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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains
  • Mr Benn's shop in main st complete with magic wardrobe..... Well worth a look....
  • the retro store on main street is great for 70s fancy dress.
  • The sixties retro store in main st they have a mr benn type changing room
  • New shop just opened up in Coleraine 'Moloko' great range of funky gear also '7' in limavady if your up for a drive
  • not many people wear clothes in p'rush just mingin scrubbers in white ass showing skirts
  • primark
  • Norman Hillis nee Boggs. He does the best example of ladies knee-lenght, furry lined, elastically suspended waist, duck-egg blue/organza reinforced gussett knickers in the whole of the county. This is according to Alan McFadden. He should know. He's been wearing them for years and is ashamed to admit it.
  • Mr Benns it really exists
  • Top shop is a dear hole. only for snobs.
  • Ronans nik nak stall can be found on busy days around the town
  • topshop in coleraine
  • nv or tkmax
  • the new trendy one
  • the new trendy one
  • All the top brands can be found here.
  • Not M&S
  • well miss ibiza has no closed on the main street (beside kfc) so i suppose its blue moon for us (or stick to the loin clothes)
  • What clothes shop???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Mr Benns the one with the good changing room.
  • mainly all the surf shops for all those bootilicious babes, which is the girls I am talking about, not the surf bods
  • OK I love portrush and everything but unless your lookin for skater/surfer clothes it aint any use for u.
  • Butterfly Joes
  • Julies secondhand shop
  • Some great things can be found here if you like the little shop of horrors
  • Dhuvarren Fashions
  • The 1.99 Superstore great for Clubbing etc.
  • The Morestore its the only good one in the town unless there is a jumble sale.
  • woodies and troggs and rock bottom
  • Try the thrift shop on Sundays in Glenmanus Zoo they do great skirts/belts!
  • Rankins 1.99 shop.
  • none of these either only mr bundaris for some really class stuff not
  • O'Dohertys Fashions somthing for all you young at heart and cheap aswell just ask for pedro at the door , he will send you in the right path.
  • Anands 1 Shop everything is 1 Great just fill your Trolly.
  • Teeshirt city well they make an effort on like some .
  • Great skate shops that do lovely warm jumpers and stuff.
  • Normans 60s clothes shop Main St , great stuff.
  • Woodies and Troogs have some cool stuff!
  • sorry guys....chance of Rosie commin out of retirement is slim indeed...that woman was before her time! this space!
  • The Morestore the most up to date one in Portrush .
  • they gone out before the Ark unless you are in to stuff left over from a past era !
  • SonCo great fashions and very good value.
  • Lady Nans has all the latest gear all under 1 roof .
  • Boggs {not} fashion in main street in the town .Is it any wonder all the jumble sales are doing so well .
  • ROSIES used to be great ! Various little shops throughout Portrush over the years. Anywhere she could find a spot, a second hand clothing shop would appear for a while, and then disappear. Rosie please come out of retirment, we need another !
  • Daisey's Ramore Street.
  • williamsons department store 5 floors good tea room.
  • Hillis on Main St great retro gear in the cellar.
  • The Whitehouse , the owners starred in the 60s show {The Adams Family}......
  • Harry Clydes whips 10 percent off ,if you have an old banger or a beard.
  • Anands Main Street, only designer goods sold here.
  • Fancy Dress only or somthing for your Gran
  • get a Kays club book and use someone else,s house
  • When in Portrush you must call at Boggs on Main Street {just for a laugh
  • Portrush is a good place if you are going out to a fancy dress party as you can not get anything after 1965 unless you have a argos book
  • well dirty nan has started selling clothes as well as starting a taxi service with big stinkin john {asshole}
  • yes. they're cool i swear. will someone tell me how the fuck 'boggs fashion' stays in business? pile'a'pish bar Troggs and Woodies.
  • The Whitehouse a quality shop to buy your granny a beautiful pleated skirt. Looking for decent clothing-you have no hope in Portrush
  • We have got a new one - Rock Bottom which is closer to the town center than the other two. Some really great outfits - especially for us girls!
  • Kitz for Kids has just opened - nice selection of stuff for the toddlers there. It's quite far at the end of the town though.
  • rock bottom /woodies /troggs surf shops - top rags

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