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  • The maxwell is OK. Beer is served by an over-weight midget called anne.
  • white hart used to be great great crowd very little trouble unlike a lot of the others
  • I went to the harvest moon, alot.. it has to be said theres not much atmosphere, so make sure u go with funny ppl.. yeah its cheap.. but its also cold.. full of old men.. no music.. and the staff well two in particular.. not mentioning any names but ones a blonde b*tch and one guy with an unusual piercing- not what ur thinkin! are arrogant n rude.. it has tvs but shows the news! wtf! borin.. dont go there anymore.. I AM IN LOVE WITH MAXWELL.. bit of an overstatement.. but o well. situated by the station, opposite A.C.Wilgar Heating showroom the pub is cosy yet spacious and warm and friendly, the staff are friendly, particularly as ones my close friend, the locals are funny and the beer.. while more expensive than the harvey.. not too expensive to stop u buyin it.. i always meet some one new when i go there, equally filled with old men and people my age. The have a juke box and TVs which play football and rugby matches. there are lives bands, quiz nights, discos and more.. ah im really selling this pub haha.. the cricketers is good when u want to have a quiet drink with a mate.. its not to busy but the locals (mainly old men- it has to be said) and staff are welcoming.. beer is cheapish.. probly a bit less expensive than the maxwell but more than the harvey.. but everything else is vv expensive.. im good tho.. i love my beer.. the garden is cool and the jukebox is complicated to use.. but at least it has one.. it also plays football matches... ne hoo hope i helped! xx
  • The weatherspoons down the high street is ok, cheap drinks!!
  • Got to be the Daylight Petts wood , If your lucky the landlady,Elaine,will be working,makes all feel very welcome (nice baps too).. Avoide the sovereign in Petts Wood,full of plastic pikies & Pubsby of news shopper fame slated it,The Bull at sandy lane serves a good pint and food, a proper pub without attitude. Any pub in the high street to be avoided unless you want a fight....... The buff is good for live football...if your a gooner and serve a decent pint.
  • Change of horses in Farnborough (nice folks!)
  • CORRECTION on owner of the black horse, the pub has changed hands since steve(ex old bill ,and general knob end!!) gone right down hill since the days of spilling out onto the pavement every friday nights ,they used to rock,is'nt that so ami!!
  • Blackxmiths is the best has the best assisstant manger
  • The White Hart (Q's) is definately the best pub in the area. And the Harvest Moon is OK too.
  • The White Hart (Q's) is definately the best pub in the area. And the Harvest Moon is OK too.
  • The White Hart (Q's) is definately the best pub in the area. And the Harvest Moon is OK too.
  • The White Hart (Q's) is definately the best pub in the area. And the Harvest Moon is OK too. Ive gotta mention the Broomwood on Sevenoaks way too, I love it! Friendly staff, and crazy fun loving locals. Apart from the odd few...
  • As always, a fresh faced crowd can be found in Wetherspoons, Bromley, despite the fact it's opposite a police station... and rubbish.
  • Harvey Moon - nice place. Minimal Pikeys although there is the odd one every so often. Blacksmiths - I have risked my life three times to go in this Pikey nest. Never relaxed for a second each time. Anchor and Dope - Not bad Q's - Meant to be Over 21s but I got in Rumbaba - Bouncers make it look menacing to enter
  • The Harvest Moon is your pub if your a student (over 18.. ofcourse)
  • THere is the maxwell but i only use that as a landmark to tell others where we're gonna meet when going out. "meet me at the maxwell at 11" "what side - the maxwell side" Maxwell to me just means bus stop. Never been inside. If you want good quality pubs come to chelsfield/well hill area. We have 4 pubs including The Bo Peep, The Five bells, The kent Hounds, And the Rock and Fountain. Of course I'm biast, I live on well hill. And I wouldn't actually know about the quality as i've never drunk in them.
  • Loads....The Blue Anchor is good for trouble
  • pubs in orpington to try and keep the scum out, punters are what make a pub, and if there arent any other punters except for scum, then you either have a pub with no one in it, or a pub full of scum!!!!! but some of them are ok!
  • The Buff, Five Bells, The Chelsfield or else go to Bromley. Ram Ba Ba in Orpington High Street is the only one not full of pikeys.
  • Ram Ba Ba - best pub in orpington
  • Harvest Moon
  • One pub that does attract "A Fresh Faced Crowd" is spoonys, also the harvest moon.
  • Avoid the Moon Under Water unless you want to be chased outside by thuggush brutes and clobbered. However it can be worth it when you see the grin wiped off their faces when Bromley magistrates have the b*******s sent down!
