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  • Orpington
  • Comodore was near the roundabout and there was another cinema called The Carlton at the other end of Orpington and the road that goes to ST Mary Cray. Gippos used to camp on the right side of that road. Orpington was a quiet place back then, 1950's.
  • the comodore was it really that bad
  • Closest cinema is probably in Bromley. But there is also one in Beckenham unless you're one of those people who are into the llegal screening going on around town *EKK!*
  • No cinema here! There is a bowling alley, I used to work there but then we all got unfairly sacked (I just wanted to get that off my chest!) it then went into liquidation, closed down, was refurbished & reopened, but still aint all that!
  • Nearest Cinema was Sidcup - now its Bromley but I would recommend Bexleyheath instead. SAFER.
  • From Orpington I usually travel to Bluewater (nice screen), Bromley (not as nice, but closer) or Beckenham (just as good as Bluewater in my opinion). Also in my experience the staff at Beckenham are very nice.
  • THERE IS NO CINEMA IN ORPINGTON. I hear there used to be but it got replaced with mcdonalds (ohh yeah great idea bromley council) Resisdants of orpington, and those who live around, (well some people) agree that the car park by the war memorial should be made into a cinema which i think is an EXCELLENT idea. Fraid not, my orpington chums, word on the street is that it is going to be a tescos. GREAT despite the fact we already have a sainsburys, waitrose, M&S, Kwiksave (or did that go?) etc. etc. (ohh yeah great idea bromley council) If you want a cinema go to BLuewater - Not bromley. Bromley Odeon is scummy, dirty and again full of pikeys ........... ahhhhh Bluewater..... civilisation......
  • Yeah theres one called the Commodore......WHAT? It was knocked down??? WHEN???? I went there when I was 11 to see Grease........I guess I could go there again now and eat GREASE from Macca D's hahahaha. The nearest must be Bexleyheath or Bluewater........Bexleyheath is OK just hard to get to if u aint gotta car.
  • Bromley odeon Bluewater blah blah blah...
  • The Commadore and the bug Hutch @ Carlton Parade
  • The old cinema stood where mcdonalds now sits. still, at least there's something for the pikeys to do at nights now then...?
  • well, there used to be a cinema in orpington, where macdonalds is, but hey, Bromley is close, but not all that. Bexleyheath is much better, and then obviously Bluewater
  • The only one i ever go to is the Odeon cinema in Bromley, always smells like stale popcorn and is full of irritating 10 year olds that find it amusing to kick the back of your seat continuosly. That is, until I batter them with my popcorn box till they quit it! It's a bit expensive and too damn far away.
  • There used to be one which was replaced by Macdonalds-er Why????!!!
  • none in here there was one but was burnt down over 30 years ago but insted of puting it back they put a crapy fast food place called Mcdonnalds were you cant even eat or go there after 4pm because of pikeys or other problems (and that is for a hamberger, stupid right?)
  • There is no cinema. It was replaced by a Macdonald's some time ago. What an improvement.
  • theres one in brombly, its crap, the seats are small and theres no air conditioning. if you want to go to a cinema go to the Blue water complex its greta, the seats are comfortable and you can see the screen from anywhere in the cinema.
  • The best cinema - easily - within 20 miles is Bluewater - even better than all the flash London jobs.
  • Nearest ones are Sidcup or Bromley. Sidcup picture house has seen better days. Bromley's OK but, you're better off going to Bluewater, it's the best cinema I've ever been to.
  • Blue Water and that is about it, however I do recomend the new Film Works in Greenwich which is also really cool and a bit like the Tardis.
  • Bluewater is the best place to see a film I reckon!
  • Bluewater is a bit expensive and far away but its great! Sidcup SHUT DOWN :( and er... Bromley is OK but not that great and its a bit on the 'reach far down to find ALL the loose change' side but the plus is that it's close to Orpington! And also Beckenham is far away but having a bus hopping day with your mates usually leads you down to there so you might as well go and see a film.
  • Quaser sux! Just thought I'd let you all know.
  • I see people mentioned the Commodore, now many years deceased. What about the Astor, down at the Priory Gardens end of the High St - long replaced by a garage.
  • Bromley cinema is Ok, providing you like the drunken arseholes who inhabit the pavement outside it. Once, we [Jamb, Hag, Mike and Bain] went to Sidcup and went to the McDonalds outside the cinema and 50!! scummy pikeys came in and each one looked our trainers first. We escaped unscathed luckily! But, the staff were extremely helpful (SARCASM!)
  • There used to be one I think
  • It's a real shame that there is no Cinema in Orpington. The nearest in Sidcup was closed down because of some silly rumour about fleas - pity cos it was cheap and easy to park. You have to go to the horrible Odeon in Bromley now. There was talk about an ice rink/cinema screens replacing the car park at the War Memorial end of Orpington - that would be a great place to hang out and look cool for all the teenies. Maybe we should start a campaign.
  • for the cinema go bluewater, brand new and cool.
  • none. Go to Bromley for the nearest although it's not that brilliant.
  • Bowling there is - but it is mysteriously easy at this alley and so very boring (but nonetheless expensive)
  • I mentioned the bowling above... so stick that here. Cinema? Well, donkey's-years-ago there used to be the Commodore Cinema in the High Street, but all that remains of that is the Car Park - k'know, the one with the old guy in the shed who demands a 50p to park there? Up the alleyway besides the Winkinson's Opticians.
  • There is a bowling alley in Orpington now, between the highstreet and the police station. The council built a Mcdonalds over the old cinema, but luckily another is now going to be built (even if it is in thirty years time).
  • can you believe it? there used to be a nice old traditional cinema but they went and closed it and replaced it with a bleeding macdonalds! there is a bowling place but it is mysteriously easy to do well and costs a bomb

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