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Cheap Food
  • on upper richmond road very close to the high street an Indian takeaway called mum's kitchen is the best place for home made curries and rice at very low prices. the fresh cooked chiken tika roll is very famous and its only two pounds fifty pence only. i love it-----------.
  • Wagamamas and Mcdonalds
  • Spotted Horse serve fabulous chicken ciabatta and chips on the lunch menu ... ummm
  • the wok and roe on lower richmond road is no longer good, it's absolutely diabolical. new owners or something. avoid at all costs unless you are into pain.
  • Were treated very rudely on Saturday night at Hudsons Wine Bar, Lower Richmond Road so ended up at La Noche in the High Street. Wow! Great Food, great staff, great time.
  • Do not forget the only authentic French restaurant in the area :l'Auberge in Upper Richmond rd...And it is not pricey!
  • Destino restaurant in Upper Richmond Road (just along from Blue Pumpkin) does some of the best Spanish / mediterranean style seafood around in Putney for a very reasonable price. Excellent tapas too and open late on Fridays. Strangely overlooked on this board but *definitely* worth going to!
  • bar moomba, lacy road. great food and atmosphere
  • The Cedar Tree pub on Putney Bridge Road does excelent home-made hamburgers.
  • royal china restaurant
  • However. If you actually appreciate good food and fancy Italian. Check out Da Franco Restaurant. Located on the Upper Richmond Rd, just off the High St. Wonderful service, sexy waiters!!! Food ranges from Pasta to Pizza to regional Meat Specialities. Very reasonable prices.
  • The Blue Pumpkin is BRILLIANT! How can anyone say the service isn't friendly? I 've become a regular there over the past few months, just having a beer after work, and an occaisional snack - I think it has the friendliest staff in Putney AND they bring the drinks to you! How good is that?
  • What a wonderful find The Royal China Restaurant just of Putney High Street was! First class food, service and beautiful decor. The menu has improved with the addition of a new chef, from the 5 star Furama Hotel in Hong Kong. Ask for their specials as they seemed very popular with the many Chinese customers eating there. Oh one other thing which might be of interest ...sitting on the next table to us was Chris Patton, the last Governor of Hong Kong.....if anyone should know about good Chinese food then surely he should!
  • The Dragon behind the Boat and Dragon pub on the Lower Richmond Road, by the common has some of the best Thai food i have tasted this side of Asia. I myself used to run various Thail restaurants, and spent 4 months in Thailand last year. The food was superb, and the service unfaultable. The waitresses are all in Thai uniform, the restaurant decor is very Thai and the food authentic. Prices are resonable, and the portions were decent. I would highly recommend this eatery. Give it a try! They do do take-away as well with the car park coming in particularily handy for this.
  • Moomba - very good Sunday lunch. I repeatedly find service good. Blue Pumpkin - good food. Adequate service. Sydney - One of only two restaurants where I have withheld the included service charge, ever. Appalling food. Appalling service. Appalling atmosphere.
  • Wok n Roe on the Lower Richmond Road, next to Universal Video. The finest Chinese food for a ludicrously low price.
  • La Mancha is very very good on the high streetm but a bit busy at times, Oracle is also very good on the Putney Bridge road, Blue Pumpkin on the Upper Richmond is OK but extrememly unfriendly, Mumba/World Cafe is alright with good breakfast but be prepared to wait (a very long time) as the service is outstandingly bad plus the usual selection of Le Piaf, Cafe Rouge and so on provide their own brand of monotonised French cuisine....
  • I'd like to recommend The Sydney Bar & Brasserie on Putney High Street for great atmosphere, delicious food (unsurprisingly brasserie style, v.good) and pleasant service. The only slight downer was the noise levels (wooden floor - when are restaurant designers going to realise the eardrum grief this causes?)
  • The Oracle on Puntey Bridge Road is a good greek restuarant, and the staff are very friendly. Also, the oven is big open affair, so it looks like it will be very warm and cosy when it is cold outside.
  • The ROYAL CHINA RESTAURANT just off Putney High Street (Chelverton Road) is the best authentic chinese cuisine this side of the river. Great dim sum for lunch and classy dining in the evening....get your boyfriend to take you! To find it is to love it.....but first you must find it!!
  • The Munal Nepalise restaurant towards Barnes on the Upper Richmond Road does some of the best curry I've ever had. Free delivery over 12. I dare you to try to eat a starter, a main course, rice AND a nan bread. You don't stand a chance, portions are huge.
  • Great stuff available at La Mancha and Ma Goa - worst is Kazbarr for rudest service this side of the Mediterranean and inedible overpriced mush.
  • The Putney Bridge is now one of the best restaurants in Putney, situated right next to the bridge. It can be expensive but the food is excellent and if you're there on a Summer's evening with a river view, possibly one of the more picturesque places to eat in London.
  • Talad Thai on the Upper Richmond Road does excellent Thai food. It has a great atmosphere-you sit on long wooden tables and can see your food being cooked in the kitchen. There is also a really good Thai supermarket just next door with loads of ingredients.
  • Best Indian I reakon is the Putney Tandoori on the Lower Richmond Road, the guy who owns it is a bit of a nutter, but the foods good, and I've met Ben Hollioak as well as Will Carling there in the past.
  • Nandos next to Pizza Express serves great food. Hot spicy chicken, piri piri chips, salad, cous cous. Also soft drinks with as many refills as you like for a pound. If you're lucky you can grab a table outside in the summer. Beers are sold until about eleven when it shuts- not bad.
  • Jim Thompson's on Upper Richmond Rd is worth checking out. Has a good bar too, with Hoegaarden on draught.
  • The BEST. There are a number of top class restaurants and a HUGE selection of food types. You can buy anything from a cheap pizza to a reasonably expensive French meal. Also a number of good sandwich bars. Come here for food!
  • Putney's best restaurant: Del Buongustaio (authentic Italian)
  • Don't forget the Everest Tandoori - the best Nepalese in SW London.
  • Now has a Burger King AND a McDonald's!!!!!
  • The Everest Tandoori may be the best Nepalese in London, but I think it's total shite. Without a doubt, the absolutely best restaurant anywhere in the world has to be 'Ma Goa' Goan restaurant, which is is also very reasonably priced, but unfortunately not open for lunch. La Mancha is just a tapas bar. Another nice place is "Vincent's". Piaf's always seems to run out of draught beer, and sometimes glasses too!
  • More that you can eat in several lifetimes, especially if you count the spillover from Fulham which has given rise to a shitload of cafes. They all seem to be opposite the cinema or thereabouts.
  • Samratt in Lacey Road (off the High Street) is the best Indian restaurant in the area. There is also an excellent Nepales on the Upper Richmond Road.
  • There is an excellent Chinese cinema [? restaurant?] opposite the bus depot. Can't remember the name of it, but it has stone lions outside. Very pricey though. Good for dates.
  • You seem to have overlooked Hudsons. An excellent variety of food at a reasonable price. Staff are very nice as well. Don't miss the Thai spring rolls to start. It's on the Lower Richmond Road just after the Shell station.
  • Rasa Penang opposite Castle pub has good, cheapish (£6-7) set lunches, expense a/c only in the evening.
  • The Phoenix (10 minute walk along Lower Richmond Road) is a fantastic restaurant, but quite pricey too. Keep it in mind for a posh night out.
  • I feel I must add Nando's to the list which does excellent chicken combinations and prepares take-out very quickly.
  • You forgot to mention 'Bar Coast', possibly the best burger ever! Only does food until 7PM when it becomes a full bar but well worth it for a quick bite while shopping during the day.

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