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The Worst Things
  • No one takes pride in the cray
  • You wouldn't be allowed to mention a racial stereotype such as 'black people' or 'Indian people' in the way gypsies are referred to on this page. It's disgusting and racially abusive.
  • You wouldn't be allowed to mention a racial stereotype such as 'black people' or 'Indian people' in the way gypsies are referred to on this page. It's disgusting and racially abusive.
  • It's funny ... All these posts on here from people moaning about the so called traveller scum of Orpington and the Crays. What lots of you fail to realise is that the vast majority of travellers have been settled here for a long long time. Probably a lot longer than you have. So before you start commenting and saying that they should be locked up or removed from Orpington, it's likely that we were here first. The gypsies that originally settled here amongst orchards and farmland, settled here because there was work here. Yep lots of us work. The reason Orpington became recognized as a town, was due to the settled travellers here. You moved to our town. So if you don't like Orpington, maybe you should consider leaving?
  • The worst things are the little morons that have contributed ther illiterate drivel her
  • Hi all, sorry to if this is irrelevant to this discussion I'm looking to buy a house in Hart Eldred drive - Dyke Road, Tintagel Rd, Orpington, Kent BR5. Can someone please tell me if this is a good area for bringing up kids(6Year +) Is this a Pikey/gypsi area Any yobs in this Area ?
  • The worst thing about Orpington is, where do i start? its a shithole. in ST Mary and St Pauls pikeys all over the gaff, you cant escape them. Whatever you do dont go out after dark youll only find troubl. The highstreet is pathetic but safer than the suburbs of St paul/marys. quite honestly if you dnt have money to go do things outside of the area you are going to be very miserable and lonely becos the young people here are not the sort u would want to socialize with. Bromley is everything orpington wishes it could be. hope u fukin die in this hell hole gypsie traveler pikey scum cunts and hope ur caravans are torched and ur counsel houses smashed.
  • the chavs
  • bad memories
  • chavs EVERYWHERE
  • seeing it now full of the crap from anywhere else that nobody else wants
  • The worst thing has to be the locals. The average Orpington citizen makes Cockney favourites Chas n' Dave sound like minor royals. If you drive a white van, had your first child at the age of 13, have more tattoos than Edinburgh, believe a white tracksuit and cap are the epitome of style, enjoy nothing better than getting drunk whilst watching the footie and then having a fight and trashing a bus stop, and consider that reading a book is a symptom of paedophilia, then Orpington is definitely the right place for you.
  • St. Olave's school - they claim to be the best school in the area, have the best results blah blah, but as an ex-pupil there, I can tell you that the majority of kids there are either suicidal or drug addicts. An example of the complete corruption of the school's headmaster would be following the German exchange a few years back, when one child's drink was spiked. He was suspended for "making a scene". The Priory is ten times worse, slack-jawed inbred kids who pretend that they're hard, and the girl's uniform is the worst thing in the world, they used to have to wear this stupid little bow tie type thing, I'm not sure if they do that anymore.
  • all the bulshit ppl r sayin bou orpington, the gypsies, the 'pikeys', the priory kids, Mcdonalds, the Crays....... its jus sooooo offensive n if i were 2 go show that 2 ne of ma gypsy m8s den theyd b absolutly fumin wid anger!
  • the old-fashioned, post-war, self-righteous hypocrites that populate this otherwise nice town. the reason that there is nothing to do in orpington is that these morons have decided that since they have claimed their senior citizen bus card, they are no longer youth, and that the youth today is therefore evil incarnate. these people are the types who would claim that today's youth do not know how lucky they are, and so to prove this point they try to make the youth in this area's life miserable to the extent that all that is left for young people to do is terrorise these nostalgic fossils, fueling them to remove even more privoledge forcing us into a downward spiral of events. good going. of course not everything can be blamed on these post WW2 people who grew up in the afterglow of a horrific war and therefore think that the good old days were the way it had always been before, there are also their offspring, spewing hatred from every orifice, including the scum they pass off as their children. these 'movas' generally resemble a fat weasel with a bowl of custard poured onto their head to resemble fashionable highlights in their hairdo ... they will tell you or 'u' that 'u betta not mess wiv me or i wil get me boyfrend to sort u out' really, i'm not joking. these people have obviously been the victim to some