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Buskers, Street Entertainers in Petts Wood, Greater London*

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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • the old man who wears the green mac with rolled up sleeves! everyone has seen him at some point - he carries two giant plastic bags with him at all times. soem say tis filled with pirate gold.... others say he's got dugs stashed in there and actually lives the high life in Kensington and dresses as a tramp so no one suspects him. Usually found in the Daylight Inn
  • Wish we did, might brighten the place up a bit!
  • the wrinkly jogger who apparently runds form bickley to bromley every day...i think someone mentioned him in the bromley section except they said he more pink shorts when i swear they are always blue.....well anyway...ask anyone about him and they always know who you are talking about!!!!
  • No such thing, however this is not because Petts Wood is to conservative or 'posh' for them, far from it.It's simply because those in Petts Wood who need to busk, would rather steal cars and rob houses to make money.
  • Petts Wood is staunch conservative - "street entertainers" are rounded up weekly and shot.
  • I saw someone selling the Big Issue once.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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