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Skateboarding Spots in Putney, Greater London*

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Skateboarding Spots
  • Near Ritz music you will see a car park and a path next to it with lots of railings on the path edge is good grinding and sliding metal practically soaked with petrol fumes and oil (= Also where the car park entrance for Waitrose is the commercial one which is next to it has a good bank for learning to get to ride steep banks. And finally Putney wharf has a lot of drops and stuff
  • Its not great but along the upper richmond road towards East Putney tube station there some alright spots. Short walk from the station, near by pizza express, nandos, subway, chippy, indian, chinese restruants. Few corner shops too. - Capsticks: smooth car park with curbs round the outside, theres a semi-underground garage down a small ramp. Good for if you get caught out in the rain. - Carlton Court(?): Just oppisite Capsticks, white ledges heavily used by skaters. Havn't seen any of them in a while though, too worn down to be any real good. But go round the side to the car park enterence. Its across the road from the capticks one. A few still skateable ledges varying from just under a foot to half a metre. Some of these are undercover, go past the car barrier to get to the car park. Smooth with some curbs, have to go on weekend/late night so cars are not in the way. Good place just to sit around and warm up. - 116 upper richmond road: not quite sure of the adress but has parking in front and a char lift. Go past the car barrier to reach large slightly sloped brick car park. Either roll down from the higher level to the lower or trick the 4/5 stair. On the side of the park there is a half foot rail which strechs the length of the park. Once again get the right time to avoid cars. - Health Bridge Practice: cant remeber how many but about 8 stair with a red rail, well worn but short landing means having to have somone to stop you going into the road/parked car. - Postal Sorting Office: two stair with shortish run up but fun for flip tricks, really smooth. There were some ledges but they have been capped. Best to go when the post men are not there, although havn't had any real trouble before. Go across the high street and turn left up the hill. You will see some brick office thing on you're right after 20 yards or so, turn right though an alley way type thing and the ledge will be in front of you. - Putney Wharf: i've seen a few people down there late night but im not sure how much secruity there is. Smooth concrete with granite ledges, easily the best spot in putney. Saddly often filled with hundreds of people getting in your way. At least worth a look. Walk down the highstreet from the station. As you walk up to the odean there is a small granite ledge, carry on walking till you pass the odeon, its on your right. Right next to bus stop, large pub for when you need a rest. - Riverside quarter: virtually the same as putney wharf but less people and more spread out, less well known. Well worth a visit, from putney wharf walk towards wandsworth park and along the river, you will then reach it. No more than a 10 minute walk max. - Putney Lesiure Centre: Under cover car park, nothing special. There are some pretty cool banks round the outside though, very steep. Just walk along the upper richmond road towards sheen. Ask somone if you get lost. - Lacy Road: Behind Putney Exchange, theres a 4 stair into a car park with this metal ledge. Always some old pallets and crates which you could probally make into some little obstacele. The car park is a bit rough but its near the high street. Walk across the road to the Exchange deliveries entrance. Brick car park tpe setup with smooth wallride, probally better for bikers. Ask for directions. - Riverbank: Theres some nice ledges and few stairs round there, there are some banks leading up to the rowing clubs. Look around and find what you can. Theres a road leading from the river, cul de sac with nice ledges and curbs. These are the main spots in putney, there are some other small ones just over putney bridge to the right and round east putney/wandsworth. Find what you can. - Riverside quarter:
  • go 2 putney leisure centre. the car park is an alright place 4 sk8in. there are some walls that r'nt the ideal drops but can have some fun anyway!
  • right next to rits music is a public car park it has a metal ledge a few stairs
  • At the post office depot there is a two step fun for flip tricks also some drops and a ledge next to it
  • well the new putney warf used to be gr8 called pi it was and had stairs and old dirt jump and stuff
  • Used to be a skateboard park at the bottom of putney hill in the late 70's. One of the deepest bowls in europe at the time, but a very badly poured bit of concrete it was. Stacy Peralta came over from LA to do his thing. Pissed down with rain throughout the show............
  • Bloody nowhere. Go over the river (sorry!) to Bishop's Park.
  • Steep one-hit banks. Skate Late
  • There used to be a half-pipe on the Upper Richmond Road, about fifteen years ago. The site is now occupied by a law firm. Go figure.

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