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The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else
  • Just love St. Margarets - it isthe best place in the world ever. Except the local oub is stil shit for renovations and looks like it will become one of those nasty family carvery pubs made for peasants. Quite clearly the quality of clientele was not factored into their choice of pub and location. A crime indeed.
  • Just to correct you on a point. Marble Hill Park is a favourite with dog walkers; it is not a dog free zone. However, the National Heritage Society provide bags for dog owners to collect any mess their dog might make.
  • The first ticket machine on the right as you come into Richmond Station delivers free travelcards.
  • As someone who was born in Iselworth in 1943 and spent all of the '60s in Richmond, who witnessed the first Rolling Stones public appearance in Richmond - at St Marys Hall, up a lane way by the side of the Odean Cinema, where - on the other side of the lane the L'Auberge coffee house used to serve myself and ERIC CLAPTON coffee - before anyone had heard of my mate ERIC - the one other personality that used to croak his nightly songs out on Richmond Underground Station was ROD STEWART. You want gossip from the '60s in and around Richmond - I've got plenty. That's enough for now. I now live in Sydney Australia but get back to Europe once a year and still check out the old town.
  • Richmondgave its name to the Souther Town in The Confederacy howver its difficult to believ this little traffic congested dump has any connection. There is absolutly no sense of history,beauty or graciousness in this place today. Its main street is just a look-alike-UK High street filled with poorly dressed people(00.99p T shirts and filthy shorts) with a chip and grudge against this imagined headquarters of Southern Gentility . Sadly as the Gentility is hardly ever seen they end up banging their own heads against a brick wall!
  • They have a Victorian evening ones a year. They ban traffic from the town centre and have street entertainment and peddlars selling roast chestnuts and stuff. Some people even dress up for it.
  • Even compared with central London, Richmond has a staggering foreign population - you can't move for greeks, americans and french people.
  • Yes, the shopping in central Twickenham is crap. And there are good places in St Margarets/East Twickenham. But these are in Twickenham. Surely Richmond hass enough crap/good things of its own without needing to covet its neighbour's ass.
  • There's now a great new listings magazine for Surrey called THE TICKET, with lists, reviews and articles of things to do and places to go. Look out for it at newsagents, supermarkets and petrol stations. Only 1.80
  • George Bernard Shaw once said that "the problem with socialism is that not everybody can live on Richmond Hill". Anyone who lives in Richmond is privileged, and has NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to complain about living there!
  • east twickenham and st. margarets are london's best kept secrets
  • After not-disastrous redevelopment, Richmond's waterfront survives partially intact, with a series of wharves and boat ramps unequalled on the river, and there is a rare survival of a Thames boatbuilding and hire business by Richmond Bridge. Owner Mark Edwards has encyclopediac knowledge of Thames boatbuilding practices and a number of Thames skiffs for hire, including covers and camping equipment for longer trips up the Thames. The boathouse is also actively building new boats in the Northern European tradition of boatbuilding. A good place to get involved and convenient for two pubs, the waterfront 'White Cross' and the more tucked away Waterman's Arms -- well worth a visit with friendly staff, the best Young's Beer (and cheapest prices) in Richmond. If your visit coincides with spring tides, which tend to flood in the mid afternoon around full and new moons in this part of the world, you are almost guaranteed 'entertainment' as vehicles disappear beneath the waters outside the pub having ignored both the prominent 'Tidal Flooding' notice and that the road has a thin covering of silt at these times. The evening view of Richmond bridge from the 'White Cross' remains attractive, particularly so in that the Bridge is not floodlit and therefore doesn't look like a Christmas cake decoration, and in winter you can enjoy the pub's very curious fireplace, situated directly beneath a window.
    Next to Richmond bridge, do admire the pontoon to which the converted Oxford barge - the eatery - is moored. It's a little known fact that one end conceals a large tank for the restaurant's loos - you should be able to judge for yourself how full this tank is by observing the angle at which the pontoon is sitting in the water.
  • By day, full of crap shops that are no use to anyone but the typical mother in those piss-poor sitcoms, usually featuring Nigel Havers and Peter Bowles; by night, full of horsey tarts with straight hair, expensive jeans and high heels who look exactly the same and Sport Billies from the nearby "University" (Brunel University of West London - don't go there unless you're a Rugby twat or a muso, kids!). If you see Andi Peters, do us a favour and kick the shit out of him. Kingston shits on it from a great height - miles better shopping and no shitty attitudes.
    [But:] I would rather kick the shit out of you rather than Andi Peters. I happen to know that he is one of the nicest people in Richmond. Maybe you should check your facts before you broadcast over the internet.
  • The London Borough of Richmond is the sort of place that likes to spend its rate payers money on hanging baskets from the High Street lamp posts and piddling about with "Heritage" issues rather than providing decent services. Its library service is crap compared with next door Hounslow and so are most of its other social services.
  • Travel:
    • 10minutes on an express train to Central London
    • Numerous BR connections as well as District Line Tube
    • Huge amount of Buses
    • A316 bypasses Richmond town centre
    • Good for Heathrow A4/M4/M3/M25/M40/M1
  • Some of the best night out in London start in Richmond, especially after a rugby international at Twickenham. Traditionally Richmond is full of well-off birds and is a good place to pull.
  • Richmond Park is the largest of the parks in the London area, and contains large herds of deer and roe-deer (c. 700) that you can approach most times of the year. The park also contains a beautiful botanical garden, lakes numerous jogging and riding trails and four golf courses.
  • The view towards west from Richmond Hill is spectacular.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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