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The Best Things
  • small easy to find way around
  • Try the new restaurant opened up in Putney Hill called Mazza - casual Indian food - we tried it this week, really good and with value for money.
  • The mainline station-once you get fed up of the place! It`s not wimbledon or kingston
  • Odeon Cinema Putney - even though it is cold, unfeeling and has no character, it is still full of characters. Oh and long live Oscar Deustch.
  • best place to live in the whole of London. near enough to the centre to get in, far enough to get out. Green, fun and friendly.
  • Because it's so untrendy but it's stuck between trendy Fulham and trendy Wimbledon Village. Christ, even Wandsworth looks better these days. It has stayed resolutely Putney, in the face of fashion.
  • The river, the commons, the library, the restaurants
  • Royal China restaurant in Chelverton Road, opposite the bus depot, serves fantastic chinese cuisines. Wonderful food, friendly and smart place!
  • Divine Decadence hairdressers- Just fantastic! Very groovy yet affordable, on the Upper Richmond Road. The Body Shop's Green Room, excellent pedicures. Putney has the best library I've been to. Check out their videos and CD's, logon to the web, send faxes overseas and enjoy story telling sessions. Putney Methodist Church (only because I got married there)
  • Location, location, loctation! So close to Kingston, Richmond, The Kings Road. Good bus service to the West End.Great parks- try Lou Lou's cafe in the park by the river.
  • Walking along the river
  • Bob Chambers
  • 11 pubs within staggering distance of each other.
  • Its got 3 train stations (okay 2 are tube!)
  • Putney Heath is home to Roehampton Cricket Club (it's the green scout hut-looking thing! across the road from The Telegraph pub onteh corner of Wildcroft Rd and Telegraph Rd). Established in 1842 it's a fun place to play a decent standard of cricket. Renowned for its South African, Kiwi and Aussie contingent, the best place to grab a pint and sit on a hot, sunny day. New members always welcome.
  • That I live in London and yet I get woken up by the birds in the mornings.
  • The Common. Miles of grassland. Cool. And really good transport on bus/tube.
  • It's not Fulham.
  • The river, undoubtedly, and that you can walk along the towpath towards Hammersmith.
  • Also the public transport links into London are excellent.
  • Home to Putney Cricket Club - who play the ancient game on the Lower Common where the number 22 bus terminates - superb transport links. There are games Saturday and Sunday from the last weekend in April to the last weekend in September. All spectators are welcome and, as we play on common land, it is free. If you want to play, turf up and we'll take your details.
  • The following restaurants - La Mancha (Spanish), Cafe Tabac and Cafe Rouge (French), Dan Dan (Japanese) and the Railway (Pub).
  • Putney Girls School without a doubt, one of my best teenage memories.
  • Top quality transport links with Central London and elsewhere (Richmond, Kingston etc.).
  • Also of note: The Fitness Works - not the most modern of Putney's gyms. but easily the most popular, even if there is a new Holmes Place opening soon. Richard, Dean & staff are very attentive & helpful!
    I agree with the Fitness Works ref... that Richard's a charmer.
  • It's getting younger, without getting trendy

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Last updated: 2008-01-22

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