severely bad parenting, raised thinking that everyone else in the world is an enemy, and treating them as such. i'm sure i wouldn't be far off if i could compare their upbringing to beating a baby over the head with a lead pipe, repetetively, until all that is left is a bumbling screaming mess on the floor. when people ask where society went wrong you can be pretty sure that the real reason is somewhere amongst all the beatings that that poor baby recieved. youth are not a problem until treated as one, if you say the problem with orpington is youth, you are obviously misguided and almost moronic. youth cannot be the problem with something, they are a part of society as much as you are. recently there has been a lot of media attention against agism as though it is a one way thing, well if theres one thing that you decaying remains of a lost civilisation where everything in the world was smiles, sweets and roses prove, its that ageism works both ways and you need to take a look at yourself again before instantly assuming that young people are what's wrong with society. in short, the solution to the problem of youth crime is not to crack down on youth in general. i'm not saying dont arrest the ones caught beating each other up or spraypainting an expletive on a wall, but to act sensibly and not react with all of the rubbish and drivel you come up with on a daily basis. to the obviously younger people writing here i'm sorry to focus on the older people but that was enfuriating to read. now, getting onto what you have said, a pikey is still a person and has just as much right to walk the streets safely as you do, so do grammar school kids and kids who go to the priory etc. everyone should be treated equally. if a pikey attacks someone, that is wrong and they should be punished, but you shouldn't punish them for being a pikey and therefore being prone to attacking people. that's just ridiculous and one of the worst thing about being in orpington are the suspicious glaring eyes that watch, paranoid, from every window when 2 or more young people are standing together, even at a bus stop! i'm just attempting to remove the fallacies and generalisations stated in this thread and remind people that you shouldn't comment on next door's problems till you sort out your own.
  • GIPPO'S...........
  • kenniks
  • Pikies... everywhere.... chavs and townies! Everybody gets mugged at least once.
  • You people are the reason orpington has got a bad name if you all sorted your life and sto bitching on here and had a grown up attitude that being bad is sad not a good thing, do something with yourselves like go and work out in a gym get fit so you can find a partner to say in at night with so your off the streets. Take pride in your area and change ppls views coz wen they cuss orpington they are cussing you rememeber!!!!!!!
  • The high street is pretty unexciting and like most other Saarf and East London towns (Dartford, Swanley, Bromley, Sidcup etc.) it's full of toofs.
  • Where to start? Pikeys are definately top of the list. Cant they be locked up or something? If the police would dare go near them. Put the rest of us out our misery. Pikey wannabe's are nearly as bad. The clothes people round here wear. And 12 year old mums. Parents smacking and shouting at their kids. Crap shops, kids hanging about everywhere, 9 year olds trying to ponce fags, the list is endless! Christ I cant wait till I can move away!
  • Where to start? Pikeys are definately top of the list. Cant they be locked up or something? If the police would dare go near them. Put the rest of us out our misery. Pikey wannabe's are nearly as bad. The clothes people round here wear. And 12 year old mums. Parents smacking and shouting at their kids. Crap shops, kids hanging about everywhere, 9 year olds trying to ponce fags, the list is endless! Christ I cant wait till I can move away!
  • Where to start? Pikeys are definately top of the list. Cant they be locked up or something? If the police would dare go near them. Put the rest of us out our misery. Pikey wannabe's are nearly as bad. The clothes people round here wear. And 12 year old mums. Parents smacking and shouting at their kids. Crap shops, kids hanging about everywhere, 9 year olds trying to ponce fags, the list is endless! Christ I cant wait till I can move away!
  • Where to start? Pikeys are definately top of the list. Cant they be locked up or something? If the police would dare go near them. Put the rest of us out our misery. Pikey wannabe's are nearly as bad. The clothes people round here wear. And 12 year old mums. Parents smacking and shouting at their kids. Crap shops, kids hanging about everywhere, 9 year olds trying to ponce fags, the list is endless! Christ I cant wait till I can move away!
  • you have to get a bus from the highstreet to get to bromley, and that could be a challenge itself if it is late enough for all the priory kids to be out of bed
  • Pikeys or pikey wannabes
