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The Best Things
  • Romford = Chav capital of England
  • Romfords not a Shit-Hole anymore! YOU'VE LEFT!!!
  • The market for fruit and veg and bargain Tuesdays at the cinema
  • "The Cult" Greatest people in the world right here. Friendly, welcoming to newcomers, and always ready to lend a hand.
  • The best thing for me was leaving the dump that was Romford over 27 years ago. Jesus, what a materialistic personification of everything that was the old 'geeza'East End and new Essex mentality! Awful tacky place!
  • Romford is great all of it,, the pubs .. the market.. the clubs..wots not to like.............
  • loads to do, always busy and bustling!
  • Always ALWAYS seeing somebody you know, the pure friendlyness - not the drunken youths - and the relaxedness.
  • As it happens I must say reading some of what has been put on here, Romford is a fabulous place really, now that I am living in MK i can tell you Romford is very much missed by myself. I had many a good nights out with my ole dad (bless him) especially Freddie whales (lovely family) bar as my dad was a regular. i have most of my best nights out in Romford town.... Including a night out with Alan minter in the golden Lion and freddies Bar! Can't be bad hey!
  • outside could be snowing but you are sure to see an essex girl walking around in a mini skirt and a skimpy top!
  • nightlife
  • Shopping - beats Lakeside! Only short ride from great country parks and countryside So close to London Liverpool Street - 10minutes on fast train All the new developments - residential and commercial. Romford Market including the occassional large French market
  • Plenty of fit young Laydeeez
  • Loads of Shops
  • Romford market. Always a bargain to be had.
  • gidea park (where i live) village like and has a cool park, cricket ground and golf course, exhibition estate rocks wid its private tennis club in the middle of the road
  • love the night life in romford itll never fail you, great shops for the cheap and the rich, loads of resturants and bars, love the shopping love the clubs love the weatherspoons and last but not least the people, never fails to get a mix in romford.
  • love it or loathe it, it's home. you should always be proud of where you come from.
  • Son of Nothing Record Shop
  • the brewery the market people come from miles around and romford has the best lookin people in the country
  • meeting with your mates and going skating or seeing a film but all the years ive lived here and gone up there every weekend either with friends or family it never gets boring there is so much there weather it be clean new and modern like the brewery or old ugly and dolphin like romford wont be the same with out it every last building makes romford so idividual
  • the market
  • Its my birthplace, you can still see the same old characters out and about and for pubs/going out, you really can't complain.
  • Nice girls.
  • Pigeons
  • They knocked down that stinking brewery. Romford apparently now has more pubs and clubs than Soho.
  • Chessclub
  • The Ship - Gidea Park!
  • Easy access to central London, decent if slightly tacky shopping center and market place.
  • pubs n clubs
  • Sainsburys White chocolate chip cookies... when they are in stock. Cinema, Shops, Pizzahut (just refurbished) Probably the rom for skaters, Freak night at Hollywoods.
  • Ronford is close to London and only takes about 20mins by train to get to liverpool street.There are loads of shops and places to hang out and the market is quite good too.The sweet stall which sell Mars bars in bulk(10 for a pound!)is the best ever
  • The new Cinema Ster in the old brewery site is worth a visit! but not if ya too 'ard to be seen in a cinema!
  • Good cinema, lots of shops, lots of buses, trains to Liverpool Street and to Southend. The Brewery shopping centre. Good pedestrianised shopping in South Street.
  • you could never be too drunk or too common. not true of primrose hill where i live now.
  • It is huge and has loads of shops. It is a really good place to hang out and cause havok:)
  • I got out and moved to Croydon where there is more culture, more tolerance and it's easier to get into London. I have to visit my family back in Romford (I keep begging them to move!)but stay in the house so I don't have to bump into some overly fertile twit I used to go to school with/ date. I dread to be asked to 'pop up to Tesco's love'- this means a trip to the very scary Tesco supermarket in Collier Row. All the staff seem to have a lack of understanding about what a customer is actually doing at their meeting place, and literally attempt to push you out of the way while they stack the place where you were looking at the products they are supposed to be selling.Don't let me get started on the fellow customers behaviour.
