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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • charlie kershaw
  • Birdman Stewart
  • cc
  • metropole for all cash limited people,........... after partying you prob wont be staying in the room, its like paying for a room to keep your change of clothes in
  • Big Issue B&Bs, hotels,
  • Big Issue B&Bs, hotels,
  • pumpkin harry
  • Pickin Nick THe banjo man
  • Jackie OToole
  • huh?
  • Dingo oHanolan
  • vic banty and kerrbo the portrush mafia
  • Benny Ging
  • Benny Ging
  • C.C.O'neill. Difficult to pin down but well worth the effort.
  • Hemmy Skoot has a house here
  • Aidy McKnicel, I love him
  • Fungus McGringle local poet
  • billy smarts, harry lexxy, tic tac paddy wack, flemin, donkers, big sci, pft, ginger karen, george nelson specialism, specimen, victor (he is a legend), jj mc cockend, davey boy, the lost boys, mc cook......... u get the idea oh aye! and Zombie Safari Park!
  • Ric the music man
  • hairy mole
  • Feaster Greer can be seen strutting his stuff around the town
  • psni
  • Jimmy OBoyle
  • Marc Francey-complete drunkard-18 stumpies!!!!!!!!! MArc Francey in the disabled toilets-ha ha ha ha
  • Amos McFly
  • The Sand Man
  • Shane Mcgowen comes here a lot
  • Rolex Jon (Hamil) is heartbroken ever since Cliff Mason left his shop. Must be the biggest redneck in Portrush, Cheer up John at least the bums healed.
  • Hairey McFairy
  • EGGY BUNION and the posse of wee girls behind him AND his mega BEAT BOX WITH dj conns HARD BEATS PUMPING OUT! TIPPY
  • the portrush pirate
  • There is every kind of "Street Entertainer TM" in Portrush, that's the beauty of it! >)))">
  • Vince Weed
  • Everyone on Portrush's streets are enteraining, no matter what time of year, though insanity does take over the residents in summer. Look closely to spot the local in among the tourist's and Belfast knobs.
  • An alcoholic umpa lumpa wanders about main st pickin up fag buts, usually outside Waterson's/ Central.
  • the bushmills man of the sea
  • not enough in town centre also should do free face painting
  • Ronnie Oswald arrives ever summer , can be seen around the town hall.
  • ALways something goin on at the Amphitheatre, christians singing, clowns and shit
  • The PSNI hold a good crowd on Saturday Nite outside traks.
  • Floatey Gibbo can be seen wondering around the town after dark,flying over the Skerries .He also does talks and tours.
  • Mickey McAuley . Did he ever get the Record deal ,Great player.
  • Joe Speers at the Derry
  • Geoffrey I donít know his second name he can be seen playing with himself on a good summers evening
  • Geofrey The Phantom guitarist ( Beware ) bad on the ear drums .
  • Kenny McClintock local stunt man , can be seen wondering around the town.
  • Swinging Joe can been seen around the Arcadia green on a good day. The Dhuvaren Panpipe Orchestra very entertaining!!!!!!!!
  • Sammy Woods SUPER STAR he once had a go on Who wants to be a millionaire but could not remember his phone number.
  • There never was any when I was younger, but I dont know about now as its a while since I have been home. If there is anyone doing it in the Winter, they deserve a medal.
  • Sgt Knox always on watch tower duty , he gives tours of The Portrush Light House Kerr Street.
  • The Hassen Boys are a group Beach Boy lookie-likies who cover music by their Californian idols and can be seen at the Sundial Gardens On Kerr Street most summer season evenings,for free,wearing their deck-chairesq shirts and yachting slippers.
  • Lewis Craig , he use to do great gigs on Easter Monday.
  • Freddie Doole. Sammy Woods (Superstar) what a guy. Jimmy Kelly on his hairy Banjo
  • The wee old boy with the beard who use to play the funny drum in the harbour bar
  • What ever happend to the we old dancing Tramp from Bushmills
  • michael hasson who has just returned from a trip to coleraine and has just learned how to play surfin usa
  • there are usually two guys waiting around the blue pool to tell you a story or ten. do i smell piss?
  • There is sometimes a guy who draws really good sketches of you in the summer!
  • Students provide the best entertainment in this area.
  • Milo - keep on rockin in the free world!
  • Milo - he's still about and as lively as ever. But he doesn't busk as much as he used to 'cos everyone knows him so well. You may catch him in the Atlantic Bar some night. Pity - he has a girlfriend already.
  • The one and only Milo! If you here for more than a day you find him

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