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  • Half Moon on lower richmond road
  • The Spotted Horse at 122 Putney High Street. Really pleased I made the decision to have it as the venue for my wedding reception. Sadly my wife and I are no longer together, but she still speaks fondly of the S.H. (or the Piebald Pony, as those of us in the know like to refer to it) on each occasion I visit her in Broadmoor. A fine selection of ales, bar food renowned all over SW15 for its unique qualities, a clientele which would put the cover of Vogue magazine to shame, and bar staff whose training at the Fawlty School of Venue Management clearly surpassed all expectations all adds together to create what is possibly the finest venue known to man. I can't wait to get out so I can go back there again.
  • Bar M @ The Star and Garter has an awesome spot on the river, has just been done up and serves great food! Top bar, goes off on a nice day!
  • The Railway is a great place to meet strange old men in long, dirty coats who like to talk to anyone they can about 'doing things' with their fingers.
  • The Litten Tree in Wandsworth has now got an all in for 20 offer on a Saturday night. The DJ plays everything from chart music to party stuff, just ask him!
  • M-Bar for boat race day
  • I'd just like to do a bit of public service and advise everyone out there to avoid the food in the Litten Tree. Drinks are fine, service great, but mould just isn't a nice garnish!
  • the LITTEN TREE is EXCELLENT but pricey but beirex is ace cheap full of buff boys and take any id
  • Spotted Horse is good to watch the football on a Sunday, The Dukes Head is a nice old Youngs pub. Bar Coast has a late licence and is good for us youngsters on the pull.
  • Prince of Wales (The Prisoner) on the upper richmond road provides a welcome relief from the usual sanitised faceless monstrosities such as Slug & Lettuce etc... Also check out Bierrex on the high street - got a bit young a few months ago but sorted itself out now with The Fox/Spotted Horse/O'Neills good for the footy. Avoid The Castle - awful but about to undergo renovation as part of the "Putney Wharf" complex so might be alright from mid 2002 onwards....
  • The Spotted Horse is a ghastly place, not recommended. Every time I've been in there, there have been several drunken old men lurching around and the bar staff are rude!
  • Is nothing sacred? After the desecration of the Spotted Horse, The Bricklayers, the Fox and Hounds, the Railway... (&c, &c, ad nauseam), it is the turn of the The Cedar Tree to have a makeover from the bosses who believe the only people worth serving in pubs are braying middle class aspirational airhead scumbags who drink overpriced third world lager in gay schooner glasses. Even a Plasticpaddy pub would be better fate than this. I'm sticking to the Castle until they knock it over to make way for yet more flats for - guess who - yet more braying middle class aspirational airhead scumbags. GRRRR!!!!
  • BieRex opposite the cinema. It isn't really a belgian place as the guide indicates, but it is the most chilled bar in all of Putney. Excellent beer (Staropramen, Hoegaarden etc), live djs many nights of the week playing quality music and a pool table. Also the world's best and hardest working barmaid. Get in there, but keep the noise down cos I'm trying to have a quiet pint.
  • The Cat's Back - I know it has been mentioned but I just wanted to say this is DEFINITELY the best pub in Putney. Everyone there is lovely and they do great homecooked food during the week at lunchtime and Sunday lunch too. Say hi to Sophie if you do go in.
  • The Queen Adelaide has a massive beer garden which is great in the summer. It's at the far end of Putney Bridge Road-they have a darts board and screens for sport aswell.
  • The Spotted Horse
  • Bar Coast can be quite a laugh, has a DJ on Fridy and Saturday nights and a late license.
  • The world's most abandoned pub - The Cedar Tree, down Putney Bridge Road. You could strip the entire pub bare and no-one would notice.
  • Teeny-pub in the middle of no-where - The Cats back (unless they changed the name) - head down past Wandsworth Park towards Wandsworth, then hang a sharp left just past the railway bridge. Walk down the road towards the river (where the new 'posh' houses are. It looks like a pub in someone's living room...
  • The Fox and Hounds opposite the Railway has big screens for showing sports matches. There is also a beer garden. The food menue looks alright, but they weren't serving when I asked.
  • One of the best pubs in Putney is "P. Shannon's", an Irish pub tied to Fullers but only in the loosest sense. Very good draught Guinness, Kilkenny & Wexford on tap. Exceptionally friendly and hospitable staff and decent food as well. Occasional live Irish music as well, but even without, the atmosphere is very conducive to meeting new people and participating in a traditional Irish sing-a-long.
  • Bierre X is a Belgian beer bar with over 100 regional beers available in the cellar.
  • A good selection from Classic English (Jolly Gardeners) to modern, airy stylish types (Slug and Lettuce) and some in between (Railway - quite cheap).
  • The Star and Garter is Putney's top pub!!
  • Paddy Shannon's is just another formulaic Irish pub, granted the staff are friendly, but the floor is hard to stand on all evening, and it's pricey. The Fox and Hounds is equally good/bad/pricey. The Railway is now call J D Witherspoons, and is good if it's drinking you're after - Scotch Bitter is 89p a pint, but more drinkable stuff is £1.35 up (including guest ales). I hate the Slug and Lettuce. There's also the Rat and Parrot, which is reasonable at lunchtime but has bouncers on the door in the evening. The Spotted Horse is OK, but the beer (Young's) makes me ill.
  • The Telegraph. Tucked away behind Putney Heath, it's got a person-sized chess set outside. The bollocks in Summer. Also does superb pub food which is dirt cheap.
  • Green Man, at the top of the hill, is a very pleasant Young's pub, especially in summer when you can sit outside. Right opposite the no.14 bus terminus.
  • I like the Dukes Head much more than the Star and Garter. Plus, the Star and Garter is now Cafe M.
  • Star and Garter used to be a good pub, but is now the M-Bar and is more wine-bar-ish, with wine-bar prices. Only for the rich.
  • The Slug and Lettuce
  • Enoteca - a small Italian next to Cafe Tabac. Food preety good and the wine list amazing - over 100 different wines from a tenner up to 100's
  • The fox and hounds is a nice, relaxing pub in a good situation. The spotted horse is akin to bus drivers as the railway pub is to OAPs and weirdos. If you want to be pretentious then sample those along the riverfront with other wanabees.

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