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Cheap Food
  • Abdul's on Southgate is quite good for Indian food.
  • Blackamoor Head. Great, plentiful, cheap good priced food cooked by proper chefs.
  • Abdul's on Southgate, (takeaway, Indian).
  • Oasis...its nasty but it fills a void... but the best kebab house is nice...and open till like...4am!
  • viceroy, shummi
  • Spoilt 4 Choice on Gillygate!!!
  • chatanoogas oasis and charcoal grill (another place where I get discounts)
  • Salmonella Cafe!!!! Full english brekkie - Town Centre!!!! Minted
  • plus 1 wa good not sure now?
  • take aways i oni recomend for when uve had a nite out cos u wont it the stuff they sell when ur sober. plus 1 (next to data cars), chatnugas (round the back near cromwells), oasis (top of town), vice roy (near haribo) n if uve been at kikos n cant be bothered to walk back into town centre bit there is a mobile food thingy across the road. go just before u go home thou cos kikos bouncers never let u bk in without u payin agen. if they do its a bloody rarity.
  • mcdonalds and kfc are ok but you wanna get down to chatanooga's near to the salvation army
  • Pontefract Charcoal Grill.
  • The fish shop at the bottom of Box Lane (on the way to Yorkshire Penny) is greatand the owners really nice
  • Maccy-D's
  • Oasis/Charcoal Grill are always great at 3am, just remember to try not to steal the lettuce :s
  • Mama Mias beautiful and a laugh when you're with the girls
  • Green Burger (Parks outside the bogs next to Bar 12). Chilly's on Finkle Street. Watch the speed of service by the stoned lame kid.
  • The Malt Shovel weekdays and there evening meals are spectacular!!
  • Get yourself over to the "Plus 1" takeaway in the cornmarket. Best Pizza's in Ponte !!
  • Little cafe on Chequerfield Circle, great English grub at cheap prices.
  • Kiko's and Blackie for a good dose of salmonella!
  • Plus 1 pizza
  • Canto cheif. Now this has to be one of the best in the country. Larger protions enough to feed two. They get a lot of custom from the Hospital.
  • KFC - always queing out of the door, Plus One Pizza's over 2hours for 1 small pizza and 2 chips to deliver - don't bother
  • plus 1, KFC
  • Chatts, GARLIC & TOMATO OVER HERE !!!!!!
  • If you can't decide want to eat - just think: Fuck it, and have a bucket! That's a bargain bucket from KFC!
  • Sandwiches are freely available at Marks and Spencer between 9am and 10am. For the more discerning, jumbo sausage rolls are available at Greggs and Malcom's during daylight hours.
  • Mama Mia's - Great Italian
  • KFC, although it's always running out of chicken! Oh, and McDonald's if you wanna get ripped off with some expensive but tiny burger and hang around with boy racers.
  • KFC, where a bargin bucket costs only 9.99!! rip off!!!!!

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