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Cheap Food
  • its just outside orpington, but 51 rolleston avenue is a great restaurant with outstanding prices. I would recommend the chef's special, ask for the mitchellino.
  • Mirage, Olive Tree. Both in the high Street
  • Pizza Express in the high street is nice.
  • gregs!
  • the chippy in cray high street wonder chips in the 70s
  • yobo is th best one, v cheap bt gd (ish) chinese food
  • gregs bakery is delicious and really cheap too, but u cant fail with sainsburies.. the cheapest thing there is 8p
  • Yoboes was really cheap food seen as i only ate chips and curry sauce it was still a nice atmosphere
  • Attica is a first class restaurant above Alan de Maid in the high street, food is the best in Orpington by far and the prices are not bad either. It's quite small though and gets very busy.
  • Xian top of high street,not cheap but the best chinese anywhere (Gary Rhodes often visits lording it like he owns the place)
  • Did you hear about the curry house that got shut down for serving second hand food? That might give you some idea about eating places in Orpington...
  • Did you hear about the curry house that got shut down for serving second hand food? That might give you some idea about eating places in Orpington...
  • Did you hear about the curry house that got shut down for serving second hand food? That might give you some idea about eating places in Orpington...
  • Did you hear about the curry house that got shut down for serving second hand food? That might give you some idea about eating places in Orpington...
  • Chelsfield chippie. But he is plagued at night by yobs.
  • Attica is a fantastic new contemporary restaurant just opened in the High St. Situated upstairs where the Pasta bar used to be, its just what Orpington needs! You dont need to travel to Bromley now or the West End...its right on your doorstep! Fantastic food in modern, stylish surroundings.Give it a wont be disappointed!
  • hi im looking for some retaurat spanish
  • Pikey - McDonalds or Morleys Normal - Dominos, KFC, Burger King, Poppins, etc Posh un - ASK, Loog Bua and King Palace
  • Best restaurant in Orpington is Xian. In fact, it's the best Chinese food anywhere, and the takeaways are eqully good quality. I have been eating there for ten years, and it is still excellent quality and good value.
  • well where can i begin with orpington restaurants. I don't count mcdonalds as a restaurant by the way filthy pikeys... well theres pizza express up the library end, and now Asks (a pizza place) near Priya (god damn it). Both very civilised, me and my newstead/olaves friends go there for a nice MEAL. There was that hideously Winecellar - i waited an hour in there for a sandwich once, but then it shut down. Now replaced by Yoe Bo - the noodle bar. Quite nice, garishly purple, not very chinese, but credit where its due - one of the good things orpington has to offer. Also there are some chinese restaurants around, Zian (has a big chinese warrior sculture in the window) Ming in Petts wood although i've never been there. Theres also King Palace - never been in there, however great for hanging around in front of whilst waiting for your friends (nicely placed bench) Do we dare mention the low spots of orpingtons dining facilities? Don't go never Kebab Ye, the bright blue neon sign thingy is enough to put me off (err tack). And of course there was the ledgendry Curry House up the Library end of the highstreet. How could anyone forget when it appeared on Britains worst restaurant and won? Morning after its windows were smashed in by pikeys...
  • Macca D's where the cinema used to be!
  • macdonalds... again
  • The Ghurkha Kitchen. Great food. oOr the Noodle Bar next to the tattoo parlour.
  • yo boes in the high street. yummy and pretty cheap, and you get alot considereing how cheap it is.
  • some great places that will serve up all manner of illnesses from samonela through to botchalism.
  • Theres always KebabYe or more aptly named.. 'KILLYEKEBAB', their motto is.. 'IF THE FOOD DOESN'T KILL YOU, WE WILL!'.. Be warned, if you're female you also have to put up with the lechorous gaze of these greasy perverts. Theres also the very cheap and cheerful Crispy Cod, yummy chips and chicken for only 1.20! Great value, although these too have some lechering males working there.
