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The Worst Things
  • The posh twats who live on the river
  • Over priced and over snobbed (look at the comment about people from Hownslow lowering the tone of the place) Wouldn't waste my money buying into Richmond, yeah Ok it's nice but there are just as nice places for less money with nicer people.
  • The riverside houses owned by the 'rich toffee-nosed' are more in the region of £1,600,600....And that'd be a reasonably good value one.
  • Richmond in short is full obnoxious hoorays and ghastly sloanes with buck teeth who are so up their own arses! Rascist derranged old colonel types who still thinks India is a colonal flogging ground. Attractive alluring women who make themselves ugly by having Laura Ashley dress sense, pseudo plummy accents and only go for slimey Hugh Grant types. Hardly any black people and absouletly no Asian people in sight. Unfriendly tossers who make you feel very unwelcome.
  • Can be snobbish. High st lacks character.
  • the one way system... you can spend 45 mins on a bus trying to get through Richmond. It needs a ring road!
  • *Snobs and rich gits who drive ridiculously huge cars. Plus, mothers who pick kids up from private schools seem compelled to drive huge great 4 X 4s with bars at the front. * Friday nights are dreadfully rough - I wouldn’t be seen dead in the town centre * A preponderance of bi-men cottaging in toilets
  • Stuck up Hooray Henrys and Sloane Rangers. Richmond is nothing more than a suburban equalivent of Chelsea. Even the attractive women have goofy teeth and wear flack jackets. The usual tenth rate baseball cap brigade hanging out at Mcdonalds and Burger King. Richmond is stuck in the 1950s, it's your classic come from the city to your nice suburban retreat at the weekend; fair enough if you want that life.I don't! I'ts south of the river and if your from North London, you'll hate it with a passion! Although it's a london borough, it's actually Surrey. When I lived there I convinced myself I lived in South West London, when deep down I knew I was stuck in the home counties! Hardly any ethnic minorities, which is always a bad thing.
  • Guys that can't drink and seem to try and keep drinking until throwing out time then proceeed to puke all over Richmond
  • The high street (George Street), which sadly is much like any other. Someone suggested Richmond was hard to get to -- only if, by ignorance, you insist on catching the tube (spits). Take the train, twenty minutes from waterloo on a good day (which ain't bad for zone four).
  • The druggy area with some quite agressive tramps...however they don't seem to appear in the rain so one does wonder.
  • Over-development spoiling the character of the area as green spaces in-filled and the semi-rural becomes inner city. No longer get the bohemian mix that made it a fun place to live, as everyone but yuppies and super rich being forced out by crazy property prices.
  • Being under the flight path to Heathrow, which is only 8 miles away. Depending on the wind and the direction the planes land in, the aircraft noise can be extremely intrusive and spoils the tranquility of Richmond's beautiful scenery (it has considerably more 'green space' than any other London borough).
  • snobs and the worrying number of coffee shops and boring bars that are popping up everywhere
  • People from Hounslow/Feltham etc, who just completely lower the tone of the place.
  • All the little posh kids trying to be so rebellious and individual in their identical Slipknot t-shirts and huge baggy jeans. The huge amount of 4-wheel drive cars and people carriers.
  • Scenic setting and romantic possibilities massively spoilt by un cool people wandering along the towpath too who are either drunk,looking to assault someone who is enjoying the beautiful river walks or nick their bike,or chuck them in the river, basic vibe is yobbos toffee nosed £600,000 riverside house owners. Local houseowners who walk round on Sunday inspecting everyones bottoms with their monocles with a sense of great importance being bored stiff on Sunday afternoons.
  • Prices (crazy - even for London).
  • Not every shop in Richmond is as good as Life Styles.
  • People who assume that if you live in the Richmond area you must be posh and into rugby - which isn't true. A lot of us grew up here and don't won't to move away cos we grown up to appreciate the little gems this area has. Unfortunately, if you foolishly venture down to Richmond river side on a summer Saturday night, you'll be hard pressed to find a local - it seems to have been taken over by rugby fans, tourists and both variations of the benidorm contingent (ie. 'shirts off-reebok classics man' and also the 'Dolce-Gabbana-Urban Stone beautiful people') as well as a healthy splattering of 'kids' from Wandsworth and Battersea, giving it 'the large'. (But it's still friendly than Kingston which has just become 'nasty'.)
  • Quite difficult to get to from Central London;
  • Far too Conservative.
  • You comment that Richmond is far too conservative. I am not sure if you mean this with a large or small C. The fact is that the Local Authority is overwhelmingly led by the Liberal Democrats. It was Conservative led until about 13 years ago. Now the LibDems have 44 Councillors to Conservative 5 and Labour 2 (I think, but may be one out). The last by-election was a LibDem win over a previous Conservative candidate.
  • There are two Labour councillors - who against all odds are doing their best for a decent Richmond. They are friends of mine - so perhaps I am biased.
    My major gripe is the lack of live music in local pubs, also snotty upper class people.
  • Car parking in Richmond is nigh on impossible at the best of times. The best site is the small car park (Friars Lane) off Richmond Green between the High Street and the river. Another possibility is the large car park to the north of the Green accessible only from the main A316 (Twickenham Road). You can forget trying to park anywhere in Richmond at Xmas.
  • Trying to drive on rugby days, Crap shopping in central Twickenham

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Last updated: 2014-06-08

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