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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • karaoke in pubs clubs what is it all about . It is just a group of people thinking they can sing when half of them cant.
  • people singing in pubs and clubs what that all about . people thinking they can sing . its a turn for people who want a to sit chat and drink
  • Clubs are not what they used to be.
  • Romford over 40’s night All welcome to our over 40’s disco night on 26th June 2009 at 8pm till 11pm Singles or couples. All welcome If over 40-50-60-70 and up Continuing with every last Friday of the month £5 entrance membership fee Bring your own drink and mixers Great Disco playing 60’s to 80’s music Plus raffle on the night. Come along on our first opening night and meet new friends. Harold Wood Neighbourhood Centre, Gubbins Lane, Harold Wood, Romford RM3 0QA Any enquires: phone John 07704 793895 or 01708 371817
  • country and western
  • Time and Envy and Secrets Rock nights!
  • We like Faces at Gants Hill
  • Time And Envy could be improved a lot. The Moon and Stars is a great place to go but i still prefer Brentwood, the sugar hut village.
  • Time and Envy is a youth club.
  • sams, time and envy
  • tek
  • Time and Envy, end of story, the best by far.
  • Time and Envy is definetly the best place to go on a wed, start off in moon and stars - cheap drinks which is excellent as Time can be expensive about 4 for an alcopop- then time after. Leave bout 10.30 as time queue is huge from 11.Brannighans is the best on a monday student night means 1 a drink b4 9.30 and free to get in b4 a certain time. Fridays n Saturdays is totally up to u! Edwards is cool but if u want a club atmosphere without staying out too late, try Bar Me shuts at 11. Girls in there are of a certain style, very youthful in appearence but play a good mix of chart stuff n old classics. Well worth visiting.
  • always have a great time in edwards on a sunday night think its fantastic, meet in the moon and stars then crawl next door! times not bad but is a bit over rated, can have a good night there though. like the music in brannigans, can have a real good boogie in the on a monday but not aloud to take your drink on the dance floor so not that great.
  • The best place to go in romford is life bar or mango. ok music and u can have a laugh with your mates. time is full of under age, and envy is full of over age. opium is also ok, but is expensive to get in to
  • I think JuicyFunk @ Pacific Edge in Romford Market Place is one of the most happiest vibes for funky house music. The crowd is older, know how to party and lots of girls are there - bonus! My mates also enjoy the garage in the other room which suits all of us. So If anyone is looking for a great time the next one is 22nd October and we can't wait!!
  • its gotta be yates then time and envy
  • erm......where to start time and envy, opium, secrets, SPEARMENT RHINO!!!, etc.........
  • Romford's 'alternative' music scene is impressive although the locals always complain that romfords only full of trendy places. For example there are alternative nights on in hollywoods, life bar, ford and firkin, golden lion,secrets, RM1, musictek and opium lounge. thats EIGHT alternative clubs/venues for just one town. These people should try living in shitholes like poole with one club between them.
  • most are crap now the area needs something smaller .envy full of totty bit expensive. mango is probably best but gets packed avoid branigans its like an old peoples home hollywoods is filth but v. cheap every creed and colour under the sun also lots of ilford scum who are too young to get in anywhere else
  • Hollywoods has classy girls in it and incredibly buff boys. The prices are good and is NOT full of pigs!!!!the music is decent and is generally a good night out. Round by Hollywoods there isnt a load of violence and is pretty calm. ps they sell dildos in the loos if that pursuades u 2 go!!
  • It has to be Mckluskies. I recommend to anyone to go there on a saturday! drinks in there are very cheap and i think it has a good atmosphere!
  • Last time I went to a club in Romford I had to walk through a metal detector, so far I have not been tempted back.
  • Time and Envy is the best club in Romford blatantely! Well worth a visit, Much bigger than the others, better music and a better atmosphere!
  • If u want a clubbing atmosphere which is full of complete stylers sipping on light pepsi all nite with more attitude than a blazin squad video and having a go at you if you dare brush past them while sporting a fashion sense last seen on the salon then by all means go to 100% attitude Time, and if u going for the birds don't bother there either fat, ugly, less educatated than a pigeon or all just ice queens with there prada bags which cost them half their annual salary, sorry doll money. I mean there a few youngens which can be good if you in to that.Time is expensive and overated it's a complete farce, your lucky if you can get change from a fiver if you buy 1 drink. Now if you really want an "up for it nite" which won't require a small mortgage to be taken out than i suggest branigans on a monday nite, not the most glamourous but it does what it saids on the tin, everybody knows the score. Ok birds aren't the best but there up for it, this is where you will find the classic romford girl, less morals than an episode of jerry springer, but theres nothing wrong with that is there. As far as McCLUSKY'S it's ok for now and again, but here there is again an distinct sight of gold and silver chains hanging from every skinny neck in the place aswell as incoherent shite being blasted out through the dj stand.
