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Any prostitutes in Peterhead? by Pussylvr (Member 10288181) on 3-Sep-2013
Are there any prostitutes in Peterhead as there is a clear lack of escorts?   
  • Re: Any prostitutes in Peterhead? by Johnno (Member 10288370) on 9-Sep-2013
    Did you find anything?

  • Re: Any prostitutes in Peterhead? by Sandy Thompson (Member 10288866) on 29-Sep-2013
    Only prozzie that stays in peterhead is a woman calledAngie Christie , she stays at 15 Arran Avenue!
    She doesn't charge that much (£15 for a half hour )
    A bit old but not too bad considering the age!
    Don't phone , you just go to the door and she lets you in!
    All in all I'd give her 6/10.

  • Re: Any prostitutes in Peterhead? by Sandy Thompson (Member 10288866) on 13-Oct-2013
    Ask a guy called Brian Porter. He runs the new music school , get rythm! He must have had every prozzie in Aberdeen, and he's always shaggin women behind his wife's back !

  • Re: Any prostitutes in Peterhead? by Ian (Member 10290165) on 1-Dec-2013
    Is this Arran avenue woman legit?
    Keen to pay her a visit if she is!

  • Re: Any prostitutes in Peterhead? by Johnno (Member 10288370) on 13-Jan-2014
    Any one know if this Angie is real?

susan skinner by scottishted (Member 10266509) on 18-Oct-2011
Hey does anyone on here know a quine called susan skinner i met her about a month and a half ago when i was out on the piss and i ended up shaggin her behind mambos, does anyone have her number as iv just found out that shes gave me VD and i dont want her ti pass it onto anyone else as in if she has a partner..... reply asap   
  • Re: susan skinner by susan skinner (Member 10274803) on 14-Jun-2012
    to all that has seen this WHAT A PILE OF FUCKING CRAP my name is susan skinner as i am not afaid to put my name on here unlike the waste of spaces that has put this up and commeted on it i would have been three months preggnant at the time this msg was put up and it was to my partner of nearly 5 years and as for any disease that you have caught it certainly wasent for me as i don't sleep around an... more >>

Escorts in peterhead? by jimmywest (Member 10264120) on 9-Aug-2011
Hey all, here visiting peterhead for a week. Can anyone enlighten me as to where to find some good company here?   
  • Re: Escorts in peterhead? by john (Member 10271361) on 20-Mar-2012
    Did you find anything, cuz I'm looking for the same

  • Re: Escorts in peterhead? by valters69 (Member 10283137) on 22-Feb-2013
    Where is money-girl in Peterhead??

  • Re: Escorts in peterhead? by Pussylvr (Member 10288181) on 3-Sep-2013
    Check Not a lot of escorts visit Peterhead but they do occasionally. That is the only place I have seen any advertised. I know of none that live in Peterhead.

Frank Appleford by bruce smith (Member 10029368) on 14-Sep-2010
Can anyone tell me why Frank Appleford is hated on every board? i would love to hear back from angry folks
  • Re: Frank Appleford by TheGrimReaper (Member 10052602) on 15-Oct-2010
    Perhaps he's a closet conservative...

  • Re: Frank Appleford by bruce smith (Member 10029368) on 12-Jan-2011
    Hi Grim. Wow did'nt think I'd see you on this site anymore. You must have ben on here as long as me. Nice to hear from you Frank Another new name as well

ANY PETERHEAD FANS ON HERE. by The General (Member 10177442) on 22-Jun-2010
Hello can anyone help am looking for info on my late dad who died when i was a boy. I know he played for peterhead with is his bother around the 50-60 his Name was John (jock) Campbell his brother was Colin. If any one knows anything then thanks.   
  • Re: ANY PETERHEAD FANS ON HERE. by bluetooner (Member 10250928) on 18-Aug-2010
    Your best bet is to go to Peterhead Football Club forum and send a PM to "Popeye" who is the oracle on all things to do with PFC.

