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  • yes! that old man who runs in the blue shorts! i still see him to this day! lived near orpington for 21 years now! he is still going strong!
  • The running man in the Blue shorts with no shirt!!
  • Hi Does any one remember a character from the 1950s used to walk around orpington humming, he used to think he was a copper we called him HUMMY BILL.
  • Parkour is prominent in Orpington. While the girls of Orpington Gymnastic Club are training safely on matted flooring in the main hall of the Walnuts Leisure Centre, Traceurs are running the streets of Orpington and performing gymnastic tricks and stunts on the steps, walls and solid concrete outside! Orpington in the PK capital of SE London and has a number of celebrity perfomers who are "street entertainers par excellance". Visit YouTube and search on "Orpington Parkour" or "Orpington traceurs" for a visual experience you wont easily forget.
  • the flower seller outside woolworths sellinemhere cheap was his call sign quality
  • The 'mature' lady who hangs around the market square complete with fag, sun glasses, furry boots and coat. Her dirty white dog is usually making a nuisance of itself in the nearby shops.
  • be aware of a white van with rediculous signage. the company name is chislehurst build and design,only a twat would invent such a name!!!!!!!!!!!! hes a con man!builder from hell and a complete back to front!!if you know what i mean?? ps minging telephone voice as well.
  • crazy woman outside the walnuts who offers passers by her coffee and swears she hasnt touched it, dont take it, if it was all ok she wouldnt be there EVERY morning
  • There is usually something happening at the entrance to the Market on Orpington high street but look out for people collecting money for things *SO ANNOYING* Sometimes there is this Native american group who turn up in Bromley high street and put on a pretty good show... there is always something going on.
  • some nutter from avon ward in farnborough hopital , used to come in the black horse and gibber away to himself!! proper!
  • Pikies, violent youths.
  • the best person in orpington and probably the funniest is panda he makes me laugh so much one of the best mates in the world :)he should be paid!!!!!!
  • Priory kids are the most entertaining thing ive ever seen. They call themselves "rude bois" and "hard". we know therye just little pikeys, who by the way ALL DRESS THE SAME.
  • Duncan the Trolley Pusher - He knows everyone and Everyone knows him. Christ knows how he has the brain cells to recognise all these people but i think he just pretends to know everyone so he doesn't need to use the precious space in his memory. Mark Baker - 90% of rapes and muggings are down to this ugly fucker. Maybe hes dead now - one can hope... Punched me in the head for no reaons - he could have at least mugged me when he was at it. No respect at all...
  • Many old people here are "local characters". They are very friendly and not all of them are blue-rinse Tories.
  • sometimes there are people selling stuff on the floor outside whsmiths, theres sometimes a big issue seller round the back entrance of M&S
  • The Ripley's are the most famous Orpington family, I have had a few run ins with Mark Ripley, he smacked me in the face once for no reason at all, nice bunch really. Mark's Uncle was rumoured to have run some guy over by the artichoke and killed him and got life for it, anyone know any more goss. on them. Personally I think the whole family should be gassed or maybe it should be declared legal to hunt them and then the nobility could gallop around Orpington chasing them down and make the town more interesting.
  • There's some dude on the 61 or 208 sometimes called Richard...I've seen him a few times, he says he's Homer Simpson, and was drinks tons of dodgy beer (Skol, Oranjeboom, that kinda crud...). Another one to watch out for is the guy on the R11 sometimes that calls everybody he sees Dave or Sarah...
  • Dont see them much nowadays but it used to be a regular sight on saturday morning on the green opposite the bakery (The crescent) The plymouth brethren would stand around facing the shoppers while one of them recited parts of the bible.They made there kids stand there as well.I guess thingd can not have been going to well because after a few years they moved to outside waitrose Green st green.
  • Look out for the local bible bashing religious maniacs who appear in the walnuts occasionally. Buskers don't perform there coz they'll get robbed by the didicoy irish pikey scum who hang around there.
  • theres this man in the M+S car park in Orpington that collects ure tickets and he has these really sad little puppets u can laugh at him all u want but he wont stop now thats entertainment!
  • Smokey Joe and the brother thatpushed his sister sround in a pram Buster Barnes the Copper who we used to call Bust your arse and we respected him even if we were 30 in no strong 15 years old and mouthy
  • Scott Brown, Frank Pentlow and Me.
  • buskers none! but lots of charity workers!! give them there dues, but if you have to enter the high street more than once in one day, it can annoy one!
  • well there are a lot of pikies outside mcdonalds to laugh at.
  • Pikies
  • there is a busker there called neil rawlins
  • well there are some but in the end you just wana hit then becuse they get on your nervs.
  • There is nothing entertaining about Orpington.
  • That luvley man that plays the violin.. he's pretty cute.
  • Not usually any buskers, though it has been known. At Christmas you get a group of people near Pizza Hut banging out a few hymns.
  • Adam Killick is a street entertainer, or at least we laugh at him when he is asleep in his box. PIKEY!
  • all
  • The man who always plays the pink panther on his saxophone in Orpington high street
  • The Shoe man is pretty entertaining but he hangs out exclusively on buses so I guess that he dosn't really fit into the street entertainer category.
  • Me! I'll be singing the new Hear'say song in a cardboard box at the end of your street (not kidding!)
  • I've never seen any in Orpington (unless you call watching mini-tarts trying to attract the spotty, braindead yobs "street entertainment").
  • The almost tribal gangs of incestrous scum make for good entertainment when you realise they all fuck their mums!
  • The big issue salesman. provides entertainment for everyone who ignores him
  • There is a black woman who always wears tight, revealing clothes, accompanied by a cap. She is seen dancing and singing as she goes down the high street, and she always puts a smile on my face when I see her!
  • On market days you can sometimes find a strange young man trying to sell women's shopping bikes near to the high street.
  • The single mothers and teenagers are sometimes entertaining. Other than that the closest thing I've seen to a busker orstreet entertainer is the countless 'gothic' looking kids that stroll up and down Orpington high street as if on a funeral prosession.
  • Orpington's a staunch Tory borough. Any buskers tend to be carted of extremely quickly by the local SS.
  • The pikies who collect outside McDonalds and demand a 50p pavement tax to get by are quite amusing :)
  • Yet again more Gypsies busking for a spare fag or even money.
  • dodgy violinist occasionally but sometimes we get treated to a class performance from some of the BYMT lot (ace)
  • I suppose you mean the bloke who murders popular classics on his violin outside the Walnuts?

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