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The Worst Things
  • Chavs, unreliable buses, poor train service into the city, single mums always in Kingfisher, people getting drunk and walking through the shopping centre topless, some quite undesirable areas you wouldn't want to wander through by yourself at night (sometimes day), Woodrow (no offense to those who live there), too many islands (roundabouts)
  • I agree with the bigoted comment - much of the midlands is like this unfortunately; not a region for the open minded.
  • quite bigoted - this is notable if you enter from outside the west midlands
  • Too many immigrants
  • Too many hills pain in the arse if your pissed or stoned
  • basicaly its a town called malice
  • unfortunately, the rest of the people (majority) are miserable, moaning buggers who still go on about the 'overspill' from Birmingham ruining 'their town'. In my experience it's the Brummies who are the great fun residents and look on the brighter side of life on the whole, and the 'locals' who are the whingy old so-and-so's. Get over it people, it was more than 30 years ago! Life is for living, this ain't no dress rehearsal!
  • The Bus Station and some of the school kids on the buses(rude and no manners and thats just the girls!)
  • Being unable to get a mortgage on any of the overpriced property in this town.
  • Security Guards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No Pavements along the roads. I've lived in Redditch for 7 years but still can't walk 2 miles into Redditch centre as I've no idea which under passes and parks I have to walk across seeing as there's no other way to walk assuming I can't walk along the dual carriageways. Also the bus services are attrocious thanks to the minority of children who think its funny to throw things at buses. (I blame the parents who shouldn't have kids if they can't teach them right from wrong)
  • The weather.
  • There are so many ignorant people, there are three macdonalds and the Kingfisher centre is full of the local wildlife
  • The entire surface area of the planet that redditch covers
  • Redditch is a very very racist area. Most of this racism is initally fueled by alcohol, and has led to a lot of segreagation. The drunkardz cut down on the drinking and it can much improve everything in Redditch.
  • the begga that sits playin the same bloody tune over an over again. I work at Smiths and he sits right near the door and that bloody tune does my head in. Plus, once the shopping centre closes, he moves to outside oxfam playin the same tune and then when you leave the nightclub at 2am he's sitting outside the old McDonalds still playin that bloody irish jig!!!!!
  • It has the highest population of young ppl than anywhere in the UK ... yet no cinema, bowling, or in fact anything ..
  • The charity shops ! we cud have reli gud shops but nooooooo CHARITY SHOPS! and the food hall its NEVA open n it cud b a row of reli gud shops!
  • Now
  • I have hust moved to Redditch about 12 months ago and it is one big council estate....3 prisons, 1 club and no cinema....can't wait to move again but no one is stupid enough to buy my house due to my scummy neighbours!!!!!
  • your mom
  • A town with a poundstretchers superstore must surely have some self esteem issues. gangs of yobs that are unable to come up with any original insults or threats, the shopping centres, the buses, the solitary train to birmingham, the fact you have to pay to park to be able to use the crappy selection of shops in the town, the pubs, the sad aspiration to be something better that the council cant quite manage to achieve
  • monday 2 friday afternoon
  • rudeboys
  • 2 y-chromo types in the front bar of the cross.
  • People that aren't me
  • depressing place, everyone stuck in the i want to do this with my life but i cant frame of mind
  • Could some of you writing for this page please use spell checker before posting items ... words like "AFTEN" .. urghhh go re-take english please !!!!
  • The overspill people from Birmingham, the overspill concrete areas of Matchborough, Winyates and Churchill.
  • Hewell Rd Swimming Baths. Urggghh, how filthy. We had to swim in that and I swear it stank of.... No wonder we all got veruccas.
  • Just it's general feeling of Redditch-ness. And the fact that it's a dying town full of dying ensioners and dying palm's the most depressing place I know.
  • All amenities closing down all developments seemingly an eternity away.
  • the highest pregnancy rate in europe the highest crime rate in England 100,000 people yet only one nightclub. 100,000 people and no cinema, bowling alley or any lesiure times activities. the people the football team the shopping centres the buses the pubs in fact there are no redeeming features
  • Having to worry about watching ya back everytime you walk out of the pub! Take it easy lads and chill!!
  • believe me, land here one time and it's like a swamp the more you struggle to get out of it the long and deeper you find yourself trapped in it but the up side is we're all in the same boat.
  • Too many vandals (probably cos there is not much to do).
  • The townies
  • To many bent townies beating up the superior long hairs and getting away with it.
  • Lots of roads so not a place to live if you don;'t have a car !
  • Lack of amenities and clubs, a large population with just one club, a good number of pubs should be an indication.
  • Everything!
  • The 177/178/179 bus to King's Heath. Hourly, if it comes.
  • Kappa Slappers Drunk 13 year old Drugs Nightlife
  • No nightclubs open after 1 am athough alot o places are offering drinking till 1 am... The trains are a nightmare to and from birmingham and are often late, after being 10 minutes late the don't arrive as it's a single track between redditch and barnt green so you will have to wait for the next one. Theese are every 30 minutes but i have waited upto 3 hours once in the pouring rain. Oh yeah! theres no real waiting room.
  • kevs

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