Best Breasts of Peterhead by Buster Gonad (Member 10238312) on 19-Jun-2009
So, lets find out everyones opinion on who's got the best breasts in PHD!!   
  • Re: Best Breasts of Peterhead by bruce smith (Member 10029368) on 22-Jun-2009
    Thats easy. I saw a young guy last night. He seemed to have the best breasts. One in his hand, and the other inbetween his teeth

  • Re: Best Breasts of Peterhead by Buster Gonad (Member 10238312) on 23-Jun-2009
    Ha ha, Ok that's not bad. Who's got the best and biggest though? (A female this time, ha ha)

  • Re: Best Breasts of Peterhead by bruce smith (Member 10029368) on 3-Jul-2009
    Have you no heard of a female called Bruce. They make them tough in Peterhead.its so hard to get a laugh. Why?

gay boy? by Bill Bear (Member 10236234) on 20-Mar-2009
I am a cute 26 year old gay and am looking for a long term partner - my profile is billbear - and I am looking foward to hearing from you. Just cut and paste this address into your browser to find me....   
  • Re: gay boy? by bruce smith (Member 10029368) on 11-Jun-2009
    Frankie baby, we don't want to hear about your private life. You seem to have an aversion with the rear end of people. Its time you came out of the closet. I bet the lads who visit this board with have a say to.

Edmondson/ Cumbria by Wendy (Member 10083752) on 11-Feb-2009
Still looking for info on a lost relative of my stepfather.
Greta Whittall ( nee Emondson) born 1909 Barrow-in-Furness, left or was kicked out of the family home due to a crises not known as my stepfather was only four years old, never heard from or saw her again, knows nothing of her family, just really trying to find what become of his mother during the time she went, her birth certificates sta... more >>
Would Extra Income Make A Diiference to Your Life in 2009? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 1-Jan-2009

Many people are worried about the coming year with redundancy, Credit Crunch etc. Would you like to join a business part/full time where these difficult times make your services even more attractive?

We are a Footsie 250 P L C Company and our distributors get paid for reccommending their services, not just omce, but ever... more >>
louanna davidson (barrie) or her daughters by nosey (Member 10233242) on 5-Nov-2008
who knows them ?   
  • Re: louanna davidson (barrie) or her daughters by Cassandra3543 (Member 10237494) on 28-Jun-2009
    Who cares?

Modern Jive /WCSwing Workshops and Competitions 2008 by S.B (Member 10184513) on 23-Jun-2008
Dancers from across the Globe will descend on Cheshire to compete at the 'UK Star Studded Championships held at Northwich Memorial Hall on the 1st,2nd & 3rd of August.
This is the first time this venue will be used to hold this event, the Saturday evening includes a Modern Jive & West Coast Swing Freestyle.
The competition for the first time will have a Modern Jive category, 'UK Modern Jive ProA... more >>
Have you managed to meet anyone yet? by Phillip (Member 10227299) on 8-Jun-2008
Itís hard to make contact and sometimes you just feel you are sending endless mail upon mail and still hitting your head against a brick wall?

Successful Sex Networking is the solution!

(Plus real life s... more >>
Hows Things in Peterhead these days by les (Member 10227269) on 7-Jun-2008
Hello Folks , l am an Ex-Pat from the Bluetoon havnt been home for at least 10 years , can anyone give me a update   
  • Re: Hows Things in Peterhead these days by Hugh Jorgen (Member 10194695) on 16-Jun-2008
    The Bloo toon has been closed due to lack of interest

  • Re: Hows Things in Peterhead these days by Buster Gonad (Member 10238312) on 19-Jun-2009
    Still the same.....stinks of fish, full of wannabe hard men who fight only in packs of 3 or more, pubs still crap....etc etc. Hope that's put your mind at rest.

heather baird x x by wee fee (Member 10222888) on 11-Mar-2008
just wanted to say to the idiot that was slagging off heather is bang out of order, she wasnt a bad person just got in to something she found it hard to get out of!!! talking of the dead like that is bang out of order. as for the comment "once a junckt, always a juncky" well i beg to differ pal as once apon a time i was one and i have been clean for 6 years now.   
  • Re: heather baird x x by jay (Member 10212937) on 30-Mar-2008
    wish people would stop slagging off everyone has they spoil the boards for evrybody.