  • TRAX, a gr8 spot that the snobs cuss.
  • vivid has turned back into hollywoods havnt been in there in years but im guessin that they cant be doing that well as every friday night (and i think sat) its free drinks for the ladies from 9-12 and everyone gets free entry with the flyers which are constantly being given out dunno how they can be making any profit at all?! Time is only trouble if your the sort of person who looks for it but by no means is it all that and a bag of chips! Edwards is great for cheap drinks n a bit of a dance, Life is good but tends to be full of posers who love themselves, Yates is good and am luvin trax at the mo! romford is by no means the best place in the world but hey its home sweet home!!
  • Romford Club Update as of November 2003. After changing its name to Vivid/Elite in the late 90's, it has now reverted back to Hollywoods. Sadly, its still rubbish because they generally play just Garage. I have heard that the management are considering changing the music policy, about time! Mcluskeys is a good place to go because it is so cheap and cheerful. You get a lot of students in on a Thurs, but its free to get in before 9 with a flyer and most of the drinks are 1 before Midnight. They play Old Skool, Garage, R'n'B, Commercial Dance and Drum n Bass. Something for everyone! Time and Envy is the best and busiest place on a Saturday. Average age is probably around 21. They play mostly commercial dance, trance and old skool tracks in the main arena and mostly Garage and R'n'B on the first level.
  • trax is a good place to go, just make sure you're into the latest music. if you're an oldie, with no hair and about to collect your pension, it's not for you. its mostly for the err, girls wearin short skirts and big hooped earings with hardly a bit of string covering their boobs, and the rude boys of romford. although its very small, it's a great place to get down to some serious dirty dancin. the music can be heard from across the road. time and envy is great, time really big, and usually packed. envy is for over 25's and plays a range of music. these two are deffinitely the best place to go for the younger generation!
  • Time no longer plays trance. Lee Rawlings got sacked. It's gone terribly pair shaped ever since. Tom plays house music from 10.30-11.30 but after that its bland garage. What a shame. Please bring back house/trance to Romford.
  • C'mon! Has no-one been on here for years? Vivid and Elite or Hollywoods, as it keeps changing its name, is the best. Freak night on a Tuesday was pretty cool if you're of an alternative taste in music or Time for those trendier people.
  • Romford, what can I say! with a 70%-30% guy - girl ratio you could believe that you had just walked into a gay club if you go to Envy on a Saturday night! Apart from the fact that a gay club isn't blessed with the Hackett top brigade and miss Christina aguilera wanabe (not quite good enough!) hooker types! If ya fink ya well ard and do not know any other adjectives other than f***king this and f**king that and enjoy spending all evening trying to affect a mockney accent, then a night out in Romford is the place for you( Never have understood why the men there are so preoccupied with being 'ard, a man only really needs to be hard for purposes of procreation!) Especially if you enjoy a good punch up after blowing 60 on overpriced booze and either going home with a policeman, a wanabe hooker or your right hand! Or maybe all three! Do not try to say anything witty to any of the girls in Time & Envy! She will either tell you to F**k off (her favourite word! how imaginative!) or call her 18 year old boyfriend over to squeeze his spots at you! Or if any interest is expressed it will only be to size up your spending power by intentionally asking you what job you do! Favourites being D.J, proffesional footballer or preferably ability to do the Romford circuit in a Ford fiesta with Barrichelloesque timing! well 'ard! I don't profess to be part of the intelligentsia (I used to watch Millwall play in 80s) but unless you are taking part in a university study of pond life! It is wise to buy a travelcard and try something more culturally diverse in London! Such as Salsa maybe! Or if you just wanted a romantic liaison bear in mind that the local massage parlour girls go to the clinic for check ups more often than club girls and an evening there will not involve a long conversation with a nice policeman, or having your face re-moulded!