  • I have lived in orpington amost of my life and its fair to say that there are very few if any alright places to go for a drink. Every pub in the high street is full of gyppos drinking 1.00 pints of special brew. The Buff down by the cresent is ok. Best bet is probbaly the Chequers on southborough lane (petts wood) or the daylight, station square (petts wood)
  • Jack sh*t where pubs are concerned
  • well if you wana see more wallowing retards this is the place to go but there is one or two you can go to to get away to get away from the retards.
  • The White Swan in Kent Road Orpington is still the best Karaoke venue in the south east, The White Swan is no longer run by Norman and Barbra Pointer, but one of the locals has bought it and is transforming it back to how it used to be - a fun place for young and old. Children are welcome and it has a good garden and soon to have a childrens room. Big wide plasma screen to watch the footie etc. The best kept secret in orpington
  • It can fairly be said that Orpington's drinking dens are all on a par - you won't like the clientele, you won't like the staff. If you want a pub where you can enjoy good beer and a chance to have a chinwag without being drowned out by spotty oiks arguing (and probbaly fighting) about who has been shagging who and how often, find a pub somewhere else. On a good summers day it can be worth going up to the Cricketer's and taking a pint outside - it is away from the town centre traffic for starters.
  • In the late 70s, the Queen's Head was a favourite haunt for amatuer chemists and purveyors of exotic smoking material.
  • The Queen's Head in Green Street Green used to the place for lAUGHING sAM'S dICE and just about any other illicit chemical/herb known to man.
  • The Harvest Moon is a Weatherspoons, but doesn't attract too many pikeys. It's patrons are more of the tweed donning, heavily sideburned type that rock back and forth quietly in the corner, mumbling to themselves. As with all Weatherspoons, they serve good beer but badly kept and have no music. The best pub in the area is definitely the Five Bells in Chelsfield village, which has a strict over 21s only policy. Decent food served and damn fine beer too. A little out of the way however. The Maxwell used to be a dump but it has since had a lick of paint, ejected a lot of the patrons that had become part of the furniture and gone upmarket. A bit. Not much, but a bit. It even has it's own DJ on Saturdays!!!!!!! (groan)
  • Place to avoid. the Black horse, Locksbottom. No choice of bitters. No real ale. A "could not be arsed to serve you" attitude from the staff. If you want watery beer and crap service this is the place to go. A kids hang out for those with no taste.
  • Go to Bromley
  • For good home cooked food, good beer, and served by a freindly face try the KINGS ARMS in Shoreham (near the bridge).
  • loads try the white hart pub in the high street and.....get stabbed!
  • Wetherspoon's 'Harvet Moon' sells cheap beer but, then it'd have to be cheap for their punters to be able to afford it on their pocket money.
  • Weatherspoons is good for really cheep food and they give you masses to, however the OAP specials do make it a big hang out for the over 60's. Also there are some fairly hillarious pubs in St Mary Cray, though don't get on the wrong side of the Locals because otherwise you might get driven over by a Landrover or stabbed to death.
  • The Harvest Moon serves a variety of characters that can be both a good and a bad thing. The range of Grunge Gothic types to the easily inebriated gypsy-type that mooch out from the estates. Best place for a cheap enjoyable drink with friends.
  • Dunno...underaged sorry.
  • the best pub in orpington is The Woodman In farnbrough. The crowd is a bit old but you can have a great pint and a chat with sharon and terry (landlords)
  • Where shall i start....OK - The Maxwell: This pub is fine IF (and a big if) you are a regular or/and a rugby twat! - The landlady smells fo SHXX and so does the beer. BOB and GUMMY bear are often snogging in there. Any high street pub: full of gippos, pikeys and old dribblers. Go to the harvest moon if you like people shouting "GAME ON" in your ear (thanks nutkins)
  • maxwell - a lovely place for a quiet drink and chat
  • pubs in orpington should be avoided unless you like bad attitudes and violence from sad individuals.
  • Daylight Inn in Petts Wood is definatley worth a mention. Its got better over the years. Personally I would avoid anything with Wetherspoons over the door unless you're really desperate for real ale, you do get some funny types in there who start talking to you out of the blue in a slurred voice. Plus the pubs smell and so do their clientele. And what is wrong with the White Hart, many a good pub quiz has been had in there, beers OK too...
  • Try the Daylight on a Sunday. Everyone avoids it hte rest of the week but it is always busy on a Sunday nite for some reason!
  • The Maxwell this is an interesting pub if you are living in the dark ages. You will be welcomed into this pub by a happy friendly landlady.I would not advise anyone to even enter this pub if you are interested in a good night out. Most of he current staff have to start learning the importance of personal hygiene.
  • All pubs in the area are rubbish, particularly the Queens Head and Royal Oak where they don't know the meaning of service. At least the Royal Oak has a few decent wines and the beer is okay. The Queens Head has terrible landlords, dodgy dirty beer and warm revolting cheap wine. The food is poison.
