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Silly me!!! by Joan (Member 10094842) on 25-Apr-2003
Have just seen the message board has updated - ignore my last message.   
Where is everybody? by Joan (Member 10094842) on 25-Apr-2003
Just joined up and notice that no-one has been on here for 3 years! Is it just me here now?   
  • Re: Where is everybody? by James Watson (Member 10187021) on 25-Jun-2006
    Yeah...I know what you mean.

looking for my best friend (1971-1973) by Laura P. (Member 10092087) on 14-Mar-2003
I'm looking for Charles Anderson. I have an address for a Charles Anderson in Potters Bar, but I am not sure it is the right person. My friend Charles lived in Rickmansworth 1971-1973, and I believe he went to some kind of a tech school in or near Potters Bar in the late 1970's. If anyone knows of Charles, would you please have him take a gander at this site? Charles - I would really like to r... more >>   
LOST TOUCH by Barry Hendrick (Member 10089790) on 14-Feb-2003
Does any one remember Barry Hendrick who lived in Hadley Woods and went to Mount Grace, leaving arround 1960/1. I have lived in Perth Western Australia since 1972 and would love to hear from anyone who went to school or lived near me.   
Dame Alice Owen's School by Alan S> (Member 10085593) on 19-Dec-2002
Did you go there? The Old Owen's Association has a web site at http://www.oldowens.co.uk - why not join the community there and catch up with old friends?   
Vegan Families Group by Lesley Dove (Member 10083619) on 27-Nov-2002
Seeking other vegan families in the London and South-East area (all areas), we have a friendly group of us meeting up about 4 times a year. Email me Lesley@vegan4life.org.uk if you are a vegan raising children and want to meet like-minded friends!

Lesley Dove
Room required in Potters bar by tracey (Member 10081274) on 30-Oct-2002
I need a room in Potters bar ASAP! I am a 24yr old female from N.Z. Have just got a job at RVC and would be keen to flat as near to there as possible. Students or other workers let me know if there is something that may suit me. Email me at t_faram@hotmail.com   
BRENDA ANDREWS by Janet Pickering(Murrell) (Member 10053629) on 7-Aug-2002
Brenda's father had the ANDREWS BIKE SHOP at the end of the HIGH ST,(Late 1940s 50s)Used to be a sweetshop & newsagency close by, Mr Andrews used to fix the kids bikes for free, as we were from Chequers Mead Childrens Home.....Brenda went to Ladbrooke Primary & she was a hairdresser in Darkes Lane,nr the station, the last time I saw her in 1966 before I came to Aus, believe she had been to Canada??   
  • Re: BRENDA ANDREWS by Michael Cobb (Member 10113782) on 3-Jan-2004
    Remember the place and the face and lived close,now in Canada. Did you buy your ha'penny buns at Cobb's the Bakers or buy your pets needs on the High Street?

  • Re: BRENDA ANDREWS by Michael Cobb (Member 10113782) on 3-Jan-2004
    My sister went to the North 20 Dance Club in Barnet high Street with Brenda, also has some more information re marrage etc

  • Re: BRENDA ANDREWS by Martyn P Gerrard (Member 10115560) on 23-Jan-2004
    I am doing some research on Chequers Mead when it was a childrens' home in late 40s and early 50s. Would like to know how many children were there at any one time; or any other info.

  • Re: BRENDA ANDREWS by sur rees (Member 10172161) on 17-Dec-2005
    trying to get in touch with anyone who was at chequers mead childrens home, mr and mrs seldon were in charge. my sister and i were there in the fifties. our names were susan and ann digby

  • Re: BRENDA ANDREWS by David Lamb (Member 10262301) on 28-Nov-2011
    I danced at North Twenty till moving to Australia in 1973... Would love to hear of Bob Andrews or Johnny Easterbrook, or perhaps what happened to Susan Jones...of Potters Bar...Miss those days!

  • Re: BRENDA ANDREWS by James (Member 10290787) on 7-Jan-2014
    Hi Brenda I was there in the early 50s, and there was about 24 children then half girls half boys, Mr and Mrs Seldon had a dog called Bonzo regards Jim

  • Re: BRENDA ANDREWS by Jill (Member 10314260) on 21-Jun-2017
    Hi Brenda
    I have just joined this site, and saw you were doing research on chequers mead children's home,
    I was there in1960. Went to mount grace school
    Would be so interested to hear from you,
    Regards gillian