  • What is Orpington like? My disabled wife has had four attempts to steal her car from outside our home despite a blue badge being displayed. Kids throw eggs at our windows. An elderly widow lady three doors away has been terorised by teenagers. Vistors to us have been attacked several times just a few yards from our home. Our crime ? Tell me! Just living here. I have lived all over southern England. This is the worse place by far. The people are scum. They attack and abuse the disabled. They are COWARDS in the extreem!!
  • the ramsden estate grew up there but it needs things for kids to do if they are knocking it down then do it dont talk about it go on and do it!!!!!!!
  • THE PEOPLE! I have lived in various parts of North and South London and in other parts of the south of England, yet knowhere have I met such unfriendly, rude and agressive people. Is it something in the water or what? Everyone seems to want an argument or a fight. I cannot wait to move out of this miserable hole!
  • the hilarious pikeys who domintate the high street, with thier eaaringss and fake burberry and swearing and smoking and vandalism and crazy hats and rolled up trousers. I love those guys
  • 1) Getting held at knife point to a cash machine, 2) Never getting totally drunk in case u meet up with some pikeys who want to 'tax' you of your mobile. 3) Losing a mobile to them. 4) No Cinema 5) The sneers from baseball capped morons who you know aren't pikeys but they think they are because they know someone who is a friend of a friend of one. 6) The Priory School 7) The Police - scared of Orpingtons lesser people (Pikeys)
  • Pikeys and wannabe's in Orpington for being themselves and thinking we are grungers for skating and riding bmx!
  • Orpington isn't so bad. Perhaps the worst thing is the attitude of the people who post on here which causes others to believe Orpington is hell brought the surface. The Tory strong-hold on Orpington is definatley a negative. Vote Lib Dem.
  • PIKEYS, The priory, Pound shops, Pikeys, the market, Mark one, TONE CLOTHING?!?! PRIYA... pikeys... estate agents and hair dressers (apart from Essentials) Just dirty scummy pikeys from the priory who shove lighters in my face and grafitti buses (i'll get u, the pikeys who grafittied my beloved R3). I appriciate that not all pikeys go to the priory - some left the priory years ago and still don't have jobs.
  • Its not the same with out me
  • Ramsden Estate. Full of people who ware white tracksuits, reebok classics, baseball caps that point up at 90 degrees and big parkas with fur on the hood who drive metros and listen to house and drum N base. Also got the largest pikey infestation in Kent. These arent the dark haired, dark skinned, loyal ancient romani people who get shot at in Eastern Europe. These are irish tinker travelling scum who beat up people infront of McDonalds and mug old ladies outside the chippy. Also alot of goth grunjie skateboarder types at the college from Swanley. Scum.
  • thats easy... those dickhead pikeyz
  • The Silver Lounge - It's compulsary to be missing your own set of teeth and be wearing a hair net & thick coat - even in Summer - to get in there.
  • 1988 - now shit from all over was moved to Orpington along with AHDA/.Hyper active Kids with nothing better to do that make trouble
  • The estates in the Cray areas. Full of pikeys that resent honest, decent citizens. Hanging around in groups, targeting those who refuse to hang about in gangs. I grew up in St. Mary Cray (note to all people who call it "St. Mary's Cray", there's no "'s" in it!), I've seen too many pikeys for a lifetime!. Somebody please take them away and despose of the bodies in a smelly, dung beetle infested hole somwhere.
  • the pikies!!
  • orpington, pikies gypoes and nob end wanner be loosers
  • darrick wood estate is a terrible place to live unless you thrive on violent intimidation and mindless vadalism.A typical month normally includes your car being keyed then egged ,someone in your family being beaten/intimidated,someone you know being attacked by a dog,a least 1 piece of property defaced,rumour/real child abduction,3 or 4 cars burnt out,perpetual knock down ginger ocassionally including fire/dog shit,lots of stuff thrown at/through windows and plenty of verbal abuse.
  • It's full of old people, really young children or pikeys.
  • Its reputation for being boring.. assuming you have all seen the "Honda Advert". Although it does speak the truth! The attitude of many of the people that live here: Would be happy to live in Orpington for the rest of their life and not know what the rest of the world is like. Also the Conservative MP, who will always remain as long as Orpington still exists.
  • orpinton maybe a bit dodgy sometimes but its not all bad. everywhere has its dodgy parts but it is actually part of london so this is acceptable. it has its expensive parts too with very nice housing and crime not heard of!!!
  • Some sick b*****d seems to be handing out ugly pills in the high street, and the vast majority of people don't seem to be able to swallow enough of them.
  • gyppos, lack of anything at all to do, complete lack of good pubs, lack of good venues
  • Pretty much everything.