  • theres time which is a shitty rudi garage place, but for people who like robot music (garage n shit) will like it cos its one of the best night clubs in the area...
  • Whats happened to the old indie contingent from the mid-nineties? Who used to do the rounds of Hollywoods on Monday, the Island on a Friday, Kings on a Saturday and every other night of the week hanging around in the Golden Lion or Charmers (if youre about 25 youll always still call it Charmers, never the cellar bar, and youll remember the way in the summer the ceiling used to drip with sweat and when you spilled out into the night afterwards there would always be one girl crying her eyes out and another one losing her virginity round the back of sounds familiar. These two events not necessarily unconnected.
  • I think you will now find that McCluskys, Time and Envy, Vivid and Elite host mainly Garage/RnB nights Fri/Sat/Sun with the two latter being trouble. The best thing to do is go down the pub and leave Romford before 1030 pm, so you don't get caught in the middle of it when it all goes pear shaped.
  • Time and Envy - abolsutely love the place, even though I went to some evening thing where Ms Dynamite was supposed to be there and she enver turned up, grrr!
  • For a decent Saturday night out in Romford, your best bet is to start in Edwards (best bar in Romf. I should know, I used to work in there!!) - get there before 9pm, after that it is packed solid. Music's great, great deals on drinks (the only place in Romf to sell Veba!) and the guys out number the girls 3-1! Then head over to Global (or Bar Mango as it's now known). Not as busy as Ed's. Good for a dnace and jugs of voddie and rebull are only 8! Finally, head for Time and Envy - the only club worth going to. Envy is the beter side (over 25's) and it's value for money as you also have access to Time. Other bars that are ok - Life (which replaced Jaks) and Pacific Edge (which replaced Pals in the Market place)
  • Yeah time&envy is the nuts of a club to go to, but also Brannigans is a wicked nite out on a monday, ponud a drink, n they have drinking games aswell.But 1 thing i would likt to point out, JAKS was the nuts of a club to go to, n they never should have closed it, life ia load of **** THEY SHOULD BRING BACK JUMPING JAKS
  • What a sweatbox Charmers was!! Especially the Hardcore Hellraisers that used to be held by Unity Radio 88.4. Anyone remember?
  • Romford a place where people get shot and stabbed? erm i think some of you r gettin muddled with Ilford, ive been going to Hollywoods/Vivid and Elite for years and not seen any serious trouble at all, Tuesday night is rock nite, the crowds are cool, there isnt any trouble! omg, i wonder who put that stuff in! have they even been to Romord i wonder?
  • Time & Envy is superb, good music, good atmosphere, good looking people (well, some of them...). McClusky's is really fun, and nice and cheap. i also believe it holds romford's solitary gay night, which is pretty cool.
  • time and envy
  • I've just got to stay that Edwards is the best place to go in Romford,Its always got a good Atmosphere,its always pact and people from all over the south-east visit it.
  • Opium Lounge - Thursday nights are very reminiscent of early Cellar bar, however you will still find the usual suspects!!!
  • Pacific Edge in the market place is a must for the classier cliental. Lovely food, friendly staff, wicked music and a great vibe. Beatifully decorated with bright colours and modern shaped tables and walls. Gets quite rammed upstairs and can mean sweaty bodies. If you get lucky enough to hear the manager play on the decks you'll be in for a treat, reads the crowds like a pro. Very rarely doeas he play though. Residents are still got a good vibe going.
  • conservatives
  • Well what can i say about Romford since i was a manager at Time and Envy and also did a spell at jaks im fair place to answer most of your points.Time is was and will be for the forseable future the plce to get pissed and try and avoid a glassing in Romford.Yes we all no the 13 year old girls who claim they get in cos they blew the doormen last week(By the way i know the doorman and he swears she was 15).And since the departeure of my old fave "JAKS" we now have a very upmarket looking venue by the name of "LIFE"in my opinion far too good for the likes of the scum that frequent south street but hey having worked in the place for two years i know that its tottaly possible to get a good crowd in and leave the assholes trying to get a bigmac outside at 12:45 before starting i fight with the smallest person they can find to prove to their ski-pant wearing gold hoop earing festooned slag of a girlfriend how hard they are.Back to the nitlife(sorry nitelife).Well Vivid and Elite is nice if you like your own space and are happy with your own company.Branigans is fine too if you can make it past the subserviant apes that pass for doormen.Yes gentlemen they are trousers not jeans you can tell by the way they arent made out of denimn!!.As for Edwards full marks for letting the most promising bar opening of 1999 turn into a 18-25 fashion show for patrick cox shoes(minus socks).Weatherspoons is good for cheap beer and spirits its also good if you want a war story or two or if your dying to find out how ednas hip operation went.Or infact if your just dying.The Hogshead cant make its mind up what it is, currently trading as the unatractive bastard brother of Edwards.Thats my take on Romford and i love it The town the Pubs and the way the Lads get far too drunk and have sex with each other(we know who you are) Hope this is of some help my only other bit of advice would be to spend 5 on a travel card and go into the city where a true nite life can be found..
