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The Worst Things
  • everything and anything. most of all CHAVS - yes you like innit, learn to speak noobs
  • coming back in the night after work
  • the skate board ramps should be totally banned.
  • i think all the houses in margam should be pressure washed, they are so dirty with the shit comming out of the steel works what a dump!oh and it smells too.
  • Getting a local to do your double glazing (Paul Parry UPVC)and STILL waiting after 4 months for him to return and correct the problems, and STILL waiting for my receipt and guarantee.
  • The Steel works, if it wasn't for that thing then maybe Margam & Taibach would have a beach to insted of just Aberafan!
  • The drive through port talbot was depressing.The plasa must have been an excellent building one day?.Its a shame it cant be used for a good purpose.The run into port talbot needs a major council input to give people coming in to the town a good impression.
  • The state of the multi story car park in the centre. If I was a businessman coming to invest in this dump and I took one look at that scruffy, dirty dripping wet with water in the rain, the bad concrete floors the peeling paint and general filth I would have second thoughts
  • The smell of corus. The accent!!!!!!!!!!
  • Looking at the entries here, it should be the schools! The spelling used on this site is atrocious, which leads me to believe that the education system is failing across the principality. Or is it just the illiterate morons who think they know it all? Most of what has been voted for in this forum has been ruined by the ignorami who has voted for them! Get a life & improve your vicinity before slagging it off to the world! U sad little minded people
  • AIDS is at epidemic level here now.
  • Ok this could take a while. Actually i'll just do a top ten thing, save me wasting time on a huge essay of hate for this dump. 1.Without a doubt the people, 99% are complete assholes. 2.The town itself, smelly, dirty and half derelict. 3.The housing estates, full of drunken parents who let their kids run rampant. 4.The roads, or should i say the speed bumps, 1 every 5 yards. 5.The quality of air and the ecosystem in general, highly polluted. 6.Shit rugby players who think they are amazing (see #9). 7.The night life or lack of it, unless your into being glassed or like sluts. 8.Lack of worthwhile shops and amenities. 9.The "Green Stars" what a joke, if you like Ireland so much fuck off back there and do us all a favour. 10.The people, so bitter, twisted, self-righteous, incompetent a bunch of fools they deserve to go on the list twice.
  • websites that need updating.....(hint hint this one)
  • Gotta be the lack of any decent nightlife and decent shops
  • Loads of kappa and adidas tracksuited slags and scallies EVEYWHERE. People's horredous dress sense - I mean people in PT still think that perms are in fashion. Ignorant, xenophobic, ambitionless and stupid people with no concept of life further than Cardiff.
  • waiting for the apocalypse.
  • townie wanka's like, daniel thomas, simon and richard davies
  • old people in cars
  • Tesco car park, must have been designed by a person with a fetish for traffic queues, your allowed one and a half hours in the car park one and a quarter will get you in and out and 15 mins for shopping
  • The downright reluctance of hotel staff to serve you laverbread, cockles AND kippers for breakfast. One or the other is just fine but there's some sort of superstition about putting them together! WHY????!!!!!!!!!
  • To many to mention.
  • why is there allways a shopping cart in the river,and dog crap on the sidewalks? Have you no pride?
  • People always slagging it off.
  • i wish they would do something with the plaza it would be great as an entertainment centre for the kids of port talbot to go instead of doing nothing there.
  • Bitter, Twisted, Hypocritical people. The worst Gossips in the world. Yes they appear friendly but have more faces than Big Ben! The Smell.
  • The pollution, from the steelworks, and BP Chemicals, i mean c"mon how long have we endured this, Too long, ok we live in an industrialised area, lets take the proper route or course of action regarding pollution, ask anyone who"s visited port talbot and they will tell you it stinks, big time.
  • my ex boyfriend
  • Rest of the week in town
  • Them girls.
  • PORT TALBOT, nuke the place.
  • Having to come back. The smell as you approach Margam on the M4 Westbound. Paying a couple of grand for White pvc double glazing only to have it turn PINK within six months thanks to the shit being belched out of the Steelworks/BP. And compared to where I live now, knowing how small minded, petty, hypocritical, and hypochondriacal the majority of the people are. The accents. Heard/saw a local on National T.V the other week - cringed.
  • schools
  • The council for letting the place look like a rubbish tip, could be tidied up a hell of a lot.
  • CORUS STEEL PLANT - job losses ? the sooner it shuts the better, think of the development oppurtunities on that huge piece of land
  • PONTRHYDYFEN! NOOOOOOOooooooooo! Send me dosh so I can escape.
  • The smell as you go through Taibach and Margam, be prepared for that rotten egg sandwichs smell.
  • Baglan and one lady in particular... Although their all rough as you can get---the men are a little ugly too...
  • the fresh country air, oh and how the rain stains your dog red!
  • There is no night life for anyone under 50.
  • Everything closes too early
  • 2nd highest air pollution in the uk (after leeds!!!!!)
  • the way the air is not see through like other towns!
  • people who live in the past and continue to critisize the town as it used to be take a good look at it now really open your eyes to what is on offer great entertainment great beach and the surrounding country and mountains ing
  • The smell of sulphur from the steel works.
  • Baglan boys!
  • No alternative scene. Very little tolerance for anyone who isn't a townie.
  • Carpet slipper shoppers and lack of good shops for anyone under 60!
  • Kids in summer sliding on ramps, local townies, instant fines.
  • The WORST thing is the town itself which has been totally sacrificed for the sake of steel production and the M4 motorway. The area was, according to Baedeker, the site of the highest sanddunes in Europe, this side of Danzig, and also of certain rare carnivorous plants. However, all of this has been lost and what was once a beautiful white sandy beach has now been all but washed away due to dredging for the approaches to the iron ore dock.

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