He went to charterhouse school which has now been knocked down to build houses. Gary Rhodes. Lives in Chelsfield, Oxendenwood Rd? (behind Saffrons). Arragont b*st~#d
  • The fool who invented daylight saving time lived in Pettswood (part of Orpington)
  • Brian Jacks - (celebrity????)
  • Chris Armstrong of Spurs - I know coz I saw him in the Lotus House takeawy once. He ordered a chicken chow mein - no. 18 - £2.95.
  • Well, Gary Rhodes lives on Spur Road (you can tell which is his house because he's got two Porsches, a Mercedes and a yellow Lotus in the drive).
  • Mick McCarthy (Ireland manager) has been glimpsed in the Five Bells (Chelsfield) a couple of times, while he was the Milwall manager.
  • Leslie Grantham used to live in St Paul's Cray (Ringshall Road to be precise).
  • One of the actors who played Joey in Bread lived in St. Mary Cray (Marion Crescent).
  • Er- Violet Cray?

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