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Cheap Food in Peterlee, Durham*

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Cheap Food
  • haswell mencap does top lunches at a fraction of local cafes.
  • no discount for you unlees i get something in return lol
  • mcdonalds, ask sam to give ya a discount hew.
  • spoons is a winner. the rest is over priced heart attacks on a plate.
  • Nest fisheries near the catholic club.. it does a mean chips n gravy
  • MC'DONALDS rocks if you can get in without the abuse from the vagrants that hang round outside
  • Wetherspoons
  • tracys cafe seaside lane for the finest creasy fry up
  • mcdonalds, kings chicken sometime get the runs after eating their like
  • macdonalds.
  • Sam's near Dene House - always used to do a good tray of chips n gravy!
  • Shotton Fast food is pretty good , then again so is The Royal , what ever you do steer clear of the indian takeaway in eden hill ewwww minging
  • no were etable .. the mcdonalds recently had a magget nest in the place were they stored the burgers but there are plenty of takeways many may hav got burned down by the time you get here tho
  • Steps chippy is the business. First date type of place. Beverly way chinese used to be good until my mates boxer dog dog went missing and I had a dodgy curry the next night.
  • Maccy D's, or the newly re-opened Favourite Chicken, wah-hey!
  • You can now get food from a Whetherspoon's in Peterlee, called 'The 5 Quaters' I believe, serves good food and drink.
  • yoden fisherys
  • The blackbull (pub and restaurant) in old shotton which is part of Peterlee
  • The New Century which was formerly Dene House Chop Suey
  • mac d's
  • Best not even think about it. Even the McDonalds is sub standard.
  • Not required, the majority of the people in the town are on smack, which keeps the appetite down.
  • Kevins Chippy on Beverley Way.
  • Food in Peterlee is pathetic.Microwaved junk servwed in pubs and cafes at tip top prices.
  • Best Chippy has to be next to the Royal Arms and I said chippy not the pizza shop thats trying to be a chippy
  • Nest Fisheries (near bells near the catholic club), STEPS and a Chinese place
  • Grumbles in Peterlee college is pretty cheap, especially if you look young!
  • Woo Hoo, The well awaited McDonalds has arrives, onto to be shrowded by an in progress multistorey carpark.
  • Grease , Fat , Grease , Fat...... North Eastern food at its best (and cheapest)
  • We recently had a McDonalds built but thats about it. Oh, the toasties are good in The Argus Butterfly pub.

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Last updated: 2010-02-04

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