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  • wishing well (Michael Caine used to own this place) gowlett arms (U2 played here in the late 70's!)
  • The Cadleigh Arms, definitely an up and coming place. Now with a juke box so you can drink your guinness, play pool and watch the big screen whilst listening to some funky beats. A great place to go to for the craic, as they say.
  • The Clock House certainly used to be great stuff, but recent refurbishment has altered its character. There's more space and a terrace thing, but it's a bit bland and generic pub style now - less individual and characterful than it was. Me and my chums gather in Franklins on Lordship Lane, which is v.g. - excellent food as well. Also woth a mention is the newly done up (but sensitively so) East Dulwich Tavern, which used to be frankly scary and is now light, airy, sanded floorboards... oh, and it has a comedy club upstairs, and both bits serve alcohol. not much more you could want from life, really
  • Doyle's Bar/Cadleigh Arms on Lyndhurst Grove is a friendly local, drinkers of all ages and walks of life enjoy fabulous Guinness served by friendly Irish landlord. Big screen for major Rugby and Football matches in a separate bar.
  • Just to reiterate what someone said in the best and worst section the Wishing Well pub in peckham. The Wishing Well (Choumert road) used to be a fine upstanding pub and home for consumption of excess alcohol in pleasant surroundings. This is sadly no longer the case. Due to numerous staff changes over the last few years and the sudden arrival of the owner's son (only just started shaving from the look of things)to try and manage the place in his own individual style it now a very average pub. All is not lost however as the Heaton Arms (Rye lane) is turning into a very nice pub. Its got a late liscense now an is open till 12.30 pm at the weekends (always a bonus ). They've also got some sort of collaboration going on with Camberwell Arts college as they're starting to display paintings there and do the odd gallery night party type bash thing. A good thing is that the locals haven't been neatly replaced by a load of wine/alcopop swilling arty student types and you get an intresting mix of people in the pub.
  • Clockhouse on Peckham Rye, great stuff
  • An absolute gem is Doyle's Bar, Lyndhurst Grove, Peckham. Perfect Guinness.
  • Wishing Well. Great local pub, friendly staff pool, jukebox, happy hour and quiz on Thursdays.
  • The Heaton Arms at the top of Rye lane Peckham is a friendly and relaxed pub. Great jukebox, cheap beer, and two pool tables. Young friendly crowd.
  • London & Brighton in Queens Road is nice if you want a couple beers and a couple of games of pool. The Queen Elizabeth pub is ideal for people who worship Millwall FC (come on you lions).
  • The Montpelier. 43 Choumert Road, SE15 4AR (0171) 6391736. Available. The Montpelier is the place to be if you enjoy a quiet pint during the day or lively discos at the weekends. There is a gigantic screen to watch all sports on TV with a good crowd and great atmosphere. To avail yourself of a FREE Drink tell the Governor you saw this page on the Internet! [Well, this reads like an advert, but: 1) they're offering you a free drink and 2) I used to have lunch in there when I was a temporary Christmas postman back in the seventies.]
  • The Cadleigh Arms (might be in Camberwell) off Lyndhurst Grove friendly Irish pub with excellent Guinness and a landlord who prefers to show rugby instead of football on a huge screen.

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