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Hookup Spots
  • Every time a big-breasted woman bends over I creep up behind them and finger them.
  • Queensgate bus station. The best place to meet up with the local women and then shag them silly & make them pregnant with your sperm whilst you wait for your bus home.
  • Pboro lacks nice spots to hang out. Only dreadful chains in the city centre, Ferry Meadows is too far out... and, if you're honest, really shit for a park
  • total joke Peterborough has a lot going for it more than most places this article is a disgrace why don't these people go to other places then they relise it ain`t that bad
  • In the bus station. If the sexy women bend over to get the shopping bags onto the bus, I creep up behind and finger their wet, hot pussy holes
  • Well, I didn't grow up in Peterborough but I endured 8 rotten years there. I'm delighted to say that in the end I did manage to "get the fuck out" and return to civilisation. I still thank my lucky stars every day, and will never set foot in Peterborough again as long as I live. Perhaps if you'ld seen more of the UK, you might realise just how very little Peterborough really does have to offer, and you wouldn't be so sensitive about people telling it like it is. But I've got to say, this head in the sand attitude extends to the council. One of its members was quoted as saying that he couldn't understand why Peterborough isn't mentioned as a shopping centre on a par with Nottingham or Birmingham. If he really didn't know, I can only assume he'd never ventured out to either of those cities. Or maybe to ANY city.
  • What a shame that after growing up in Peterborough you read about peoples animosaty and issues they had with people who lived there and skated there. Peterborough has a lot to offer if you want it to be that way, other wise just get the fuck out and shut the fuck up.
  • No one skates in peterborough. If you see someone on a skateboard they are skating through peterborough or away from peterborough
  • "The Royol behind the market, Good Stares of varying hieght, ledges, benchs, banks, wallrides and loads of good skaters" This is just wrong wrong wrong. They put bushes over the little wallridey bits so they're unskatable. Theres a shitty little bank at the side of the stairs but no-one outside peterborough would actually call these banks. There's no benches or ledges either for gods sake. Stairs of varying height YES Nice bit of flat to roll about on YES...That is all
  • The Glass Onion, Burghley Road, Peterborough
  • That italian restaurant opposite the post office. . Wow!
  • met lounge
  • The Square.
  • town square is good to meet a few m8s or make some mates
  • herlington centre but bring some cheap booze or buy it in andy's offie
  • smelly weirdos in the guildhall every saturday afternoon, along with teenie tramp morons in the queensgate centre. lads must be wearing a fake designer cap and birds must be pushing their kid around
  • rude boys and girls hang around in the local centres in the new town areas like orton, bretton etc etc hassling people. if they get especially brave they venture to the queensgate centre and hang around at the clock. tramps and smelly grungers hang out tend to meet at the guildhall in cathedral square
  • The Guild Hall isn't a place for skaters to meet it where the wannabe skaters and metaler losers hang, just had to clear that one up.
  • The Cathedrial gardens in the summer time for chillin, as for skate spots Peterboroughs skaters the PSM don't take too kindly to the new kids on the block just tearing up the spots so if I were you id get friendly with the PSM before ripping, you have been warned...PSM03
  • Stanground college has a vacant waxed car park.
  • Wouldn't know about the townies, but the Mini (and some of the Midi and Maxi!) metallers/Sk8ters tend to congrgate at the Guild Hall in Cathedral Square.
  • A new Peterborough sk8 scene web site is being crafted as you read this it will in clude a spots guide, you may think this is pretty pointless since the boro is shit for skating but i can name over 50 half decent spots. It will also include pics of local riders, information on up-coming events and loads of other stuff. the name of the site has not been decided so keep watching this space for more details...... Mr Dan o{-
  • Behind the market on a saturday, nice place to sit, icecream van nearby and a good view of any fit skateboarders
  • Town Park...full of cheap teenagers drinking cider and having sex with local ruffians thinking they are cool somking drugs.
  • In the summer just hang in cathedral square theres all ways people about who are up for skating or at the skate park any other time esp tursday and saturday nights. The royal is a good place to hook up and skate on Saturday mornings.
  • If ladies of the night are your bag? I've heard the corner of Burghley Road & lincoln Road could be fruitful.
  • Before there was a skate park it was the Royol or the Passport Office what ever you want to call it. Now its the good old wood paradise thats Y2SK8 (what up Lee!) and for getting rat arsed its got to be The Met Lounge(formally Winners) yea i know its a shit hole but it rocks! saturday night only.
  • Don't forget whos the founder of the PSM boys the one and only Pat McCoubrey.
  • The Royol as a skate spot is the best hook up spot you will find.
  • In the eddys of time. There is no hook-up spot in Peterborough, just multiple solitude. Don't hang around underpasses waiting to be skanked by badmen.
  • key theatre coffee shop...mmmm so quick one day ken almost died
  • The underpass in Orton Wistow is a popular place with the teeny boppers. Want your ear pierced or a lovely run being chased by the police then go there. By the boating lake at freey medows is good for a quick shag.
  • The guildhall in Cathedral Square
  • The Royol behind the market, Good Stares of varying hieght, ledges, benchs, banks, wallrides and loads of good skaters)

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