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  • Best local record shop is about 8 minles away in Sevenoaks Town .. right next door to the handmade chocolate shop.
  • spinning disc used to be down the bottom of the high street and then came elpees a great shop until that mug took over and just sold dance shit
  • wh smiths and woolies ugh
  • Virgin Megastores, HMV
  • I always find Virgin Mega store in Bromley to be usful.
  • come to the blinging woolworths ! its the best!
  • WHSmiths is about it - and it's rubbish
  • Well, WH Smiths is the only record shop I know of. BONUS - Pikeys don't go in Smiths because there is no booze or fags to steal and they can't read.
  • theres no REAL places to buy cds in orpington, except perhaps whsmiths or CD WORLD? both cheap like orpington itself. GO TO BROMLEY - Virgin and HMV
  • CD World is pretty good. Very cheap and with a huuuuuge selection. Hardly any grungies there so thats cool!
  • there's no fucking shops that sell decent CDs
  • I go to Camden, Soho and Notting Hill. There's fantastic record shops in each - Reckless Records in Soho and Camden, Music & Video Exchanges is all three. Also random, privately owned ones in Soho as well.
  • none. best bet is to go to the second hand shop in shirely or beano's in croydon.
  • CD World! A new-ish shop in the High Street, CD's for a tenner! Bargain! They do a wide range of music too, not just all the pop/garage crap that everyone seems to like (especially white boys pretending they're Jamaican), but alternative too! Wahoo!
  • CD World!!! brand new wicked shop - full of wicked CD's and Loads Of porno at the back!!!
  • Elpees seemed to think that because they were an indie record shop, they could charge 18 for a CD. Well they couldn't, and they found that out the hard way.
  • look be smart if you got the net go buy it off the net or go some where else because they treat stuff like crap it costs a bit more but at least you got more chance of it not being scratched or just dont work.
  • Rumours are that a new specialist CD shop will be opening close to Dixon's - if it is true all praise to the brave souls who are about to take on the purchasing power of Woolworth's and W H Smug and Sainsbury's and the local populaces disinterest in anything outside the "Top 40" - the CD stall in the market isn't bad pricewise but limited on choice.
  • Nowt.
  • The best record shop is in Bexleyheath it is called Vinyl Conflict.
  • is their any? well u genrally avoid clares acsorieis its full of pink fluffy things that they say are supposed to be for your hair, and cheap tacky earings.
  • For Garage/House/Trance etc. try either Big Apple in Croydon or GarageUK in Bexleyheath. There are NO decent record shops in Orpington sice Elpees closed and became another sandwich shop.
  • hahahaha record shops thats a good one!
  • You gotta be kidding! Go to Bromley there's Virgin and HMV there.. else you'll have to shop in WHsmiths or even worse... Woolies!!!!
  • bout that shop near MacDonalds.. Elsees or something!? Which also sells loads of cool costumes and prank equipment!!
  • There aint any in Orpington is there!? Only Elpees which shut down.
  • Retrospect sells second hand cds by the way. and Methvens sells about ten
  • Alas, Elpees has closed, probably due to nerdy types who order their stuff off the net - get a life you saddoes. Ah yes, I remember looking throgh the racks of vinyl. Why is it Indie record shops can do so well in places like Soho but not in the suburbs, you dont know what you're missing. Actually its probably cos the record buying public in Orpington are all kids who like Britney Spears and Eminem and wouldn't know a decent bit of kickin' vinyl if it spun through the air like a ninja frisbee and sliced their empty little heads off!!
  • to please the last user, and to disappoint every body else in Orp, but Elpees is closing in September. Yes, it is dingy, yes, they do sell odd things, but they know their music. WH Smiths & Woollies don't. (They've never even heard of Steve Hackett!) RIP Elpees, we'll miss you!
  • Elpees is good, but it does'nt have competative prices. So if it's the widely available stuff your after your better off going to Wollworths or Smiths. Also you don't have to feel quite so uncomfortable as you do in the tiny and somewhat dingey Elpees.
  • You're stuffed if you're looking for calssical/jazz. but elpees is a fantastic shop for all things pop, dance, alternative etc. Not to mention its surprising array of wigs (?!) and excellent second hand deals
  • Sam Goody came and went, taking their stupidly high prices with them. All that's left is Elpees in the high street. I love that place. It's tiny, but stuffed with every CD imaginable. People who work there are okay too - know what they're talking about!
  • Elpees is great for unusual record and other nik naks. Hi to Neil if he still works there
  • Elpees is a nice little shop- selling everything there ever was practically, and a nice range of cheap second hands too.
  • MVC has closed! This used to be an excellent shop, selling CDs and videos at low prices (normally about £10 for a £13 CD), but they're now building a Blockbuster Video there instead. So I suppose now you've got to go to W H Smiths, or Elpees (but they hardly stock anything). Oh, and Sam Goody's just opened in the Walnuts, but they've got vastly inflated prices.
  • Elpees is excellent - you'll find anything popwise in there and a massive secondhand selection.
  • Elpees has turned into some sort of novelty shop- last time I looked they were selling party gimmicks and those tacky 'gold' records in frames. Whoever runs it obviously makes their living doing something else, and runs Elpees as a tax loss. They really can't be making any money with all that tat. Sam Goody's isn't that bad, at least they have a better selection of post-war music than WH Smug, with all it's squeaky clean ex-grammar school assistants and a manager who looks like an older John Major.

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