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Sports Clubs and Facilities
  • Kidles. One of the best mma training gyms
  • Orpington is the Parkour capital of SE London. While the girls of Orpington Gymnastic Club are safely performing on the cushioned floor in the sports hall of the Walnuts Leisure Centre, Traceurs of Orpington are peforming their flips and somis off the walls and steps outside with nothing but solid concrete to break their fall. Visit YouTube and search on "Orpington Parkour" or "Orpington Traceurs" to sample the special facilities Orpington offers for practitioners of the extreme sport of free running.
  • orpington football club i also remember a team that was run by social services had some great players also early to mid 80s the white hart hand a fantastic team graham the manager and two chaps up front john and matt
  • the walnuts!!!!!
  • Walnuts Leisure centre do some pretty interesting stuff. If not check out the Pavillion in Bromley!
  • swimming pools
  • Visit Orpington FootballClub at to find out more
  • The Walnuts leisure centre appears to have quite a variety of sports- kickboxing on Tuesday nights, football, swimming, gym, etc etc. Its not exactly David Lloyds though...
  • ok so the walnuts is kind of un- desirable but hey, you could always wander the highstreet amongst all the pikeys if in need of excercise
  • Priory has astro-turf. Darrick Wood has Swimming pool. DO NOT GO IN THE WALNUTS SWIMMING POOL - You either catch something or someone will catch you (with your pants down)
  • 2 million development of a tennis centre at Newstead has just been finished. That's perhaps the biggest one good thing about Orpington is that your spoilt for choice in terms of sports centres, many of which are cheap, accessible and friendly.
  • WALNUTS - haven't been to the swimming pool for a while, not since its been refurbished... still if its anything like it used to be DON'T GO THERE As far as I remember, the pool is so cold it takes 10 minutes to get in and aclimatise to the temperature, and as for the changing rooms, tiles peeling off, hair every where just DIRTY. Usually able to find a couple of plasters and a scummy hairband at the bottom of the pool. If u don't watch your step then you get it stuck to you foot. as i say, haven't been there since it got re-done, maybe its better now though i highly doubt it.
  • Theres a swimming pool over the top of Sainsbury's
  • well y cant u hav nefing hat includes a sk8board it is a sport
  • walnuts leisure centre has a good array of sporting events that can be participated in and not too expensive either!!
  • Orpington Football Club is located at Westcombe Park & Orpington Sports Club, in Goddington Lane. The club has 4 Senior and 12 Junior Teams. In addition we have a soccer school for the local community that takes place every Sunday between 10am - 12pm. The School is designed to provide quality coaching for children aged between 5 & 8 years. for more ionformation please visit our website at
  • The Bromley Valley Gymnastics club is fantastic, great staff and the best place to work out if you want to avoid the skanks who pollute the Walnuts centre.

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