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Demolish It Now Building
  • The vacant office buildings
  • The Old Decathlon Building. It's fucking pointless, and we can't hang out there 'til it's gone.
  • asdas..............
  • BLOODY mercery house... gross
  • King Harold Pub
  • the millenium dome
  • My Girlfriend`s ex`s house......with him in it
  • All of the Buildings in the market place, then start again
  • Havering council buildings opposite liberty 2 and associated car parks - recent tart up job didn't work.
  • Bates industrial Estate
  • albany school, must i go on
  • Brannigans. Not the building, just the place.
  • dolphin- excellent inside but ugly outside
  • about time someones taken out the dolphine wat a heep that was!!!!!
  • Time and Envy, no question.
  • the dolphin been derelict for too many years now
  • i hate the dolphinas well as hate it but it has already been flattened and and asda and some 12 storey thing is going there.
  • any McDonalds
  • harold hill should be demolished scum area
  • It should be the old folks home- me mate dave was gettin abuse from them for spliffin up in their lift like
  • The Sainsburys shopping centre they built on the site of the stinking brewery.
  • the whole of purbeck road , hornchurch.
  • The Dolphin - its going at last and it doesn't have a unique pyramid roof as another contributor stated. I have swum under an identical one in Bletchly. (The Romford one is bigger and more knackered though)
  • Most of South Street actually.Terrible architecture.No redeeming features at all.
  • ice rink
  • Most areas of central romford.
  • Probably the Dolphin! Either refurbish it or knock it down! Or more imaginetively turn it into a pub or disco.
  • The Dolphin.
  • i would say the dolphin but if that happened all the rats would go and take over the nearby houses as they'd be homeless.
  • Time and Envy
  • Vivid and Elite do you need a reason.
  • The dolphin hasn't been used in 100 years, planning on making it into a new night club...but when is this gonna happen!? A whole bird coloney has started living there.
  • Chase Cross School
  • What the hell is the Dolphin still doing here?! it's ugly, useless, dangerous, and full of vermin. turn it into some sort of live music venue for the kind people of romford!!! as soon as possible!!!
  • the market with the people in it
  • Probably the old dolphin swimming pool. Nothing's been done to it for ages. I'd like to see it re-opened more than knocked down but there must have been a good reason for it's closure.
  • Brannigans and McCluskys
  • The new brewery. Its not romford.
  • Albany School.
  • Vivid and Elite
  • The whole of romford town centre...its pure scank (apart from Vivid and Time)
  • the dolphin!!
  • Liberty shopping centre (60's abuse)
  • St edwards Church. Admittedly a very pleasant building and I think it should not be demolished until it can be guaranteed full on a Sunday morning. The peolpe that attend that place of worchip are a bunch of non Christian liars. They do nothing but smile at you whilst preparing to stab you in the back. I have been the victim of such an attack. I am not the only one. If you want back up to this, pop down the Golden Lion and look for a bald man who will be well dressed. He will also have a story to tell.
  • Freddie Whale's, Morland Arms: whoever blew up that phone box in North Street had an unfortunate wide aim.
  • The derelict Dolphin is awful.
  • Nuclear bombs work wonders in this department!
  • Railway Staion ,so I cant come back!!
  • Time and envy is a big old pile of pants! Also the new look dollywoods (new carpet apparently and not a lot else)! Brilliant if you are a complete essex geezer or a dodgy trender type! In my opinion they should both be crushed or turned into a hip happenin indie club!!! Full Stop!
  • The Dolphin
  • Id like to see the whole of Harold Hill leveled and turned into a park.Build luxury houses for all the people that live there or kick the rich people out of Hornchurch and let the Hill folk have a taste of the good life.
  • Scanky Rumford Shopping Hall in Market Place in favour of a modern replacement.
  • westham shop
  • The Dolphin - it's an eyesore!!
  • Demolish The Dolphin, and build a place for live bands (signed or unsigned) to gig. That way Essex bands like prodigy, blur and underworld can come home and re-establish their cockney roots, as well as liven up the night life. Havering Council...sort it out!
  • Peacocks!
  • golden lion
  • The Dolphin. This 'leisure center' was open for about ten years. Why has it closed? How can other towns keep them open when we can not? Was it bad planning? Where did the money go? Who built it? Romford demands answers!!!
  • To save the hassle and time of making a decision, I'd say demolish EVERYTHING inside the ring road - except maybe for the Golden Lion pub and church opposite at the end of the Market Place, the little that's left of the former brewery on High Street is OK too, but the rest - bye bye...
  • Hollywood
  • The Brewry has gone. OH NO, NO MORE BEER
  • Debenhams in the market place because when it was built a lot of old ,nice buildings were demolished to make way for this monstrosity.
  • the Waterloo road flats

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