  • Boys from about 11-17 think they're Romford rude boyz, so if ya want a laugh go and look at them coz thier all in their tracksuits wearin their caps that don't fit properly and the god the amount of gold jewellery they can fit on their bodies, and the earings are so HUGE its like summing out of the 70's.
  • Jalani Runners are FUNNY
  • There's nothing great about Romford, recently they've attempted to build some nicer shopping & eating places, but it will ultimately fill up with the same Twats that all the others are full off. If you can think of somewhere great in Romford, don't put it on this web site. Just tell the others of us with more than the average brain size etc. Word soon gets around, leave the pricks & prickesses in South St beating the shit out of each other, and we'll find somewhere good to go to that doesn't involve going to London. Hope to see you there. (when it happens)
  • the smell of fish
  • Nothing good about the place. It's a shit-hole inhabited by half-wit Essex wanker mutants. The Yanks should bomb this place not the Taliban.....
  • I can honestly say that I generally like shopping in Romford than anywhere else, and boy can I shop!. I've been to several shopping centres including Lakeside, Bluewater, The Harlequin, Brent Cross, Oxford Street, Tottenham Crt Rd, Marble Arch, Sloane Square, High Street Kensington, even the shops at Southend, Harrow, Barking, Ilford, East Ham, Margate and Paris and several London Markets including, Wembley, Harrow, North Weald, White Cross, Roman Road, Crisp Street, Barking Market. I like Romford because it's has alot of high street shops, there is a market on most days and it has some of the shops that are individual, For example a T-shirt printing shop in the arcade or old rumford shopping hall.
  • The Romford Drum and Trumpet Corps. Best youth marching band still going strong after forty years. Taken loads of kids off the streets and given them a great education. Well done #### Bouchard MBE
  • 8.30AM professional people on there way to earn a living.
  • Meeting up with your mates from home after being away at Uni and realising that Romford never changes.
  • Always seeing someone you know in Romford or collier row. The 294 has got to be the best bus ever alongside 103. They go everywhere you need. Both these buses has provided some of the best experiances i've ever known, met me some of the best friends and also my girlfriend. (also goes near fb school). Lots of parks, especially lawns park. Also being so close to lots of areas, becoming more london than essex. lots of quality buses and hangouts.
  • Not a lot these days apart from the nightlife.
  • It's only a push and pull away from Upminster !!!
  • The People, the Welcome, The Friendliness
  • erm. Quite a wide variety of shops.
  • variety of shops and it's easy to get to
  • Everything that makes Romford what it is
  • I don't live there anymore but, my x does and all her two faced church going chums!
  • the birds are fit, I have been around the world (10 years) Romford has shorter skirts and more birds up for it, New York comes close.
  • Announcing 'I'm from Romford' is actually a great way to break the ice with strangers. After all, everyone has a story to tell about Essex Girls. Useful for parties at university. If anyone from Havering ever manages to go.
  • This will be brief, there is not a lot of good things about Romford. After 27 years here I am still looking. The best things (the old buildings they should have loved and cherished) have all been bulldozered for the sake of progress! What has Romford got left - no soul! (Except for the Cellar bar perhaps) which has been going strong for more years than anyone cares to remember, albeit now rehoused in a new (not so good) venue. Romford was OK in the 50's when they had the animals in the Market, but now they have the 2 legged sort - and not so attractive, but stink just as much.
  • the people are great;
  • I went to broxhill school during the late 60s early 70s had a great time ther ,good friends. what ever happended to it. moved from harold hill 25 yrs ago.
  • The best thing about Romford for me was the train to Heathrow and the plane to New Zealand.
  • I have recently moved to Romford from Kent and may i say what a nice change the people here are, everyone i have meet are open friendly and yes say exactly what they are thinking ! It makes a refreshing change from the people from Kent
  • Nightlife surpasses most places - even some major towns and cities.
