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The Worst Things
  • Van loads of part time coppers giving innocent drinkers a difficult time to demonstrate just how in control they are(nt). Often the leader of said aggreesors is about 4'6" tall and would do well in a snow white panto audition.
  • Dickens Fest, its crap and got nothing to do with him.
  • over zealous council officials.
  • to much Dickens
  • chavvies on a friday n sat night
  • 2006 Update; Dickens Festival, its rubbish compared to Sweeps. Since the council prefer anything with Dickens in the title it happens anyway and even draws a crowd, but not much happens, and little of what does is even remotely connected with Dickens. Pointless.
  • Its not great if you like shopping in high street stores, as there isn't any!
  • witherspoons pub uuch
  • chavs thinking they are hard and come into rochester to make trouble the idiots that hang around the vines and cause trouble drunks that hang around and make the place look like a dump strood what else shall i say! disused buildings scattered around the area
  • Kids on alcohol binges on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • chavs chavs chavs chavs chavs chavs chavs chavs chavs........... GO AWAY!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No midweek Student nights, no students at all in fact.
  • "People" from Chatham insultin our nice suits.
  • wander too far down the high street in either direction and you'll end up in chatham or strood, and probably onto someones knife. the little 14 yr old metallers can get on your tits too, especially when you're constantly getting searched by PC Plod coz they make trouble.
  • Not alot... its quite gud, actually.
  • POLICE et chavs
  • The Warren Wood Social Club...Full of crusty old men.
  • If you hang out on a saturday night then you wuill get started on by a drunken pikey. Just a warning, cause it will happen.
  • The kings school wankers
  • Other People
  • the hatered and the dirt.
  • My spelling?
  • The Cedars Christian School on Rochester Maidstone Road...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
  • The Friday night crowd in Wetherspoons. Amadeus. (Apart from Tuesday nights, which can -very rarely- surprise you).
  • The chatham girls, their gold makes me sick.
  • american tourists in the summer, saying ooww ma gawd..chorles dikkens lived heeer, in that twatty southern manner.
  • Too many scallies about.
  • The caberet rooms.

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Last updated: 2017-12-31

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