  • There is a new club in North Street Romford called Opium. I've never been there so I can't tell you what it's like.
  • PACIFIC EDGE is a wicked place to go out, especially on a Saturday night (Vanity Fair). It costs 6 to get in unless you're a member, but it is well worth it! It is like a really "in" place to go, with a nice bar downstairs and then more of a club upstairs. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and is open till 3am!! What more could u ask for?!?!?!
  • Romford,... oh dear what happended! The place is running alive with vermin. Time and Envy is awful, as is Vivid & Elite oh and must no forget Brannigans & Yates. Jaks is no longer there has been replaced with Life Bar, which is slightly better than its predecessor, however still not a good venue. Romford is like a school playground after dark its embaressing. If you want a bad night ensure you visit the famous Romford, one of the places that got Essex its name!
  • Where to begin, all are worth a visit, for amusement factor alone, and as long as you're drunk then it can be unbelieveably good fun, especially when your mates from Uni come to marvel at the sites! Also good if you love to be groped-from behind (obviously)and enjoy hearing 80's chat up lines from the sleaze/neanadathal in the shadows that only comes out around ten minutes before the club shuts,(which really makes you feel special) to then offer to take you back to their's for a 'shag'.
  • Vivid&Elite aint bad. The music is heavy on a Friday. The nite is called IceCreamFriday and its run by a load from one of the pirate radio stations. However the people who go down there r minging. All the girls wear stuff they just bought from the market no doubt. The white boys try acting black (wiggers) and the black boys just think they run tings. Secrets: last time i went down there randy c and prechus from Deja vu were running it. Small and kacky. I wouldn't and haven't been back since. Time&Envy: The club is done out nice but its full of kidz.
  • Vivid (where Hollywoods used to be) aka Vivid.. on a Tuesday night (metal night).
  • Well Romford has a wide range of Nightclubs. Suiting everyones taste. The better ones are Opium and Envy. They have people over 18, no attitude and music which suite all tastes. Other Clubs include the very poor Vivid and Elite: this club is full of young looking 18 year old, wannabe gangsters in their Marks suits, Dancing to that dreadful Garage noise. Time is not much better, but at least the age gap expands to 21. This time it is normally full of trouble. Music is comercial dance and once again GARAGE. Charmas has a good older fill to it with a limated capacity of around 100. RM club plays Grunge music, Secrets is pull a granny a night, which has some appeal to it. Paciffic Edge is the best of the rest as it plays Old School house, bringing back old memories.
  • Time&Envy is a brilliant club with a great atmosphere. Everyones hust wantin a good time and that what you get! Definately reccomend this place.
  • RM ONE is the top place to be in Romford now - not for the trendies tho (so please stop coming to pee us all off) It plays top music, Rock, Punk, Metal anything you like - people are great, drink is fair priced and sexy men are a sure thing (if you like piercings and spiky hair that is - mmmmmmm)
  • The place has bloody 100's of 'em (time/Vivid/secrets etc). Some also run Metal nights.
  • ALL Clubs in Romford are poor, exp Time, people that go ther elook for trouble mostly, the music is just garage, appart from one or two OLD SKool tunes, which gets a little life in it. The best place, well only 1/2 decent is Paciffic edge, which play Club Classic's, like Nightcrawlers and RAZE etc.
  • There are loads, but it's a rough area sometimes so take a weapon, only joking, it's normally the bouncers who get shot !!
  • I have just recently moved from Albania to Romford as an illegal immigrant. And Albania with its bomb hit streets looks 10 times better than Romford, the best thing about going out at night is that it is dark and you can't see all of the devastatingly ugly hill billies who live in the town. I think that the DJ in Mcluskys on a Saturday should be called DJ Meathead (that quite a good name). Vivid and Time are the places to go if you want a tolerable night out, drinks are very expensive for my liking cos I only earn 3.50 a day, which it just enough for one drink. Edwards (sardine can) is always packed full with good looking ladies who are up for a good night. Jaks is so bad that i went in there paid 3 to get in (which means i have got 50p for food) and walked out after 3 mins, has DJ ever heard of slimfast or did he buy the cheap version slimslow (lose weight by eating as much as you posibly can until you die then you will lose weight). The best pub is in the near by town of hornchurch called Lloyds No.1 I know its a crap name but it is a good place to start before you go out on the town.
