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High tea and a sticky bun

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Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • avoid Mr Chips - disgusting greasy food. As for Mr Chips himself - nuff said.
  • Stinky jacks
  • Bookies tea shop
  • Chequres food is STINKIN the chips are reheated Stay well clear of this one
  • Gerry Mac from Kellys ahs opened up a trendy coffee shop opposite Traks nightclub -
  • Flutters
  • diggers cafe
  • auntie nans fine cakes and scones found here
  • cafe bula bula
  • cafe bula bula
  • Bread Shop
  • Wendys tea shop
  • big jeans cafe
  • maisise cake shop
  • The Wiggers Tea House
  • So many, I can not name them
  • wot shops!!!!!!!!!!.,.,.,..,
  • mr chips stay well clear of this place as this man maltreats his staff and its been proved in court
  • The Big Donut Shop Co
  • Smokie Joes coffee and Big Scone shop
  • Bettys coffee shop nice scones home made soup just nice in every way
  • The bread shop!!! >)))">
  • Antie Martha's Nice Bun and Coffee Shop.and DonjiLydel's
  • Dr Longbone's Tea House.
  • Dr Longbone's Tea House.
  • Annes Tea Room, on Main street opposite Woodies. Everything is home cooked like your Mum would make. Great irish stewto warm ya after a surf, or loads of nice treats and buns when your cained, either way it is a great we place to chill, and hide Portrush.
  • Bud Coffee Shop ;~)-
  • bread shop to dear and slow staff
  • Big Joes Coffee bar
  • the coffee pot.......i worked there for 70p an hour when i was 14
  • Auntie Mays Tea & Gift Shop get a nice cup of Earl Gray here anytime
  • always no room when you go in, i suggest you pack a picnic and eat it on the beach considering its a good enough day
  • Willies Hot Sausage Bar
  • Windys Diner
  • Maggies Scone Shop due to open in July
  • Loads, all pretty boggin. Uncle Saams has nice steak burgers. White House is allright but theres always old people there. Bread shop does the best sandwiches in Portrush
  • Sliversands is too expensive as is the bread shop.
  • Annes tea shop great scones
  • Libbies call and get a cup of nice coffee along with your joint.
  • Veronicas Coffee Bar just opened in Glenmanus,plenty of car parking in Coleraine.
  • the blue dragon where u can have a joint in peace.
  • The Hidden Coffin.
  • Nice wee corner of theuniverse, if its not too the White House Tea Room upstairs......overlooks the street.
  • The Causeway food bar a blast from the past owned by my parents, what a great shop it was
  • Annes tea romms - best in the town by far!!
  • Noras Hot Food Bar .
  • Annes tea rooms lower main street is hard to beat for cheap homemade nosh The best fry in the town!!
  • Knock on any door in Portrush and you will get a cup of whatever you want and you will hear a story or 20 before you go home.
  • The Rusty Diner all night cafe Members only .
  • The Dolphin all night diner can be found behind the chip shop with the same name , just drive round behind the shop and toot your horn 3 times and a weee man with red chops will come out and take your order .
  • The Coffee Pot, The Chuckwagon, Fortes, Morellis, The one the Holyrollers had at Easter and summer that gave us free soup and tea while trying to convert us to GOD,
  • The Silver Sands cafe so got it's name from the 423 kw tonnes of luxurious Kuwaiti sand sent in 1984 as a gift to Jimmy Doole (famous local artist) for his work in the restoration of oil millionare Shk. Mohammad al Burggez ancestoral palace,which was used to create a wee beach in the SE corner of the harbour.
  • The Stinkin Kettle Keenly priced bring your own tea bags.
  • The Swinging Kettle , some great oriental dishes sold here.
  • very dodgey.
  • Marriots has a good selection of Home Grown Goods
  • Bring your own
  • Spinnakers!! <---spelling??
  • the coffee pot
  • Libby's is really good. It's small but makes great, fresh coffee and sandwiches. We also have Morrelli's ice cream parlour and Barry's Amusements Cafe which has everything from fresh coffee, ice cream, popcorn, candyfloss and toffee apples (well some people do like them ok?)
  • Lovely jubbly. Everyone loves a nice fresh cup of coffee and now we've got Libby's Deli to provide us with smooth espressos and scrumptious cappucinos. There's also great coffee in Barry's Cafe along with popcorn, candyfloss, doughnuts, icecream and toffee apples. Wonderful if you've spent all day on the Big Dipper or the Ghost Train. Morrelli's is still here and you can enjoy icecream, knickerbocker-glories or a little cup of coffee within.

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