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Hookup Spots
  • dene
  • emily doves house
  • royal arms is the place but stay away from the pub
  • asda carpark dene community school
  • We tend to 'hook-up' at gigs in the area
  • Hey kids! wanna see my purple heart????
  • The 3 best things about Peterlee are ASDA, MCDONALDS or Lauras House.
  • do not come here in fear of death
  • live in peterlee, isnt it a crap hole
  • Attention all customers, 'Testicles!', that is all
  • No it is not. Whever this is quite obviously immature. Get a grip.
  • Because its true :)x
  • Do not listen to the message below...
  • Lauren wray nd kim metcalfe are mine !!!!!!!!!!
  • well first of all you have to be 18 to be on da dole and half the people who smoke dope has stopped the only main problem in peterlee is the underage drinking by the schoolies and there is plenty of them
  • Lauren wray and kim metcalfe well dont get me started always hound young innocent kidsand love it up the bum lol
  • Would yah dare go down the mini dene n suck loads buckets n be on the dole n have no life. Going around plee dressed in tracky bottoms which can bearly be seen through all the mud off you trying to climb up the HOBO must be so satisfying. God. Please do not come to peterlee, you will undoubtedly regret it and wish to return to where you came from. You cant go anywhere without being verbally or even physically abused, unless you were born and bread here. Horrible place to live, leave while you have the chance.
  • Sam McDonalds and Mikey Great-Big-Head,, STAY AWAY. They're ours. ;)
  • the worst thing in peterlee is the lasses they fuck you about if you want a deep relationship do not move in peterlee stay well away as they only want a bit of fun and move on to lad to lad even if they are mates lol but we dont complain about it cos we love it lol
  • the best place 2 grow up is oakerside it a POWER PLACE ! u can do anything u want nd i mean anything son ;) the week days the o.b.c go from spot to spot and have there hit (bongs) which is a very frustrating to some because of the little scrounges which cant pay for there drity little habbit
  • go under vibe and you might have a lucky night especially if lauren and kim are there you might end up losing your virginity as they will take advantage of you as they are sexually frustrated
  • Lanky sams bong spot. BONG 4 A BONG HEW. cya at the moon ew sammy boy. wif ya cheesy smile and yah whitee teeeeeth. GEYYYYUUUUPPPPPP YOU SAUSAGE.
  • Jacks pond. Smoke that hog weed. But watch out for the garlic smell.
  • the argus is not the pub people think it is it is not a place of drugs the scum have been barred out and u cannot buy a gun either .... it is a palce of freindship and good crack and all are welcome despite the reputation come and see and join us for a pint and u will see
  • it was alwayz th cricket club but then the police started doin raids so we wud have to go to the smak ed spot in oakerside!
  • the back of lidl where the big skip is
  • Peterlee is such a magical place filled with laughter and music and chavs and heroin needles and one damn fine Youth Theatre Group anything i missed ???
  • Beverly Way
  • bells shop grampian drive you must tuck ya trackie bottoms in ya socks and where a hoody and baseball cap to hang out their
  • mc donalds car park
  • Down the cricket club right next to the dene attracts alot of attention
  • eden hill shops ouside booze buster where little crackheads ask you to get drink for them
  • for your information peterlee is not as bad as u are putting out to be.the hook up spots are not as u say and u can have a good night down the big club or etc if ya can get in!and if u hav lived here 4 only 1 year u dont really no the place and the mini dene isnt full of smack heads its full of normal people who enjoy thr nigts of freddom !
  • beverly way shops on th garages behind eden hill shops laura anscomes house
  • back off beverly way eden hill shops
  • we used to meet up in peterlee dene & drink cider. i guess the young ones still do this now.
  • The indian is a great place to go and have a bucket with the M.I.M, but watch out for birchy(andy).
  • Horden Big Club
  • the best hook up spot be by Mezzers house in galloway road
  • By meezers House in Galloway road , eden hill
  • The mini dene , bells , mahils , eden hill ,asda car park , bevely way any were near a shop normally , but around every corner there will be a small gang of youth i feel sorry for you if you find a large group as they will hurl abuse at you and start a fight thats if there not soba , if they are subba they will mug you and bye drugs and drink with your money.
  • My mate Bretts who plantgrowing skills are exceptional.
  • Out Side Any Shop Thats Sells Alcohol Or Cigarettes
  • anywere just walkin about you can get laid but dont go out alone there are to many smackheads thatll take ure jewelery or anyfin they can sell
  • on ahook
  • the middle of the town centre
  • Apparently the abc park in Hordonia!!!
  • TSB Corner Near Shah's is ever popular with the younger fraternity
  • Castle Eden Dene is a great place to go for a bong without being disturbed but watch out for the warden who will set his lurchers on you if spotted.
  • drink at the footy club.... it's great....
  • well the brand new housing estate(which is situated scenicly only 10yards from the A19) has pently of drugies who live their who well kindly let all ur mates(esp young kids-dirty b*uggers) in and they're let u share their dirty litres and and dope
  • Outside Bells or Mahils.
  • in the dene we have lots of fun abusing the younger kids and sniffing glue
  • if your between 5 and 60 go down the mini-dene located opposisite joe coolz ideal for meeting young uns and people smokin crack!!!!!!!!!! or and gettin their drink took off them by the mod squad (coppers)
  • peterlee dene
  • If You are under 14 and not drinking the pubs you're most likely going to end up outside of either of the Bell's Stores, Forboyes or McDonalds.
  • Just walk around Peterlee i'm sure you'll meet a gang of people, but beware groups don't like new-comers so I wouldn't even leave the house
  • The old fountain (that never worked as too the escalators) in the Town Centre
  • The corner of the BP garage seems popular. mind you they have put up a lovely new red light (so they can see each other better I suppose)
  • Shotton Hall school fields were the place on a friday night- that tells you what type of town it is!
  • Well I haven't lived there for over a year but it used to be the park at Peterlee Newtown Football Club, or outside the Trust in Horden. The "Youthy" was just starting up when I was getting to old to go.

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