  • the crack heads in the brook!!!!!!!!!!! death to da coombe stand about shouting boh boh chavy eye muvers mank. what da fuck does this mean. and why do they always take ove!!!! they think they live there they're irish tinkers
  • McDonald's now has a cash machine. A cash machine with a SERVICE CHARGE. Who do they think they are?!?! Best to cross the road and use the Woolich one - it may be from the 30s but it does the job.
  • neil rawlins
  • Charterhouse, street/pub violence
  • just about every thing in orpington.
  • Living here!
  • Being pelted with hard objects by pikeys. This happens wherever there are pikeys. Which is most places.
  • 1) Adam Killick.
  • Kids on motorbikes on the pavement
  • Pikeys everywhere. Snatch may as well been of been filmed in McDonalds car park.
  • With monotonous regularity, in facet almoast nightly, the fire brigade are called to The Crays where perfectly good cars seem to spontaniously combust. Well they are set alite my the local scum. Furthermore, Bromley Council have renamed this scum the "gypsie population" and consequently they now have ethenic rights !!!! This has allowed the largely parasiticle elements to be officially reconised by this bogus title and the council are throwing money at them as an "ethenic group" of course. Few, if any of this scum have any biological link with real self-sufficient gypsies who have a traditionally good reputation to defend. Our council tax is being wasted on groups such as "The Gypsie Association" when it is clear that no tryu gypsies really exist. No folks we suddenly have in our midst a group of parasites and inadequates that have been reborn and retitled as a racial group with all the legal rights and protection and hand outs thsi affords. It's time for the good, decent people of Orpington to fight back.
  • People driving up & down in their cars gone 1am in the morning, unlike the young down and out single parents I have to travel up to town every morning to do a full, yes thats right... full days work, I need my sleep guys. Save the rally driving till the weekends when I'm clubbing pretty please :0)
  • its boring
  • I moved from Orpington south to St mary cray and my car insurance went up by 200 due to the inadequate scum that lives round here
  • One of the pubs down the Priory end of the high street, (after the pensioners bus stop - you know the one - but before "ye olde kebabe") has a sign advertising "the Monday Night club" - this says a lot about the sad state of Orp denizens
  • If Kent is the "Garden of England", Orpington is the compost heap. It is the most unfreindly place it has ever been my misfortune to live, and I have lived in London, Surrey, hampshire and other spots in Kent. If you want to meet the worlds biggest heads, loudest mouths and worst drivers, come here.
  • The big plant pots on the highstreet!
  • And another thing I've noticed is the amount of times people have used the word 'pikey' in this section. They prefer to be called *travellers* and whilst they hate us gorgers... there are worst things about orpington than a few rough cuts.
  • All of the pikeys in the area
  • The little shits referred to above and the pikeys that live in abundance in Orpington. More recently we have also seen the borough taking in refugees, not surprisingly the crime rate has increased and they are a particularly unpleasant people to come across (soap is obviously not available in their country!). Deport the f*****g lot of them I say.
  • The agressive attitude of some people, although this is indicative of a South London Suburb. They should chill out a bit. Most people are beardy Petts-Wood types, so are too busy up their own backsides anyway. Orpington should be separated from Bromley Council as it seems to me that Bromley does not give a toss.
  • Pikeys. They hang about everywhere and most of all by the station. They always get themselves drunk and are liable to attack anyone who dares to say anything against them ( I know this from experience). They do crazy stuff as well like walking across the railway lines ( which are electrified). Best to avoid the station after the rush hour when it gets dark.
  • Too many pikeys and pikey wannabes. Graffiti. Kids whose parents don't know or care what they're doing. Loads of dumped cars. Litter everywhere. Stupidly large flower pots installed by the council on the High Street that take up most of the pavement. Haven't seen a police officer out of their car for years. Star Lane.
  • Not being able to walk down the high street without being mugged or worse, this is a pretty crap thing and not really something you would expect from somewhere which is really quite affluent - to be quite honest I feel safer in Brixton than I do in Orpington.
  • The fear of individuality. A common fear anywhere but despite brave attempts to be different, by some people, often leads to bullying by a certain gypsy-like element. The variety of characters throughout Orpington should be accepted for the way they have chosen to be, as long as it doesn't affect others. The lack of open minds: arrogance.
