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Cheap Food
  • Well lets no get into that. Every street from the high street to Maple road is full of take aways. From Kebabs, Pizza places, Chinese and Indian the choise is yours.
  • Can't remember the name of it, but almost opposite Pizza Hut is an amazing pizza place, where they cook the pizza on an open wood fire. You've never tasted anything so good, and excellent value.
  • Pizza Hut, Mc Donalds, KFC and various others.
  • Shazz'z (Maple Road) does fantastic Caribbean food to take away, especially Stew Beef with Rice 'n' Peas. And Pizza Mania (also Maple Road) has pizzas which are really too big and lush for their own good...
  • Countless takeaways, but for a nice meal and even better atmosphere I'd recommend the Moon and Stars. Towards the Beckenham end of the high street, this old building has bags of character with a nice beer garden decked out with beautiful flowers. It has a nice childrens' area before 7pm. But make sure kids are out of the building by then or locals start to get a little agitated. Nice food, nice staff, few old perves but that's inevitable of any local pub.
  • Shazz'z in Maple Road for the best Jamaican Stewed Beef with rice 'n' peas in town. We also like Pizza Mania (Maple Road) and India Nights (the High Street).
  • Penge is the kingdom of takeaways. Living in Penge all your life will transform you into a fat, legging wearing, peroxide, rough tongued, gold dripping tart, or a crack tacking, wife beating, tatoo infested, rapist look about you mining player slag man. But, it will make you fat. Good however when drunk. Maccy D's never fails, or go into Wimpy to be laughed as your eating in Wimpy with a knife and fork. Various chinese takeaways and brilliant fish and chip shop called The Blue Dolphin, which is now run by a nice chinese family. Slightly baffling, but hey ho. El Kervan rules for the niceness of the kebabs. Good when extremely pissed, as any kebab shop is. No where to sit though, so lots of leaning is required. New little multi cultural food supermarket has opened opposite the normal food supermarket Sainsbury's. Looks kinda cool and kooky, if you want to buy purple banana's and blue tomatos, then this place is the place to be!
  • wok express if you are ever in penge u must try wok express it is right next door to the post office on the other side of the road on the new market square ( yum yum yum yum ) never will u taste a cinnese as good as this
  • Now we're talking. Penge may well be the junk food capital of Bromley. It has a McDonalds (in a converted 30's Art Deco cinema building), a Pizza Hut, a Domino's Pizza, a Wimpy, a KFC and about thirty takeaways, the best of which is Hollywood East by the station or China Lily on the High Strret.

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Last updated: 2008-09-13

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