  • There are a lot of pubs in and around Orpington, it has even been said that that is all there is in Orpington. The Harvest Moon is crap. It's full of very old people, mainly men (with beards and pipes), and there is an arrogant bastard of a barman in there.( Young bloke - thoroughly up himself). I tend to travel to Bromley or even Petts Wood for pubs as they are generally better, with better people in them, and there's a slightly lower chance of getting attacked outside (it's not really that bad).
  • has to be harvest moon for a pint, but if yer after food, worth exploring villagey outskirts - one in pratts bottom is dead good.
  • The Chelsfield is good for a laugh, but only if you are a local and know everyone else. Otherwise it is naff and not worth travelling to. The Buff is quite good as well, but it's popularity has died down a lot in recent years and is usually only ever half full or half empty. The Harvest Moon is very cheap, but is full of old people who dribble in their drink.
  • Harvest Moon (my fave), White Hart (Old Men), Ye Olde Blacksmith (dodgy Karaoke)
  • The Bo Peep is circa 1548. Old smugglers stop off. Documented authentic history available. Was once a Coroners Court for a murder charge.
  • The Original Royal Oak in Green St Green circa 1982 was easily the best pub Orpington and probably the world had ever see and anywhere else even if the landlord - Pat - was a miserable old tosser. Unfortunately it is now a Beefeater which peaked on Christmas Eve 1989. If you were there you will know what I mean. All other Orpington Boozers are crap.
  • The Bo Peeps pretty nice, but for really excellent pubs go to Shoreham, the roads may be ridiculously narrow and winding, but you can tell by the fact there's never a parking space that the pubs are good.
  • I reckon the Buff Orpington is the best pub in town. They serve cold beer (good for us Aussies), they serve cold beer, they serve cold beer, they serve cold beer, they serve cold beer, they serve cold beer, they serve cold beer and they serve warm beer (good for you Poms). I'd also like to add The Change of Horses Hotel (I refer to it as The Change of Undies Hotel) to the list of great pubs in the area, but it's in Farnborough so I don't know if it counts.
  • The Black Horse is up there with the buff as one of the best pubs in the town. It's run by a big hard bloke called Steve, an ex-copper but always loyal to his regulars. The pub itself is damm fine, not too good on the beer front.... lagers include Carling and Grolsch... not really up to much either of em but the place itself makes up for it, with countless fruit machines, a cool juke box and the nicest barmaids you'll meet this side of the Woolwich Arsenal - plus on bank holidays they have a bouncy castle which makes for a great night after you've been on the beers.
  • Good pub: The BO PEEP, not in Orpington at all but in Chelsfield - nice village too. Another good pub - the Maxwell, next to the station. Good for getting polluted and forgetting where you are when you arrive in town.
  • If you're thinking of drinking in Orpington, DON'T. Smash a glass in your face and go to hospital instead. No, not really, it's not that bad anymore now that I've left.
  • The Harvest Moon! The Harvest Moon! The Harvest Moon! OK, so it's a Wetherspoons pub and as such is the same as countless others up and down the country, but it's really nice and there's a no-smoking bit in there as well. The Sovereign of the Seas in Petts Wood's nice as well. Where's the Buff Orpington? And the Change of Horses? Never heard of them... The problem with the Maxwell is that most of the teachers from my old school (St Olave's) go in there during lunch time. Avoid the Artichoke in the High Street... it's the only place I know of that's had violence connected with it in recent times. The Cricketer's is one of the few places you can play pool on a Friday night without a five-hour wait first, and the Rose and Crown in Green Street Green's got a decent games room too. The White Hart's quiet if you want it that way...
  • I hate to admit it but J.D.Wetherspoons isn't that bad, staff are friendly and reliable (Steph + Dan can pay me later). The food tastes okay but just don't ask them how they cook it (sorry Ray).
  • A veritable plethora of these are available in Orpington and the surrounding area. Try the Harvest Moon (the cheapest but also a Weatherspoons pub), the Cricketers is quite good, as well as the Rose and Crown in Green St Green, the Five Bells in Chelsfield, The Sovereign Seas in Petts Wood, and the Ramblers Rest which has to be the best place during the summer due to the large grass are around it which is an ideal place to have a drink on a cool summer's night.
  • A little known fact is that Orpington holds one of the best Karaoke venues in the south east, The White Swan in Kent Road, which is run by Norman and Barbra Pointer and features the talents of local Karaoke stars like Alan Sharp who sings the best rendition of Ginger Thing yov've ever heard.
  • Steer clear mate, except perhaps the Harvest Moon which by Orpington standards is classy
  • Never mind the Orpington pubs- make your way up to The Bull in St Paul's Cray and get a decent pint of Speckled Hen inide you!

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