  • Shell Suits and the awful accents that are associated with them! ... Normally viewed in full "darn the market on a satterdee" along with the other pikey joes.
  • Pikeys!
  • Vandalism, especially to cars, and this aint from the usual pikey rebel but pro-criminals are breaking in to cars a lot now adays.
  • Pikey's up Star Lane. DIE!
  • All the unimaginative, bored, stupid, witless youths that see vandalism as the only entertainment option. Where is the joy in smashing up a bus shelter time after time after time, a day or two after it has been repaired from the last time it was smashed up? What empty sort of lives do these cretins have that this is what passes for entertainment? Sorry - it really pisses me off! I just wish they would find something better to do - anything, as long as it doesn't fuck up my life and my surroundings! If they want to smash things, let them smash their own homes!!
  • i agree Orpington is a bit of a rough place, but its not that bad. sure, you do get pikies hanging about outside macdonalds etc (i should know my sister is one)but they all have nothing else to do. But there are much worse places than orpington, where the crime rate is enormous. anyway thats all i wanted to say its not that bad!
  • the scummy theiving gypsies bus routes and train services go through petts wood its a shit hole
  • The people of this area breed a type of youngster who uses words like 'cool' and go to University beacuse anybody who can nearlly spell their name can now go to University. These types post articles slagging off the area because they were wimps at school at got beaten up on a regular basis.Ha Ha
  • The people - the "Orpington mums" who walk around screaming at their little kids ( normally named after celebrities, ie. Britney and Courtney) calling them f*cking this and f*cking that, and then belting tehm in front of everyonshowing e no sign of remorse whatsoever.
  • No Cinema.
  • the worst thing is as the youths have nowhere to go they just mooch about getting bored, drunk etc. GIVE THEM SOMEWHERE TO GO AND THEY MIGHT NOT CAUSE SO MUCH TROUBLE, i know they get a bad deal so who can blame them when there bored and cause aggro.
  • The people. Sorry, but you all need to grow a brain cell and for God's sake get some dress sense, we dont like to see obese housewives squeezed into revolting patterned lycra leggings and tacky kitten picture sweaters. Mind you, if there where some decent clothes shops here...
  • Orpington has three different type of shop; the estate agents to get you to move, the travel agents so you can get away on holiday from Orpington, and the 65p shops so you can save your money to get away from the place. Also that mad pet food shop where they sell dried pigs' ears and noses in the market.
  • Parking at the BR Station.
  • Newstead I go there and it's a hell hole. It's so competative!
  • Orpington suffers from having St. Mary Cray and St. Pauls cray attached to it like evil tumours of nastiness.
  • Where do I begin, you could write a whole book about the sort of people who reside in Orpington. The whole high street and Walnuts is a shambles, it's just an excuse for a place to shop. Nobody has yet mentioned the leisure centre! The reason being it's as bad as the rest of the place.
  • the prevailing attitude of population - symptomatic of all of South London I feel. But negetive towards everything in life - its good to be stupid and rude, apparently.
  • The shopping centre is rubbish. Although a few people have said it is alright now, but I don't want to risk it. Public transport to Chelsfield after the pubs shut is non existant.
  • The apathy is startling - the world is falling to shit, there are many complex and worrying global matters that we all need to address but most of Orpington's population equate environmentalists with Communists and talk about cars, hair, shoes and 'personal finance. The place was so full of tinpot Thatchers I couldn't wait to leave. Oh, and the fact that there are two super-selective grammar schools in existence here is disgusting in todays day and age. But I would have learnt more about life and gained confedence if I went to a comprehensive rather than to St Olaves, where I came out feeling I had no talent, experience and skills because everything was so competitive - it did not encourage the people who were bad at certain subjects or sports to get better, it only improved those who dominated them in the first place. By the way - have you been to Olave's lately? The place is not a School, but a cloning centre -- everybody looks the fucking same! So to sum up - kill the School, most of its pupils, all the social inadequates outside McDonalds and 3/4 of the population. Because they're worth it
  • Being under the control of Bromley Council. Free Orpington NOW! The bad image people attach to it. People who think if you went to The Priory then you're illiterate fag-smoking, meths-drinking dropouts. Disgusting state of the local hospitals. And that means ALL of Bromley. There are just 24 beds for sick children in the WHOLE borough (which is the largest borough in London).
  • The gossiping. Everyone has to know everyone elses business.