  • Romford finaly has two places to be proud of. Since Culture Shock closed it's doors 5 years ago, there's not been a place for us lost souls to go for decent music and crowd until Pacific Edge and the Opium Lounge both opended their doors. Pacific Edge is a fantasic modern looking bar offering great food and a chilled out vibe during the day and with top nights on both their Friday and Saturday nights offering funky house and chilled US garage in their upstairs club there's no need to go to London for good music. Friendly intimate atmosphere split over two floors(over 21's only) but the well dressed crowd is slightly older. Drinks are slightly overprice but they can be forgiven. The Opium lounge is just a club and offers top nights on both Friday and Saturday nights (same music as pacific Edge). The decor of the club is amazing with a moroccan theme, it really has to be seen to believe that this place could really be in Romford. Very well priced drinks, top DJ's, a variety of promotors and a well dressed and up for it crowd means there's never been a better excuse to stay in Romford.
  • 7th December 00 Time & Envy is most definatley the best club in essex. i go there every week great tunes in the main room and a great looking DJ (Rawlings) Drinks a little bit pricy but still worth the money for the club ur in was good when it was free to get in but 6 entry fee ain much
  • Jaks may not be a full-on hardcore nightclub (which means there's less chance of being stabbed than there is in, say, Vivid & Elite) but it's always been good for a laugh and a good party atmos. And with a new DJ who doesn't play Black Lace six times a night, what could be better? Loads of drink promotions, too, so it's pretty easy on the wallet.
  • Brannigan's is a must for those residents with receding hairlines, criminal records, thoughtfree dress sense, home bleach disasters and jobs in the service industry. You know who you are. (But can you read?)
  • The Shannon Snooker Hall converted part of the hall into a disco in the late 60s or so.Well disco, a room with a record player.The cues and balls came in handy for defending ourselves on quite a few occassions!!If it weren't Ska it was nothing!!(I mean original Ska, Prince Buster, Cats etc)
  • I work in Time and Envy and it is without a doubt the best place to go and be seen in Romford, so get down their it's open on a Wednesday, Thursday. Friday and Saturday night from 21:00 till 2:00
  • Time is a great spot although you could mistake it for a youth club on friday and saturday nights. Envy is great if you into the leachrous type of od man !!! Brannigans and Jaks are rubbish but i must say Edwards comes up trumps great deals on buy on get one free
  • The Cellar Bar is no more! It closed in early 2000. The owner has opened a new club,called RM ONE, just around the corner (next to Secrets), which will continue with most of the events that were held at the Cellar Bar. Apparently, the landlord of the building that housed the Cellar Bar (and neigbouring businesses) had planned to rent it to a brewery - another pub! Just what Romford needs,hey? Last thing I heard was that the council had objected to the plans - a bit of good sense from them for a change - and so we are left with some empty units. Not yet visited RM One, so I don't know how it compares with the old place.
  • Just thought I'd say that Hollywoods (Romford), no longer exists-its been totally refurbished and is now 2 clubs-"Vivid & Elite", so the displayed information is WRONG, there are new bouncers, it is no longer full of 'kids', and so 'Hollywoods' can't be slagged off anymore because it doesn't exist. As for Pulse-it was shut down a year ago, so there you go. Time & Envy is the best place to go, because it's a proper club unlike Jaks. Thanks.
  • The only places to go was start of in the Rising Sun then strutt into the market and have a few in the Kings Head(?) and then drift over to the Whycham to dance to Swan Lake by the Cats or anything by Prince Buster.
  • Hollywoods - dire, Pulsh - closed for 'refurbishment', Time & Envy - London quality if not better!. Brannigans and Jaks good for cheesy music, but good for a laugh. Both open 'til 1am.
  • The global net is the best bar in romford. Just ask my bird anna.
  • Time and Envy is a great new club the best one in romford, and guess what, its not full of stupid little girls and boys! some nights its over 21's and over 25's during the week its over 18's it is brilliant. Secrets is good on a sunday night!
  • The club scene is diabolical and I would rather stay in and study Economics and statistics or better still top myself than attend these depraved, underaged, musically challenged, narrow minded, trouble making dives.
