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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • One of my faves, Lord Richard Attenborough lives in Richmond. Ronnie Wood used to live in Richmond. Tommy Steele, no longer lives in Petersham, but did for years and had a Charlie Chaplin statue in his front 'garden'. Kate Beckingsale was spotted years ago outside what was then Dickens and Jones. Also spotted Rufus Sewell at Richmond Station and Nick from Eastenders.
  • Rob Brydon and Richard Ashcroft both live around Richmond.
  • Patsy Kensit is always around Richmond (especially since doing panto). If you see her on the street she has a face like thunder but is actually a very down to earth nice person. (and very good looking)
  • Rich from 5ive lives there.
  • Des Lyman, worn out hasbeenSlike Bamber Gascoine and clever people like Richard E grant
  • Richard Ashcroft, Keith Wood
  • Anyone rich really. That seventies actor..Tommy something. Mick Jagger.
  • The Stones, the Who, Peter Green, the list is endless.
  • Nana Moon walking down towards the High Street. She looked much younger than on Eastenders (and only a little bit older than when she used to be in Citizen Smith) !
  • Jennifer Sanders and Adrian Edmonson moved out of the huge house on Richmond Hill, for the Good Life in Devon. Trevor Peacock (of Vicar of Dibley fame) recently moved out of the house at the bottom of The Hermitage, that his children all grew up in. Rob Brydon (named Best Comedy Actor in the 2001 British Comedy Awards) has just bought a house two doors away from me, close to Richmond bus station. I've often seen Kate O'Mara walking up the hill, so she must live somewhere close by. Andi Peters is another one who I've often seen shopping in the Marks & Sparks foodhall, or heading up the hill. All the others I can think of have already been mentioned. Historically, Richmond hasn't been such a 'Luvvy' area as Hampstead, but it's starting to get that way.
  • The high street sees its fair share of celebs. John Hannah, Pete Townsend, David Attenborough, Amanda Holden, Les Dennis, Richard E Grant, jennifer Saunders, Lenny Henry etc etc. Also Dean Gaffney (Robbie in Eastenders) used to live in Isleworth, so he is a Richmond regular. And also Stephen Mott whos fairly famous.
  • I saw that guy from Four Weddings in Tesco metro, the one that was gay in the film and died of a heart attack at one of the weddings - sorry, can't remember his name. At the time I think he was doing a play at Richmond Theatre. It looked like he was reciting his lines as he walked past me, then again he could have just been chatting to himself.
  • Helen Baxendale is having a house renovated in Onslow Road and can often be seen loading her buggy and toddler onto the District Line tube. Coronation Street's Raquel (Sarah Lancashire) also frequents assorted supermarkets and coffee shops but appears cripplingly shy.
  • I heard Rick Astley lived in Richmond..
  • Junky pat
  • Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders frequenting the Odean. I was in there watching Braveheart and munching on various snacks. I could tell the two women in front were getting a bit annoyed at the racket. When they turned round to give me an evil look it was Dawn and Jennifer. They spent their whole time watching the film laughing and taking notes. Then about 6 months later they did a Braveheart sketch on their show.
  • Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall, Richard E Grant, Trevor MacDonald, John Hannah
  • Peter Green (founder member of the original Fleetwood Mac) can sometimes be seen riding the no. 33 bus. He went a bit doolally and has long unkempt hair and nails.
  • I stood next to that woman who was married to Reg Holdsworth (man of natural tastes) in Coronation Street, in Waitrose. She'd only just started shopping so I can't tell you what she bought as there was nothing in her trolley (I did look) when her mobile rang and she stopped to have a 20 minute chat in the middle of the aisle. She had a serious sun-tan - she looked like a satsuma.
  • The whole (almost) cast of Eastenders has been spotted in and around Richmond. Nina in tesco, Robbie (with a dog, and it wasn't Wellard!!!!) in Homebase, Blossom in the high street, Simon (the Gay one) by the river and finally the prise gem....Mel (ahhh..!)
  • In my local, The New Inn, on Ham Common I have spotted the one and only ROD from rainbow. He was part of the jovial threesome called Rod, Jane and Freddy. If you don't remember these you are extremely unfortunate.
  • Tommy Steel the all round happy go lucky entertainer lives on Petersham Road, as does Richard E. Grant
  • Well here's a funny story...more spooky than funny but anyways. 1991 the year, as I recall. I was browsing the window of a bookshop with my then girlfriend (Joanna her name was, nice girl) with the intention of buying "The Great Moguls" a book by Bamber "your starter for ten" Gasgoigne. It was a Sunday and obviously the shop was closed but as I'd been looking for this book a while and they had it there prominently displayed in the window I made a mental note to return during business hours and purchase it. That sorted we turned the corner to head to the White Cross Hotel for a couple of pints when who should be walking up the road toward us....why Fred Dibnah of not really it Was Bamber himself!! If I'd had the book on me I would have asked him to sign it...but I didn't so I just ignored him and pretended I didn't know who he was....still spooky eh?
  • I've spotted Lionel Blair there on a few occasions. He has the most incredible suntan you've ever seen.
  • David Attenborough, Richard Attenborough, Huw Wheldon, Tommy Steele, Tom Courtney, Humphrey Burton etc etc. As for the rock stars - Ron Wood of course used to live in the Wick (he bought it from John Mills), and Mick is hardly ever at home, although Jerry is. Jagger story: he once tried to rent a video round the corner and the kid who was staffing the place said he needed some id. "Don't you know who I am?" asked the Be-lipped One. "No" came back the kid.
  • You're never short of an enjoyable way to pass the time while you're supping your overpriced beers/trendy lagers/spritzers... "SPOT THE CELEBRITY" is a great way to bump into things as you say to yourself: "That looked like so-and so."
    Genuine 'Spots'
    • Michael Fish (well, he lives there)
    • John Stapleton
    • Les Dennis (in off-licence in East Twickenham)
    • Jennifer Saunders
    I think the Les Dennis one is nice, as he actually said "hello"!!
  • Mick Jagger lives at Downe House on Richmond Hill and Pete Townsend has just bought The Wick, another huge house on the Hill. For rock trivia loonies everywhere you might also like to know that Ronnie Wood lives at Maids of Honour Row on Richmond Green.
    Mick Jagger has moved from Richmond Green.
  • Jenny Powell, Imogen Stubbs, Chesney Hawkes and Jhonny Herbert all shop in Tesco Metro Richmond (I used to work there!).
  • Lots n lots but tend to gravitate to East Twickenham as it's near Richmond. Richard E Grant has been spotted in my local Londis, and Bamber Gasgoine will insist on swimming in the Thames during the summer (not reccomende unless you've had all your jabs)

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