DORIS HENDERSON by Janet Pickering(Murrell) (Member 10053629) on 6-Aug-2002
Does Anyone remember Mrs Doris Henderson, lived Ladbrooke Drive in late 1940's,she was a widow had a little scottie dog.....she moved to East Barnet where I last heard from her in 1967....Her husband is buried in Cemetery in Mutton Lane....I used to stay weekends at her house, while I was in Mount Grace Childrens Home & Chequers Mead in late 40's.I believe she had relatives with surname HARE.   
  • Re: DORIS HENDERSON by chris waghorn (Member 10073223) on 6-Aug-2002
    my mum joan waghorn knows doris ring me on 01707 377213 and il give u my mums addy and p no
    doris was a good pal of my mums

  • Re: DORIS HENDERSON by Janet Pickering(Murrell) (Member 10053629) on 13-Aug-2002
    Are you sure, if she did she would have known about the Mountgrace Childrens home on the site of the present school!!!

  • Re: DORIS HENDERSON by chris waghorn (Member 10073223) on 5-Sep-2002
    janet love my mum's addy is joan waghorn
    7 church road potters bar herts uk
    if u write to her she will tell u about doris
    love chris x

OLD SCHOOL FRIENDS FROM CRANBORNE 1972 by Michael Widgery (Member 10074207) on 27-Jul-2002
I'm trying to find some old school friends of mine. We all left Cranborne School in 1972 and while I went to Mount Grace, the following went on to Chancellors. I would love to get in contact with the following (and anyone else who remembers me).

Many thanks.
  • Widgery Family by Paul Widgery (Member 10145260) on 7-Feb-2005
    Hi Michael,
    Was just hoping you'd like to help me, with a little bit of Widgery family research. If so then just let me know & we'll chat further. If there are any other Widgery's out there that would like to help then feel free to contact me.

  • Re: OLD SCHOOL FRIENDS FROM CRANBORNE 1972 by Michael Widgery (Member 10074207) on 24-Mar-2008
    Hi Paul,
    Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you.
    What do you want to know about our great family?
    Just ask away and if I know the answers I'll help.

  • Re: OLD SCHOOL FRIENDS FROM CRANBORNE 1972 by Wally Walsh (Member 10293382) on 29-May-2014
    Hi my name is Chris Walsh, known as wally in my younger days i remember margaret upton she did go to mount grace as did her older brother stephen. I moved to heronswood wgc in the 2nd year so lost touch but would love to hear from Margaret if you locate her. chriswalsh4444@gmail.com

CHILDRENS HOMES Late 40's early 50's by Janet Pickering(Murrell) (Member 10053629) on 26-Jul-2002
Is there anyone in Potters Bar who remembers Mount Grace when it was a Childrens Home, or anyone who remembers Chequers Mead, Coopers Lane Road,I stayed in these Childrens Homes from 1948 until 1952, Anyone else out there who were there at the same time?????????   
  • Re: CHILDRENS HOMES Late 40's early 50's by chris waghorn (Member 10073223) on 26-Jul-2002
    janet love mount grace has always been a school it was never a childrens home so who ever told u that love have got their facts totally wrong u can ring me on 01707 377213 anytime but i know im right
    love chris waghorn

  • Re: CHILDRENS HOMES Late 40's early 50's by Janet Pickering(Murrell) (Member 10053629) on 28-Jul-2002
    Sorry, mate, you're wrong.....I have Incare Files & photos to prove it!!!!!Not something I'm liable to forget!!!!!We were moved from there to Chequers Mead when they knocked down the house & built the school!!!!

  • Re: CHILDRENS HOMES Late 40's early 50's by kelly smith (Member 10233690) on 30-Nov-2008
    janet can u please get nin touch with me its kelly i think ive found a way of getting in touch with pat lambert my aunty .her sister my aunty jen has made contact with the family so if u email me as i dont have ure email adress i will pass on any nfo you want me to .hope to link u both up soon . kelly smith from the lamberts x