  • same coment like cafes and coffee shops but about food.
  • The Curry Centre ("as seen on TV") is closed right now, Gurkha Kitchen closed recently.
  • Oprington actually does this well, which is insane, because I can't see that many of the town's inhabitants would actually be able to afford to eat in half these places. King's Palace is good but over-priced and has no vegetarian options. Loog Bua (the spelling of which has temporarily escaped me) is excellent, and even though it is expensive you are guaranteed to finish only a small percentage of the meal you are served. Plus the owner is one of the friendliest people you might ever wish to meet. The Ghurka Kitchen is fantastic, but again, expensive. The decor is funky too. The Spice Mela (formally, Akash Tandoori/Orpington Tandoori Centre/Ghandi) is reasonably priced and very decent, having since its last rebranding removed the spoon from its mouth and gone back to the dark carpets-on-walls stylee. At the other end of the high street is the Indian restaurant recently exposed on national television as the Worst Restaurant in England. Not kidding. I can testify that it was fairly grim, but not so bad that it warranted getting smashed in and closed.
  • too many.
  • Worste Macdonalds in the world. Wait for ages, only half order turns up and it is cold.
  • Saffron in Windsor drive is EASILY the best indian resturant in the area - I have tried all the others and some arent bad but Saffron is my favourite.
  • Dominio's pizza is better than the Pizza Hut and they always seem to have some special offer on that makes it cheaper. Others include: MacDonald's KFC Burger King (can't get take-away after 6.30pm due local council restrictions, only applies to BK) Thai Chinese Italian Indian Kebab
  • The Taj/ Raj (can't remember which) in Carlton Parade is really good for full on hardcore Indian Restaurant style and they even give you a free liquer at the end of the meal. Other wise definatly the best restaurant is Chapter 1, but it is really expensive though very good for poncing around in and they even have a cocktail bar to.
  • The Olive Tree is a pleasant place to go where you can eat a variety of English meals chat with the genuinely nice staff a watch Orpington's inhabitants walk by. Although small, it does add to the atmosphere that is reminiscent of a time when the community was a lot closer.
  • that blue chinese shop down the end of the highstreet near the chippie! That is a great place.
  • Kings Palace is great
  • Mirage is very nice indeed, cheap, cheerful and VERY clear. If for some reason that they ran out of plates, I would eat off the floor! Mmmmmmm
  • Chinese at the Crescent (on the way to Green Street Green ) is nice, so is the tiny little kebab shop in Green Street Green High Street.
  • The Gurkah Kitchen is the BEST restaurant in Orpington. Reasonably priced and delicious plus the wine glasses are huge!
  • the best chip shop in the world exists in orpington. its located on court road on the way to the m25. brian & linda who run it are sofriendly and the stuff is fresh, no moody fish here.sometimes u have to wait a little time for your order but brian will entertain you with his jokes, singing and nutty manner!
  • That pasta bar above a shop has something going for it. I'm sorry I didn't try the baguettes in the WineCellar b4 it closed down. That place looked nice, still, that's what you get when you try to introduce a bit of class into Orpington. They should take over the Wetherspoons by Churchill Insurance, I reckon that would be the place for your office baguette buying types and your insurance salesmen wine bar types. If it works, can I get a cut in the profits?
  • Orpington must have the most restaurants and cafes in nearly any Hign St - by my reckoning there are at least 35, including the small Walnuts shopping precinct. Basically, 3 or 4 each of pasta/pizza, chinese, indian, fish and chips, greasy spoons, burgers, kebabs. Prices and quality vary. Single restaurants - Thai, Italian. Various pubs, including the ubiquitous Weatherspoons. Best - New World Noodle bar at the very bottom of the High St, in the 1 way system, and The Olive Tree - sort of greasy spoon, but better. Both these offer huge portions, low prices, and delicious grub. Best at the other end of the price scale, Xian; possibly one of the top Chinese restaurants, superb food, not too expensive. Pasta Bar - tiny upstairs restaurant, reminscent of Italy, fantastic mussels and great Grappa. Both these are about 15-20 a head. Poseurs - Bar Rumba. The best Indians are outside of the high Street - Saffron in Windsor Drive, two in Green-St-Green, and the devine Indigo in Locksbottom.
