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Hookup Spots
  • Thats all Paisley is,"One Big Giant Meeting Spot".However youve herd the phrase"Wherever I lay My Hat That My Home",Well Thats paisley's"Hook Up Spots".
  • we got to for hip hop :D
  • we all go to One Dance Studio for street and hip hop classes :-D
  • Evolution Dance School has returned its name to One Studio Paisley after one of the guys got booted for muckin the other one about.
  • We all Love Evolution Dance School :-D
  • the top close in feegie walk
  • Loved Club 69. Used to be first friday of every month.Wicked, Mental ,Mad, Crazy folk bouncing about thinking 'What a messed up Brilliant night'
  • Lagoon leisure centre on a Friday night :)Ice skating discos"!
  • Mankiezzzzz!!! well its good for me am only 13 n a 1/2 so any 1 that wants to come u will get inn even if your small or don't look 18 as long as your skirt is short and you have a short top your sorted. weeeeeee heeeeeeeee
  • hanging around barshaw park in the summer of 86+ looking for fanny
  • best pubs in Paisley now 2003/2004 have to be Russells ( corner of high street & storrie street across from leisure land ), the swan inn for karaoke on a saturday night, bar budda & subarbia on a saturday night just for the hot dogs. Avoid the 1 way system like the plague! head for either viennas or fury mury's on shuttle street. for food goto mr kebab not the alnight burger van @ the 1 way system that charges 23.00 for 2 x burgers, 3 x r/potatoe scone, 3 x chips & 3 cans. RIP OFF........ Have fun
  • When i was of the hang about age it was the Lagoon. Used to like the changing rooms at the swimming bit, great for taking a burd in and getting something off her.
  • we go doon the "gennie" its by the XS bowling in paisley
  • front of the montrosity that is the Piazza
  • Every1 usually on a friday night, is the night to b out. Most just go down to the schemes
  • We used to hang around the amusements called Leisureland and waste our yts money Leisureland was situated at the top of the High st.
  • Paisley Grammar School ... always loads of fanny!
  • When I lived in Paisley it was fashionable to hang about with your mates at the Lagoon Leisure Centre, at the ice-skating rink.
  • at 19, i meet my friends in the pub at night, or outside the paisley centre during the day, however when i was younger, the "hangout" places were barshaw park (evenings only, after the kids were all gone home) where we used to go to drink alchohol and meet guys who usually played football in the summer evenings, we used to go to sit on the steps of the old unused hospital in barshaw park, but thats been renovated now and its flats or something, the memorial place at the cross, and out the back steps of the paisley centre (facing the arts centre)
  • Moredun Football pitches
  • The war memorial Cenotaph, at the Bank of Scotland

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