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Demolish It Now Building in Orpington, Greater London*

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Demolish It Now Building
  • The new Tesco bilding.
  • the artichoke
  • orpington College
  • Carlton Parade (thanks to the shop offering a very 'personal' service to its male clients and the late night bus stop where drunken yobs and chavs terrorise the occasional decent person who passes). McDonalds (Chav paradise). Orpington College (which serves no purpose other than offer the illiterate chavs of the area an indoor arena in which to fight). The Priory School (for the obvious reasons). The Ramsden Estate, Star Lane, Homefield Rise and all the other centres of filth.
  • ramsden estate. Full of delinquates!
  • The Harvest Moon is a dirty filthy scumbag of a place that is filled with Orpington's own unique brand of degrading chav's
  • the parking lot behing the walnuts is a monstrosity. it's collosal and looks like its been airlifted in from some post war country. oh, and there's the newstead wood tennis center, they got a huge grant from the LEA and they cover it in corrugated iron sheets.
  • The Walnuts.......... Give up orpington,you cant compete with blue water....
  • I don't know why but the Safeways (Morrisons?) in Petts wood really gets on my nerves... maybe I'm nuts...
  • Tower blocks in the Cray! Give the people somewhere to live that isnt 15 minutes from the ground! And Orpington job centre - when will they realise people only go there to sign on, not to look for a job?!
  • Tower blocks in the Cray! Give the people somewhere to live that isnt 15 minutes from the ground! And Orpington job centre - when will they realise people only go there to sign on, not to look for a job?!
  • Tower blocks in the Cray! Give the people somewhere to live that isnt 15 minutes from the ground! And Orpington job centre - when will they realise people only go there to sign on, not to look for a job?!
  • Tower blocks in the Cray! Give the people somewhere to live that isnt 15 minutes from the ground! And Orpington job centre - when will they realise people only go there to sign on, not to look for a job?!
  • Police station - we could build a nice indoor sk8 park there!
  • Orpington as a whole. Nuke it!
  • Star Lane and then maybe the BlackSmiths (during a busy night) Also SuperBowl and the Walnuts leisure centre. Actually, all of Orpington and most of Cray...
  • The priory school. Maybe then newsteads could walk home without getting tripped up and being called slags? i was once called a slag even though i was wearing my uniform? Losers... Stop pretending your cool, get a life, your just jealous of us because our school is better than yours and we're clever and your not- so ha di ha ha stupid pikeys "you starting?!? You calling me a f**king pikey?!?"
  • Macca D's
  • Ramsden Estate.
  • most of the town
  • the Ramsden Estate. Ok, it's a collection of buildings, but a very bad collection of buildings at that. Or the bowling alley. A source once informed me that the waste pipes once burst behind the kitchen area, covering the walls with human effluent, which was never cleaned up. The source used to work for the bowling alley.
  • Already demolished Ramsden Boys School.
  • the whole of ramsden estate.
  • the whole of the orpinton st pauls cray st marys cray and star lane should be flattened by the marines with their phat tankz.
  • NEWSTEAD WOOD SCHOOL! I can't believe no one's said that yet, it's such a dump! Why, when they were building the thing did they not account for colour schemes??
  • Ramsden School for Boys, Orpington, Kent. I was in one of the first intakes - the school opened about 59-60. it was very posh in those days, the uniform with its royal blue blazer could only be bought at some tailor in the city, and with the girls school across the field it was a delightful place at lunch time - I was sorry to hear that it had been pulled down - I well remember Devito's Coffee bar every day after school with our black T-Shirts, and seeing Brian Jones and Charlie Watts in a beat up Jag, come in there to buy 5 Weights, they would then cut one of them in half to share - what Halcyon Days
  • Orpington college! It can be seen for miles around and is almost as hideous as the new GLA building. Get rid of it!
  • ramsden estate
  • All of Ramsden Estate preferrably, with all residents still in it.. (apart from me of course!)
  • all charity and sandwich shops in orpington!
  • The Priory School
  • neil rawlins house
  • every one house or flat that any hoverbag has had a go at me. i think thats almost every one.
  • The old falling down AEI Music warehouse on the Sevenoaks Road
  • St. Paul,s Cray. (No particular building just St.Pauls Cray). And if St Mary cray should get damaged in the prossess TUFF!!!
  • Chartehouse Road Secondary School - I know it's been knocked down already, but can't it be re-built just so it can be knocked down some more?
  • Difficult to choose... so many! I would take some pleasure in seeing Ramsden Estate reduced to glass.
  • Charterhouse Road Secondary school - bugger! Too late!
  • Walnuts
  • crundle tower, in fact all the tower blocks, bit concerate slabs in sky that fester decay and pikeys.
  • Star lane - all of it its full off pikies and pikey wannabes. the mountfield estate - home to all thoses scummy little shits with caps and hoods that burn cars out.
  • I would like too see that big blue thing on the highstreet gone!
  • Anywhere that the little shits (sorry teenagers) congregate.
  • Ramsden
  • The multi-storey car park at the end of the high street.
  • mcdonads where are the gippos gonna go now hahahah!
  • All of Cotmandene Crescent shops.
  • Most of them, though I would keep the nice shades of blue carpark as a homage to all thoes people who have been driven by the sheer dispair of Orpington to Jump off of it.
  • The ones between Badgers Mount and Crittalls Corner
  • The Priory School---- g'on you'll do us a BIG favour
  • Your House
  • Barclays Bank in the High Street. Maybe they'd lose track of my overdraft!
  • too many to mention - orpington is a mish mash of shoddy buidings
  • The market
  • The Walnuts. Who were they trying to kid with this mini-mall - the Kwik Save itself gives me the shivers...
  • Most of it.
  • DSS in the Walnuts.
  • The two Grammer schools
  • The police station would be a nice start as they don't do anything about evil harrassing gypsy-like folk but seem to love giving skaters and the like endless jip-cheers then.
  • Most of the High Street, and the college.
  • Tory HQ?
  • The new Barratts housing estate - and it's not even finished yet!
  • Any house in Petts Wood that homes an aerosol-brandishing kid.... wankers in other words... what is it with writing 'cunt' on the walls? What's the message? Are they just telling us their names? FUCK OFF AND DIE, leave our streets alone!
  • St. Olave's...and I can say that as an ex-pupil. The snobbery and arrogance of the place is disgraceful and beware young pupils: if you demonstrate any sign of individual thought or you are not too academic, the School will at best ignore you and at worst actively try to expel you. It's been done before! And besides, at least half of the students are always wankers.
  • That huge revolting blue thing stuck in The Walnuts where the market goes - that used to be a really nice place to just 'go'.
  • MacDonalds - So all the kids would get a life at weekends. St Olaves school - Get rid of all the stuck up snobs who get mummy and daddy to dress them smartly in the morning and give them a sweety and a kiss before they go to school in there special lunch boxes.
  • Hearns Rise/Ramsden/most of Petts Wood.
  • McDonalds. That and all the 50p shops. Oh and the estate agents, we have enough of them already.
  • Orpington bowling alley - always full of pathetic individuals thinking they're so cool, to be hanging around a bowling alley from 7pm to 11pm doing absolutely nothing except look at rough boys!
  • Orpington College is a monstrousity but I guess it has an educational purpose so demolition might be a little harsh
  • All of them cos Orpington is the crappest place on Earth
  • That goddam car park by the memorial, you know, the one with all those shades of blue on it. Yes, that's very "with it", Bromley council. Or maybe that's because it reminds me of my Latin Lessons with RDL, gazing aimlessly as fifth declension nouns seeped through my brain. Well, it's still disgustingly tasteless.

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