  • The best thing is brining people there on a night out from far away places and watching them cringe and delight at how totally appicable the Essex joke culture really is. The best thing for me was moving away. I have met some amazing people and true friends from there but they are miracles compared to the general population. They have paved nicely the road from the station which does improve the aesthetic pleasure of the area.
  • Your guaranteed to bump into someone you know no matter where you go out in Romford. It's a lively place to be, certainly the next place to be outside of London.
  • 'Best Things'? ironic...i like it.
  • I'm proud to have come from Romford, especially Collier Row. Looking back, the friends I made were the funniest, most open-minded and loyal people I've ever met. I miss the place, even the so-called "nutters" who were often much more comical than they wanted to be and the shit things which did give the place a strange sort of charater!
  • Loads of pubs.
  • The'ROMFORD RAIDERS' ICE HOCKEY TEAM. Top ice hockey entertaiment.Watch out for grudge matches with Chelmsford and Isle of Wight.Top value entertaiment on a sunday evening 5-8pm.Also 'ice disco' excellent night out.Dont forget nearby Hornchurch fantastic choice of restaurants notibly 'SIMPLY BLUES' American style diner 'CAFE UNO' pasta etc.Plus Indian, Chinese,French and many more.
  • Ease of access into town (London)
  • It's not (entirely) fair to criticise Romford for it's "greyness" (the people who live there, that's another matter, with honorable exceptions of course) It has LOTS of parks, some of which are lovely - Raphael in the centre is the most famous (Cottons, also in the centre is major drug-dealing haunt and best avoided), but Oldchurch and Lawns are also wonderful places to relax and chill out. Lawns and Bedfords Country Park are blessed with superb views over all of East and South East London, including the millennium dome!
  • V. near London I live here It actually looks quite nice these days There is stuff to do Well policed Lots of shops, with different things
  • Coming out of romford station, only to be welcomed by a string of inviting pubs!
  • It has no pretentions.
  • Romford market is the bollocks at Christmas time!!!! From a former resident, now living in Australia.
  • The thing I love about living in Romford is that its like living in London without actually being IN London, i'ts so close that you can hop on a train and be in central London in about half an hour for less than four quid. I think the pubs are good, the people friendly and down to earth and there are some good places to eat out, Bella Pasta, a great Italian without the huge prices, and JD wetherspoons the Moon & Stars, great food at great prices, and there is the market of course, great if you find all the stalls which do Faith and Shelleys shoes at about a third of the shop price.
    The thing I don't like?? Well it gets boring after a while but that's the same with everywhere I think - if you get bored of the shops you are only a short bus or car ride away from Ilford, and of course Lakeside Thurrock, which is great for shops - we also have a good cinema, an Odeon and an ABC which is good and also keeps the price low at ALL times.
  • A great place to come from - but a lousy place to go to. It is the sort of place where the only historic building - the house that Captain Blood took the crown jewels after stealing them - was knocked down to make way for an advertising hoarding. It is part of the only London borough which doesn't have a single blue plaque to mark the home of anyone famous. Its the sort of place where a decent pub like the White Hart gets remamed the Bitter End. Bitter? No. Just bloody glad I had the common sense to leave the bloody dump 26 years ago and move north, where there are real people, great football, and the beer is so much better! Bruce Hubbard - an ex-clocksider (if anyone reading this is old enough to know where the clockside was - now under a housing estate!)
  • Romford is an OK town, been there twice, plenty of shops in a rather dated shopping complex affair. Low class of people generally, not much to see, swimming pool closed down, but coming from Northern Ireland it's a damn side better than any town there.
  • The way you can always find a punch up/murder to watch on a Friday night. Try outside Hollywoods
  • People have mentioned that no-one's pretentious, and that the girls aren't that sluttish etc., and all that's very true. But i don't think anyone's really got across the open atmosphere. The one thing i miss (i now live in the godforsaken midlands)is the feeling of open-mindedness - sometimes quite surprisingly!
  • Great atmosphere and people
  • Rhapheals Park and Bedfords park.

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