  • Excellent Chinese restaurants include both King Palace and Xian in Orpington High Street. King Palace is friendlier and roomier. Xian is Gary Rhodes favourite local restaurant - perhaps that is not a good thing. If you are a regular at King Palace they always offer a drink on the house after the meal.
  • There are quite a lot of take-aways and fast food places in Orpington. No real restaurants worth mentioning. Plenty of greasy spoons, if you like that sort of thing.
  • Loog Bua does very yummy food but pricey. Don't ever go to Kebabye - they don't understand if you ask for chips and cheese - what kind of excuseforakebabshop doesn't do that?! Best of all is chippis up Goddington Lane - fresh fish and friendly!
  • If you want some cheap sandwiches, and a dose of Salmonaella into the bargain, try Roland's Bakery - in the Cresent, near the hospital (fortunately).
  • Found that the trip out to The Bo Peep Pub at Chelsfield was worth the journey, they've got a lovely little private restaurant with good menu of genuine home made food and the restaurant is Non Smoking........ Good for them !!! Lot's of famous performers go there,,, saw the 'Baywatch caste recently.
  • Go to a kebab shop and get yourself stabbed if you're not too generous with the locals. Or there's the infamous Kebab-Ye, where me (Stu) Rich and Som were offered Smack to go with our donners.
  • The best Chinese take away can be found at Bamboo house at the cresent at the bottom of Warren Rd possibly more Green st. Green than orpington but definately worth it.
  • There is a mean Pie and Mash shop in the Walnuts Prisink.
  • Plenty of great food in Orpington and environs. DON'T go to the posh looking Indian in the high street. It used to be good but now it's just posh nosh. Go to the two in Green Street Green or (my personal choice) The Saphron in Chelsfield which is utterly superb. There is King's Palace and Ming's (Pettswood) for expensive chinese food, and Sun Do (Pettswood)and the Locus House for affordable take aways. There is a new Italian which looks like it will close very shortly because of the lack of custom, but go there just to cheer the owner up. The Winecellar has a nice cafe with very tastey and unhealthy baguettes. The best Fish and Chip shop in the world also resides in Orpington, along Court Road which I frequent every Saturday lunchtime. There is a Morelli's in the mall but that's not much cop, and also a McDonald's but that's not really food. Check out some of the "Greasy Spoons" in the high street for breakfast: a HUGE full English breakfast for 59p. Mmmm...
  • Don't bother, go to Bromley instead.
  • Go to Bromley instead? You must be joking. There's a new Pie and Mash shop in the Walnuts, and the Bombay Brasserie in Green Street Green is the classiest Indian place anywhere. The Fish and Chip shop at the top of Goddington Lane is really good as well. Basically, anything Bromley serves can be got in Orpington, sometimes a lot better and almost always cheaper.
  • There's a McDonalds, KFC, a couple of chip shops and at least one tea room. There are also a couple of restaurants in the area which are worth a look (ie the Bombay Brasserie).
  • Now this is something Orpington does well! For chinese try King Palace and the best-curryhouse-in-the-world used to be Orpinton Tandoori - I was devastated when it was replaced by the Akash which is not as good/friendly but twice as expensive. The fish and chip shop at the top of Goddington Lane is just the greatest (food's top stuff and Fryin' Brian has a gorgeous singing voice!)
  • I can recommend the chinese restaurant by the war memorial- considtently good over the many years I've been going there. There's another Chinese place a bit further up with a poncy name and minimalist decor. but it's hard to get into and no better than the other one.

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