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  • The Green Room best pub in perth
  • Ring O Bells. Just ask for Shaun. He'll sort you out.
  • stayed in Perth with about 15 pals for about the 18th year on the bounce. we are between 30 to 60 years old and we love Perth. Had brill time in scaramouch , foundry, witherspoons, sportsters, that bar, loft etc etc. We love Perth! no bother, everyones dead friendly, women are gorgeous. magic, magic, magic!!!
  • go to the 'auld hoose' for a cheap pint, it's a paedophiles paradise - if thats your thing!!!! watch the irish wannabe barman if youre fae perth you'll know who im on aboot!! music is shite and local punters dont have any teeth to call thier own. place is boggin man steer well clear!!!!
  • That Bar for happy hour on Friday nights - vodka for a pound! Make sure you bring your ID though even if you're 40, they're very strict (and no, student ID is not accepted, so be warned!) Sandeman's is another great place, just opened, they sell Cola Cube vodka which is more than a little exotic for small-town Perth! Or The Foundry next to the cinema on a Saturday evening if you want to pull a rugby player!
  • New pub the Sandeman has the best lookin and best servin staff in the trade! Sucks that they don't get to drink there tho........full of skanky old women on their hen nights and TA Commander wannabes tho......someone peed themselves at the bar last week
  • Wetherspoons! No music which is a shame but it's cheap! That Bar - trendy place.. more for the younger crowd. Foundry - very nice, suits all ages but attracts the older crowd. Sportsters bar is GOOD. Bar Cuba - ok place but very depressing when its dead. Brennans - lively place. Fresh faced moshers should try Barcode. Strangeways, Scaramouche, Twa Tams, and a few more.. but there isn't really all that many to chose from.
  • Try starting off at wetherspoons on tay street, have lots of cheap drink, stagger down the alley way , remember to step over the wasters that cant handle their drink, go in to bar cuba this place is amazin, it never fails to produce a good atmosphere and i havent even mentioned the female bar staff yet, leave their through brennans and go straight on to the filling station this place sells cocktails by the jug so its a good place to stop for some light refreshments, if you can still stand or even crawling will do then make your way to scaramouche (i dont even think i spelt that correctly) have on or two their then you have a choice which may be difficult, do you get the courtesy bus to the ice factory or go to that bar (aka twat bar) that bar is a modern bar and is nortmally filled with the people who think they are better than everyone else. if you go to that bar get in the limo and go to the ice factory and finish off you night there. remember ladies dont be shy and guys askin straight out if the young ladies would like to come back to your mums house for a night of passion on the top bunk doesnt work.
  • Ah the Foundry - gets very busy but the staff are nice and friendly. Also try the Bee Bar - the decor's fantastic!
  • My personal favourites are: Wetherspoons - on Tay Street. WATCH OUT they don't take student ID cards as proof of age and the Duty Manager is an arse so make sure you bring your driver's lisence, passport AND birth certificate. I've bumped into a few old teachers from school here so beware! Bar Quba - on the Watergate. Karaoke on Thursday nights is SO cool!!! But watch for chancers stealing the mic during your song!!! Nip through the hoose to Brennans on a Tuesday for the legendary pub quiz!! Both are Perth staples. Scaramouche - Just been done up, nice new look but a wee bit mellower than it was before, very friendly bar staff and the bouncers look scarier than they really are!!! The Foundry - If you were a sardine in a previous life, come here on a Friday night. Sportsters - Funky and fabulous!
  • If your over40 & looking to see some oldies you went to school with,( probably divorced now ) try the "Kirkside" @ St John's Place,week-ends are best.
  • That Bar. A haven for sleazy painters and joiners who somehow think they have good career.
  • New pub the Foundry next to the cinema is rather good and the Capital Asset on Tay St is cheap but no music. BOO! Nothing beats Mucky Mulligans at the weekend though (get rid of the 2 entrance fee).
  • Mucky Mulligans, Twa Tams etc.............
  • If your skin is diseased, pock marked and melted from being on the radiator too long, and that 'Cradle Of Filth' hoody is just craving for more rocky burns and 15 year old spew on it, then take your scrawny white punk ass on down to The Grill! The bartenders spit into your Tennents and as long as you don't mind crabs and all your mates having a go first, you're bound to get a shag in the toilets by the end of the night!
  • Brennans plays host to some of the most god-awful fiddle music this side of the East End of Glasgow. But it does serve good Guinness. And nane o' that Extra Cold pish either. Mutch's Bothy for a cheap pint and guaranteed fight!
  • That Bar gives trendy, twenty somethings in Perth somewhere to feel at home. Staff are really quite fast - they have to be at happy hour (5pm - 8pm Fridays). Really busy all weekend, and if you are under age think twice before trying to get in, the doormen are quite strict.
  • That Bar pool competition on Wednesday nights - the prizes are ace....50, case of beer, etc
  • The Grill or The Plough
  • That Bar. The Grill. Half a' Sixpence.
  • The Twa Tams is good for live bands. Ocean Colour Scene amongst others have played there. Cheap booze and good atmosphere. Used to go to the Grill in my under age drinking days.
  • that bar....this utterly dire establishment is incongruous in this hideous town. all the barstaff are part of a "heathers" type clique... avoid it like the plague, that advice too to the twa tams, which is a skater-type clique...

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