MARILYN BARKER by Janet Pickering(Murrell) (Member 10053629) on 23-Jul-2002
Marilyn Barker attended LADBROOKE PRIMARY SCHOOL late 40's early 50's..we lost contact when I moved Christmas 1952...often thought about you....does anyone know the family or Marilyn???   
do you know phillip edwin dobson? by julie dobson (Member 10070344) on 21-Jul-2002
my name is julie michaela and i am trying to locate my father. please, if you know him; could you tell him that i would like to get in touch with him.   
im trying to find ali jackson by chris waghorn (Member 10073223) on 19-Jul-2002
hi im trying to find ali jackson who was my beat friend we went to mount grace school 1960-66 if anyone knows where ali is please ring me on 01707 377213 as i really wanna see him   
does anyone remember me if so get in touch by chris waghorn (Member 10073223) on 15-Jul-2002
hi im chris waghorn i used tolive in potters bar
i went to mount grace school from 1961-66 if anyone remembers me give me a bell on 01707 377213
id love to hear from u
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Photographer for Hire FREE for Video Moments by John (Member 10063443) on 24-Mar-2002
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missing persons traced by ken mcintyre (Member 10035140) on 28-Feb-2002
missing persons traced, fast and cheap service please email with details / questions . mispers10@hotmail.com telephone 07949669801
we charge you nothing unless we succeed.
Gillian Sturman nee Herbert by Janet Pickering(Murrell) (Member 10053629) on 26-Jan-2002
Looking for Gillian she married Peter Sturman,lived in Cranbourne Rd, are you still there?? Had 6 children Angela & Andrew, are the names I remember, we were at school together & worked together till kids & life changed that,I'm still in Australia,please email me or if anyone knows her let her know I'm looking please...... Janet   
  • Re: Gillian Sturman nee Herbert by Janet Pickering(Murrell) (Member 10053629) on 2-Mar-2002

  • Re: Gillian Sturman nee Herbert by kenny Pack (Member 10117849) on 19-Feb-2004
    Gillian's Daughter Angela Lives above me, if you email your Name and address to kennysarries@ntlworld .com
    I'll make sure that she gets them.
    I Know that they are not on line

South Mimms Service Station, Bignells Corner by Dr Roger Green (Member 10055098) on 9-Jan-2002
Help! I am researching a book about people using this service station. Does anyone out there have any stories, local history info. about the place. For example, when was a service station first established there? Did you used to meet there in the 1980's/early 90's before going on to parties/raves etc.? Have you any interesting stories about the place, including humorous ones. Why is it called Bignells Corner?   
  • Re: South Mimms Service Station, Bignells Corner by Tony Reeve (Member 10020418) on 10-May-2002
    I was born in Potters Bar in 1945. The A1 was then the "new road" - the original main route to the North was through Potters Bar High Street - later the A1000, with what was rumoured to be the "Potters Bar" at what is now the Green Man pub. This was the original tollgate, according to rumour. The A1 was built as a major (what was then called) arterial road, and at Bignells Corner was a cross r... more >>

  • Re: South Mimms Service Station, Bignells Corner by Ian Morris (Member 10070421) on 10-Jun-2002
    I was interested to read Tony Reeve's bit of history on Potters Bar. My family lived there, first in Deepdene then in Dugdale Hill Lane, from 1960 until 1966 when we emigrated to New Zealand. I remember, in the early '70s, being fascinated by reports from old neighbours that a pedestrian bridge had been erected outside Cranborne School, thus doing away with the grumpy old "Lollipop Man" who used ... more >>

  • Re: South Mimms Service Station, Bignells Corner by Tony Reeve (Member 10020418) on 6-Jul-2002
    Just to add, Ian - you mention the footbridge by Cranbourne School. Did you know that the footbridge made the National news at the time? The bridge was built following a protest by all the parents, who sat in the road and brought the traffic to a halt. News teams from the BBC then reported on it throughout the land...

  • Re: South Mimms Service Station, Bignells Corner by Ian Morris (Member 10070421) on 29-Jul-2002
    Why was the bridge taken down again, and for how many years was it standing?

  • Re: South Mimms Service Station, Bignells Corner by Janet Pickering(Murrell) (Member 10053629) on 1-Aug-2002
    Iived in Potters from 1948 to 1953, we used to walk for miles across fields to Hatfield, anyone remember the cafe on the road to Hatfield 'The Cherry Tree????'I think !, then we moved back to Mutton Lane from 1956-65, my dad used to take us for walks to South Mimms stopping at the Pub before walking home! I remember the San Marino from early 50's it was a bit grotty even then!!What was the name of... more >>

  • Re: South Mimms Service Station, Bignells Corner by Tony Reeve (Member 10020418) on 4-Aug-2002
    Here's a couple of things for you - firstly the bridge near Cranbourne School was taken down when they installed a pelican crossing. I seem to recall that it was before the M25 was built. Certainly building that motorway relieved Potters Bar of a lot of traffic - until there's an accident - then everything grinds to a halt! There are now (including pelican crossings) no less than 7 sets of traf... more >>

  • Re: South Mimms Service Station, Bignells Corner by steve frost (Member 10103140) on 13-Aug-2003
    hello my names steve frost (australia)stayed in potters bar for a year - around '86 '87, used to drink in the strafford arms, at the time it was run by jack and jackie, i remember they went on a holiday to perth . i was living with my uncle, bob frost in cranbourne road. just wondering if anyones still around?

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