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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • 1 june 2010 maltsters arms, bridge street, pontypridd has rock nights every thursday. got to the malsters rock night group on facebook for more informatio
  • 1 june 2010 maltsters arms, bridge street, pontypridd has rock nights every thursday. got to the malsters rock night group on facebook for more informatio
  • There is only one "club" left now which is Kudos which frankly is rough. Silks has closed and is up for sale, whilst Strads has closed and is undergoing the ongoing "renovation" of the tavern. You have a dancefloor & DJ in Spoons now that it has turned into a Lloyds bar. Clwb-y-Bont hosts some good music nights and Alfreds is one of the classier places with a small dancefloor & DJ but does tend to attract an older crowd. Roll on the reopening of the tavern - rumour has it that it will be called The Bluebell or Blueberry or something like that. What the f**k!
  • DJ Sye from Valleys Radio has come to both Strads & Kudos. We are blessed to have such a talent! Never the same night Night twice! He has got loads of tunes and he's well fit to!
  • This is the newest update 05/05/05 - hmmm ok looks silly but it's the date! Kudos the newest club in pontypridd - Thursday students night same cheese every week. Friday funky house, fresh for the first time, but again same music EVERY week. Saturday (dance?) the dj has got it wrong hardly a hint of club music. Sundays cheesy sunday is probably the only good night at kudos mix of music (same dj as saturday however, not very good, but for some reason it's fun, probably just the booze). Strads/Market Tavern/Chillipepper is an ok place to go, perhaps the cleanest place in ponty. The club section is very small however and is only open fri/sat. Angharads - Thurs Mix of music, Fri, mainly dance for youngsters, Sat, mainly dance with rnb, house, etc. Always busy. Will be refurbished in the next few months. Celtic Pride (Cri) Fri Mix of music, Sat mainly dance, Sunday Rnb, House and Cheese. Again always packed out. Will be refurbished at the end of the year. Silks should be opening again soon, although the owners have probably not put much money into the place so it will probably be the same shit hole it was before it was closed down. Wetherspoons - can't stand it. The noise on a weekend from people shouting over eachother is defening, it's also full of bums who can't afford to pay more than 2 for a pint, oh and the pints are crap too, should beer really taste of terps? Malsters - don't even bother, used to busy on the under 18's illegal mosh night (thursdays) but it's gone quiet nowdays due to the fighting and licensing problems. Drink here is far too expensive, it's also terrible if it's draught.
  • I generally used to go to rock night every fornight at the glamorgan student union - wicked moshes
  • Angharad's AND SilkS are only ones to spring to mind.
  • every 1 go 2 kudos bar great music great fun fit lads gogogogogogogogo
  • Breaking news!!! Pontypridd has now been blessed with the opening of Kudos late lounge and bar....and let me tell you how brilliant it is!! Mix of music and a mix of ages, not many teeny boppers, which is very good news!! The decor is stylish and eye catching and its just what ponty needed!! However, as with most things there is a down side...the place is packed to the brim and becomes very very hot and sweaty due to lack of air conditioning, the prices are a bit steap but lets face it.....where else is there to go in ponty????????? Kudos gets my vote!!
  • well now jeffersons is a youth club theres NOWhere 2 go
  • and at last we have a tidy place to go. JD WhetherSpoons as opend: The Tumble in at the old post office and its bloody great. Cheap food and even cheap drink, packed out on a saturday night mind, so go early to get a seat!! I don't know about Tumble In but I sure do TUMBLE OUT!!! On the Grapevine,I have heard that there is gonna be a great big new night club opening on the side of whetherspoons and also a 'classy' bar opening where the old Wimpy was...any one know if this true. But above hall...PONTY IS GREAT!!!!!!!
  • the malsters is the best it has great rock, metal and ska music also live bands play there downstairs on a thursday
  • The Ponty KWS and Curry appreciation society (Ponty branch) - hold regular meetings in the Llanover Arms, every Sat @ 9pm
  • the best place to be in pontypridd on a friday/saturday night, has to be the market tavern/strads/chilli peppers, all being the same place of course. Strads will always offer a good night out with a great atmosphere! The place not to be has to be silks, unless of course you love a scrap, your under the age of 15 or well over the age of 40. Silks will leave you feeling like ou havn't had a wash for a month! The place needs a good scrub! regards a big strads fan
  • Pontypridds place to be on a friday and saturday if not a mosser has to be Strads Nightclub. Situated above the Market Tavern Hotel its a good place to get tipsy and dance away to someone elses bed. below the Market Tavern is also Chilli Peppers cocktail bar, full of hunky ex student bar men who are quite frankly all knobs really, but u still fancy them! If u don't like Strads the cleanest place u could dance in Pontypridd then how about the dirtiest place, Silks! ok its a laugh but its nasty, like a log stuck in the bog! i myself only go there when i can't get in Strads! but if u like girlz and boyz who think they are hard, then by all means go there!
  • one - strictly for pikeys only though.
  • The Forest in Trefforest or the Knot Inn
  • If you want a touch of class, even a touch, GO TO CARDIFF!!!! Silks is an absolute.......uuuwrgh! Strads is the new one, newish, not AS bad!!!
  • Graigwen & District - good bands (sometimes) on a Friday night Clwb & Bont - (Welsh club) in Taff Street. Must be the best place for a drink without being bothered by pre-teens
  • Cool clubs in Ponty??? Silks isn't too bad for a night out, but we are in desperate need of a huge nightclub.
  • Hah! The only places in town are --- Angharads, the Cri (Celtic pride, for all you young'uns), Jeffersons, and Silks. If you're a stoodent, the union is usually OK, as is the Otley Arms, which is Tom Jones' local when he's home.

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Last updated: 2010-05-31

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