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  • The Argyll Bar on Old Sneddon Street. Full of St Mirren fans. Mon the Buddies.
  • The Loft in the Arts Centre is very calm but very small. Go if you want a very quiet drink, not to start a heavy night out.
  • Suburbia - Best pub! Budda - Great place to meet for a drink Varsova - Really nice place to drink Hogshead - good food too
  • The Bull Inn and Paddy's on New Street are good, traditional-style pubs with a mix of everyday people. Shuttle Street bars are for a younger crowd (under 30's mostly) but they're not so bad for a once in a year visit...
  • Suburbia in Shuttle St Paisley. 3 bars, one traditional, one large oak-style, last one at the back neon-lit and dancy,more of a very small club. All under one cover around an artificial cobbled street surrounding. Good for bar lunches and drink thru the day and pretty jumpin' at the weekend. Something a bit different from the usual Paisley haunts.
  • Pubs are suffering due to pedestrianisation...
  • Bucahnens, Studentz Unkion
  • ahmmmmmmm! once again the black swan! handy when your dad knows somebody!
  • Big list hear, if your chasing your Hole then try Suburbia or Vienna's. Had many a knee trembler after a visit to these fine establishments. Loads of smart pubs in Paisley town centre and all in easy walking distance. If you dont like a challenge then go to Carnegies, honeslty the burds in there are so easy and often a bit dirty (normally scheme burds though so be careful where you may wake up, also you'll probably be some toddlers 45th uncle)
  • April 2003 - Not many places in Paisley if you're not still at school, not looking for a fight, not wanting to be "smoked" out, not looking for drugs or a lumber! For the grown ups try Gabriels in Gauze Street and The Craig Dhu at Calside.
  • Ba Soba Mankies
  • Cafe Borgia (Cafe B) - Nice decor good pint very lively pre club venue worth a visit usually have a Dj playing a set on a saturday night Watsons - Nice cafe Bar for a quiet pint or 2 great for when you have had a hard days work to relax in . Stones > only been in once but was impressed > Classy pub with all the trimmings some fine ladies in as well.
  • The Engineering Services Controller of Renfrewshire council can say no pub is big enough for him......bring more pubs...hic..
  • There is no other pub in Paisley that is hld in such high esteem than "THE TUDOR ARMS" ( Back Sneddon).... the Bisland Bros. ran a happy ship and a contented clientelle.. the back loung was "the" palce to hang out and if you didn't go there.. you didn't go anywhere ( worth talking of!)
  • I remember well Ronnies Steak Bar. Excellent food in a smashing pub. I also remember when Ronnie worked out of Newton Street with his big mobile fish and chip vans. I lived on the top floor of the red building next to McCullochs yard. Happy days indeed.
  • You really are risking your life going to these places. The indigenous mutant population are psycopathic without drink. Go to Glasgow. Seriously. Do not go out in Paisley. Oldham is safer.
  • Thought you could add my site to your paisley links. its a light-hearted listing and review site of pubs in paisley.
  • The guy who runs the Wee Howff is called Danny McGuigan, not McGovern. Shame on you.
  • Best mobile dj in paisley can be contacted on (07884) 20 60 40. He has ten years exp working in paisley and is very reasonably priced and has a good music collection for all age groups!
  • Best mobile dj in paisley can be contacted on (07884) 20 60 40. He has ten years exp working in paisley and is very reasonably priced and has a good music collection for all age groups!
  • Good Mobile DJ for hire telephone (07884) 20 60 40. I`ve worked in most places in paisley and live in paisley. I offer you good rates and a good entertainment!
  • There are alot of drunks in Paisley so, it definately caters for them!
  • my fave pub is "tell mamas" very friendly, very familiar, to me its paisleys version of "cheers" or "central perk" located on old sneddon street, on the corner near the entrance to "carnegies", across the road from "hamishes hoose" and near "icon" it has kareoke on mondays and thursday nights, and what id like to know is what happened to my fave kareoke presenter ricky, hes gone and theres a new guy now, oh well, its a place ill always love anyway bar staff are friendly you get to know them by name when you go in a few times, im there every thursday night (look for the hot little brunette with the fab voice for singing, hehehe)
  • Paddy Malarkeys ,next to the Bull Inn! Both excellent.
  • The Bull Inn the oldest and best pub in Paisley
  • A word about The Wee Barrell, a legendary boozer and the only one on Love Street, also the home of St Mirren Football Club, Paisley's First Division side. It is possible to reach the Wee Barrell from the ground and have your pint on the bar within four minutes ! A warm welcome comes as standard in the Wee Barrell.
  • Danger Doyle's on Old Sneddon Street is fast turninmg into one of the most popular pubs in the toon. At £1.00 a pint or short, it's difficult to argue. The bar staff are efficient, friendly and good company too. Get yerself doon there! Cheers.
  • Go to the area known locally as 'little soho' in Shuttle street for pubs and clubs.
  • Kennedy's Bar is actually on Causeyside Street and not Causewayside Street
  • The Bull Inn, New Street. Oldest pub in town, 103 years old. Still has all the original features in it. Designed by William MacClennan, inspired by Macintosh. Good place for a quiet pint and a chat. Local hillwalking club meets there on Tuesdays. Around 1993, Gerry Rafferty (Stuck in the Middle...) was in one night wearing a lurid red jacket, boozing with one of his buddies. He ended up paralytic and had to be carried outside. I should know, I worked there at the time...!
  • My Mom and Dad used to have a pub called "Ronnies Steak Bar" which they sold 14 years ago. They were the the first pub to introduce meals in a bar and they turned the pub into one of Paisley's most popular and well known restaurants. It was even mentioned in the local newspapers some five years after it closed due to my parents retirement. Many famous people ate there and one of the most famous was Telly (Kojack) Savalas with his family. Albert Rossi Zürich, Switzerland
  • There's a cracking pub on the high street called 'The Wee Howff'. It's run by a guy called Danny McGovern and it's the best watering hole in the town. I should know I spent four years at the University there. He's won awards for the quality of the beer he sells from Camra. You can still get a cracking pint of Burtons ale on draught.
  • Vodka Wodka High street .... you name or taste the vodka or eastern european beer and they've got it

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