  • Re: heather baird x x by Big Bad (Member 10078377) on 10-May-2008
    There's alot of banging goin' on here .
    Sooooo , you are a what is called a druggie them doesn't use . Once a druggie always a druggie

  • Re: heather baird x x by wee fee (Member 10222888) on 21-May-2008
    look big bad, who ever you are i didnt come on this site to talk crap to idiots like you i simply wanted people to know that heather was a good person. Have some respect!! did it ever cross your mind that by writing stuff you know nothing about could hurt alot of good people?? i mean did you even know heather?? surely not eh!!

  • Re: heather baird x x by Big Bad (Member 10078377) on 25-May-2008
    Have another look at the post . Did i say anything about heather? No i don't rhink i did, I'm talking about you .

  • Re: heather baird x x by wee fee (Member 10222888) on 19-Aug-2008
    you dont even know me!!! i dnt have anything to prove to you ok. besides i dont really care what you think of me, iv done well with my life.

  • Re: heather baird x x by S (Member 10247736) on 14-May-2010
    wee fee comes on and writes something about heather and you come on a be a knob! Get a grip!

Happy new year by bodgordon (Member 10162900) on 1-Jan-2008
Happy new year a'bdy   
pickup by sabre (Member 10160286) on 21-Oct-2007
any decent hookers workin the blootoon these days   
  • Re: pickup by jay (Member 10212937) on 21-Nov-2007
    change of subject anyone ken how peter bagrie is doing now and is he out yet?

  • Re: pickup by scottish73 (Member 10197185) on 7-Dec-2007
    Why do you want to know? Ask his daughters FFS.

    He got 12 years in 2003or(2004) - lets say he does 2/3rds =8yrs. Earliest he's out is 2011'ish or(2012)(unless other circumstances are brought in to consideration).

    Try using ... more >>

  • Re: pickup by jay (Member 10212937) on 8-Dec-2007
    are you f**king stupid if i had contact with his daughters i would not be on here twat,and he could be at an open by now if you ken anything about the sps.

  • Re: pickup by jay (Member 10212937) on 8-Dec-2007
    4got to say thanks 4 ur help by the way.

  • Re: pickup by nosey (Member 10233242) on 5-Nov-2008
    i think he is in an open and was due for weekend relese but hasnt been behavin hisself so got refused

  • Re: pickup by jay (Member 10212937) on 14-Jan-2009
    thanks will get in touch with peter.

Fraud fundraiser by Mary (Member 10201893) on 2-Oct-2007
I'm looking for information on a person who has been raising money for a memorial fund. The person I want to know about is an older man who used to live/operates in Peterhead. This person has done many things to raise money...... have u been asked to buy raffle tickets?
That's as much info I can give right now..... but can u give me a name or more specific information. This involves a young child.
Duggie Hendry by Bluenose (Member 10213838) on 21-Sep-2007
Hello superior beings(well ye hiv a' got PHD eftir yer names)I'm tryin' tae fin i above boy, an ex-Brocher no less,sorry Dugs didnae mean tae drap ye in it,fa moved ti yer land o' milk n honey in 1990 'es aboot 35 wi' blond/affa licht ginger hair n 'es got a wee sis ca'd Carrie fa wid be aboot 25 noo a think, n 'es mam's ca'd Margit n she used tae be a Wilson fae Clerkhill/Meethill wye. Thank You,... more >>   
Need advice by Silvio Dante (Member 10195783) on 4-Jul-2007   
Wilson Mitchel and others by Craig Galloway (Member 10003543) on 18-Jun-2007
Anyone know if he ( the magic mushroom man ) is still alive? And also looking for Tommy Hutchison or any of my old friends I used to hang out with. Ta.   
  • Re: Wilson Mitchel and others by Craig (Member 10152352) on 26-Jun-2007
    He's still on the go. Not sure where he lives now, since the St Peter Street flats were shut down. Still likes a pint in the Granada.

  • Re: Wilson Mitchel and others by Kirktoon Loon (Member 10036281) on 31-Jul-2007
    Just saw him in the West End bar on Friday night

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