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Demolish It Now Building
  • That big old rusty thing by Mcdonalds, years ago there were rumours that it would be turned in2 a niteclub! WHY did this NOT happen??? It just wastes space! and is not a nice thing to look at!
  • Build a HUGE Dam across the valley at Pontygwaith and flood the Rhondda Fach after locking all the residents inside.The valley could then be turned into a nature reserve and the water used to supply homes and businesses ASWELL AS GETTING RID OF A HAVEN FOR DRUG DEALERS DOLE SCUM and CAR THIEVES.
  • The old post office in Tonypandy
  • my house or places where straight people live
  • Libanus Chapel Treherbert
  • the bell centre!!wasnt worth all the hassle, has done nothing for community at all( annoymous blaen resident)
  • Pentre
  • Ynyshir Working Mens Club - or whatever it is opposite the clean Station Hotel. It is so grotty and has an offensive aroma. You need a protective suit to walk past.
  • Libanus Chapel Treherbert
  • Trealaw Trade Car Sales!Dodgy Dealers!!!!!!!!!
  • All the buildings in the rhonndda vallee
  • The flat across the road from the Rhondda Sea Cadets where all the "hard" boys hang about and think they own the rhondda but they don't because they all are faggots and beat up girls because they think it is very funny to see us lickle girls suffer naming no names...... Smiler, Dee and Jamie Jones.... Just remember what comes around goes around. we have our contacts remember... by the way we dont hang about pandy...
  • tonypandy comprehensive, i think this building shoud be demolished because most of the teachers look down on the students and the headmaster my parry is a prick, if you get in trouble he does'nt want to hear your story he just wants to expell you. English bastard!
  • the house oppiosite jess
  • Penrhys should have been demolished when the central heating system broke down in the 70's. it is an eye sore and a reminder just what past councils have failed at.
  • tonypandy comp with mr parry in it and most of the rest
  • Ysgol Gyfun Cymer Rhondda school, it's so old and shitty that one missile is needed and then you would hear the joy of 800 school children screaming in excitment as they see the school blow up
  • TONYPANDY COMPREHENSIVE- I go to school there NOW- that's why, then I wouldn't have to go would I dummy?
  • all the boarded up houses should be dealt with
  • there are no building i would live to see demolished just tidied up lets say, for example the church in tylorstown should be re opened and re furnished!
  • The Naval club, Tonypandy. I spent most of my youth at this club and it was fantastic - but now it's time for either someone to reopen it or demolish it.
  • The NUM, uch a vie
  • The Parc & Dare. Just to annoy people who like it :)
  • Appolo night club
  • The banc, thats shit, it is the damned hardest place to drive past with the likes of Dai Barkus and Gillard blotto in the road.Codders's blue house in pont-rhondda. Clarkeys' house and the miskin and that damned thing next to clarkey's house too. Plus the whole of Francis and Marion street clydach.
  • Blaenclechau-all of it, spare nobody.
  • the YMCA in porth
  • McDonalds - its making us fat!
  • The banc, Pentre. While the clientele are in it. Oh aye and Penrhys.
  • Not a building - the cricket pitch by ton-pentre football club...built against the majority of public opinion on waste ground which was not only one of the few places that children could play away from cars but also held an annual fair. No longer possible, another victory for RCT council, flying in the face of public opinion.
  • Pentre Legion - then again, no-one inside would notice as half of them died ten years ago.
  • i recon TONYPANDY COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL sould be demolished
  • llwynypia tec.
  • The Whole of Gelli
  • Tonypandy comprehensive, its a school is there any other reason Griffen windows, Treorchy.
  • Treorci RFC , Porth
  • The new council buildings in Clydach, they are GROSS
  • The Banc
  • In the Rhondda , I would like to see that appalling Gas Tower in Llynypia either Painted or removed altogether , and the New RCT Council HQ, looks like a japanese work camp.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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