  • Hollywoods - is there really an over 18's policy? Everytime I go there I feel like i've walked into a primary school!!! Maybe with the new manager (May '99) things will change. New place Brannigans just opened (July '99) supposed to be good, not checked it out yet. Jaks is always a good night out, especially on a Tuesday or Thursday, drinks are pretty cheap (between 1.50 - 2.00)
  • THEY ARE ALL SHITE< without exception. Try improve the quality of your stay by avoiding clubs and then going some where that is not in Romford. This is your best advice. If You must stay in Romford, why not try obtaining an Fire-arm and start to cull the local population down to smaller numbers. If you kill enough people the gene pool mix will be depleated and the race will eventually die out.Thus making you more imortal than Highlander himself
  • The Cellar bar is bad but good. I mean if you go there before 10pm on a friday and your female you can get into free. Friday nights at the cellar bar is Indie/60's&70's. It is good when the music is good and your friends are there and it isn't a hot summers night but when it is bad it is bad. Some of the blokes in there are scum, no most men are in there because the trendys invade it and us normal people get touched up by the horrible men. Sweat drips off of the roof into your drinks so make sure you always cover your glass with one hand other wise you'll find what is in side your glass will increase over the night. You will proberly find Tom Prosser, Tony Prosser, Tony Crease, Joff in there picking fights just for fun.
  • Mcluskys. An excellent place to go to get away from all that thud, thud music. Superb sounds from the earlier decades and vary rarely do you see those annoying teenagers ( YOU KNOW WHAT THERE LIKE !! ). Definately for the older age group. Bar staff very friendly and even the bouncers talk. This is the place to be in Romford at the mo.
  • update. you must check out Mcluskys on a friday night good music excelent bar staff the girls are right babes and the music is not in your face house, garage, or any other of that shit they play at Hollywoods ect.good food as there is a restarunt drinks arn,t that pricey open till get there before 9.30 pm it starts filling up about then the DJ is good music from several decades 70,s 80,s and 90,s the girls love the dancing queen by ABBA gets played a lot good place to meet someone. the girls go there mob handed so if your looking for a date this is the place to go all women i have seen there are class birds age group 20,s 30, . try it for your self. I love it.
  • HollyWood (no "s") sucks big time. Except on Monday/rock night
  • Hollywoods, Depends what you're into, Mondays is a blinding rock night; Thursdays is horrible meat-market (supposedly over 18's but dubious to say the least...), Fridays and Saturdays pricy but worthwhile. Pulse, tacky, typical Essex, avoid like the plague. Jaks is the new place on South Street and what a cracker it is. Music ranges from jazz, rock n' roll, etc to chart stuff, basically mainstream, not so clubby as Hollywoods and the like, but not quite a pub. Kareoke on Wednesdays, bands on Mon and Thurs and fridays and Saturdays you just get down!!!
  • Although the nightlife barely has a pulse, check out one-off events at 'Charmers' [Alex Knight of Fat-Cat records played there once] and Friday nights at Hollywoods [if you enjoy the cheese-scene] and the Hungry Horse always has decent DJs.
  • Pulse (recently changed hands [6.96]) provides a good night out and is a relief from Hollywoods.
  • Try Secrets. Music's poor and so's the beer - but you've got a reasonable chance of pulling your mate's mum and there's notch-points aplenty for that.
  • Check out 'Hollywoods', 'Secrets' and 'Pulse'- (only if you're pissed and need to pull a pig).
  • Hollywoods . All right if you got nothing better to do. Secrets . 1st class women. ok music. the doormen are still pricks trying to impress the girls colors (the kings head, birdcage,)used to be a good place to go now full of weirdos and the toilets (well if you are brave enough i'll let you find out for yourself.

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More stuff about Romford

Sports Shops

The Best Things

Live Music Venues

Recording Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, PA Hire

Cringing Cult of Celebrity

Record Shops

Hookup Spots

Favourite Building

Local Bands

Buskers, Street Entertainers

LAN Parties, Tournaments, LAN Game Cafes, WiFi Meets, PSP/DS Meets

Sports Clubs and Facilities

BMX Trails, Street Spots

Cafes and Coffee Shops


Related Links

Computer and Games Shops

Alternative Lifestyle

Bicycle Shops, Bike Sales and Repairs

The Worst Things

Cheap Food

The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else

Hostels, B&Bs, Hotels, Accommodation

Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars

Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear

Arts, crafts and such

Magazine and Comic Shops

Skateboarding Spots


Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains

Demolish It Now Building

Skateboard Shops

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