  • Orpington itself.
  • All the really ugly and sad Olavians
  • I went to college in Orpington for two years and if I ever go back there it will be with a flame thrower. It's full of fifty pence shops and nothing else. The only people there are students at the college and old people and lowlife mutants who are all too ugly, stupid or smelly to live anywhere else. My advice would be to take Orpington off the list, because it has nothing to offer anyone ever except misery and pain (I suppose the college serves a purpose, if you're into that A levels thing), then maybe Orpington will cease to exist.
  • Mini Roundabouts. These have got to be the worst thing about Orpington and surrounding areas. The trouble is that Bromley is a wealthy Borough and has no imagination when it comes to wasting its surplus of Rate Payers cash. However, after a torturous treck up the A21, you can always stop off and have greasey egg and chips at the worst eating place in town... the Little Chef, but a stones throw from the notorious Change of Undies Public House.
  • The worst thing about Orpington is that it exists. But if you have to be more specific, I'd say the gypsies and lowlifes that lived on the outskirts like St. Mary's Cray and Green Street Green, (what a stupid name. Here's another: "Pratts Bottom" I am not making this up!) who used to come into town for shoplifting and burgling were and are, if they'll still there, the worst. The Ramsden housing estate is another epicentre for crime and lower life forms. The place boasts two comprehensive schools - which are anything but comprehensive churning out gifted double digit IQ's and 99.99999% of the unemployable in the county. The rest are in St. Mary's Cray. (Just thought you would like to know that the Ramsden school, if you can called that dump a school, was pulled down to my great delight a few years ago, and as far as I know it's just wasteland now. Hopefully all the lower life forms who live on the estate will have a big fight and kill each other. A very messed up ex-pupil.)
    The town is so depressing that most of the people I went to school with have left, even left the county in most cases. I have to visit every Christmas and spend three weeks there as penance for making loads of money abroad and visit parents.
  • Orpington College. Believe it or not, this is actually part of the University of Greenwich. It's a magnet for degenerates from a very wide area, and anyone's who's left there with any kind of qualifications must have put a hell of a lot of work in. Bromley College is almost as bad.
  • Yes, mini-roundabouts are a pain, but only because people who don't live in the area don't understand them and so don't go when they're meant to. Otherwise they work quite well.
  • The gypsies in St Mary Cray are a low point as well, but the only time we see them in the other parts of Orpington is when we've a special rubbish collection (old matresses and so on) and they come round to see what they can nick. A friend says a couple of shots with a ball-bearing gun get them moving... The weather's really annoying at the moment, too... weeks without rain then a sudden downpour.
  • The Ramsden estate Walnuts now they've 'done it up' i.e. changed the colour scheme, at least before it was retro and crap rather than just crap. Warren road school- the bain of my youth Newstead wood school uniform - it couldn't get much more revolting
  • The Priory which seems to be host to some of the strangest children in the country.
  • Bromley - not really a bad thing but Orpington suffers to a certain extent from the fact that Bromley has such a good High Street.
  • Star Lane, although this area is currently being cleaned up (ie the houses are being demolished and the residents rehoused, although perhaps just demolishing the houses would have been a good idea).
  • The Far North fish paste factory has some of the revolting smells and the roughest girls in the world. I used to work next door to it. In 1986 they employeed a stunning blonde, whom we christened Miss Fish Paste 1986. We would all letch as she walked in and out of work. But she went on to bigger and better things, and Orpington got back to normal.
  • Young people hanging around the streets with nothing to do

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Buskers, Street Entertainers

LAN Parties, Tournaments, LAN Game Cafes, WiFi Meets, PSP/DS Meets

Sports Clubs and Facilities

BMX Trails, Street Spots

Cafes and Coffee Shops


Related Links

Computer and Games Shops

Alternative Lifestyle

Bicycle Shops, Bike Sales and Repairs

The Worst Things

Cheap Food

The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else

Hostels, B&Bs, Hotels, Accommodation

Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars

Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear

Arts, crafts and such

Magazine and Comic Shops

Skateboarding Spots


Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains

Demolish It Now Building

Skateboard Shops

Orpington Knowhere Board

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