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Favourite Building
  • the dolphin was puka when i was young....and the arches where we used to go bombing...............
  • got to be the romford shopping hall.....selling everything you can think of CHEAP
  • the gherkin, london
  • The Brewery
  • The Brewery Building
  • The Brewery - Windows taller than a three story house
  • Sytner Harold Wood
  • Liberty Mall! Yay!
  • Highfeild towers i had lots of fun with a girl on fith floor
  • Original Romford brewery building. By the gates.
  • gidea park golf club building
  • the golden lion pub because outside it looks like its going to fall down and is sinking into the ground but inside i quiet not as small as thought.
  • the brewery has all the entertainment you need in it
  • dolphin strangely because if you go in it, i should say was kool the pool was still in there with the big slide but before it was flattened there was the security dammit! but i still hate it i just liked going in it
  • the old boxes-piled up fountain
  • any pub collier row roundabout is fantastic must see
  • Dolphin- it has nag cotchin manors
  • My old school Frances Bardsley, ahhh.
  • The Central Library. A rare example of concrete 70's building that is actually very good and surprisingly not as ugly as you would think.
  • St Andrews Church, in St Andrews Road.Built in 1880, still retains most original features, even if certain sections of the local community do treat it with disrespect at times.
  • new liberty
  • The original Liberty.
  • The new Liberty 2 is much cleaner!
  • msg re "the Twats" who mispelt the name of the market! Please note that they were not twats Romford was origainly Rumford so that would explain why it is called Rumford Market who is the twat, the people that kept the original name of the market as a historical reminder of how things change? Or the person who spoke without thinking and then put it in writing for all to read? Somethings never change. Please could u amend the error as the "twats" is offensive!
  • St Edward's Church
  • The Golden Lion pub. Can't go now coz I ran out of people to get off with and it call got a bit complicated, but the grafitti in the ladies speaks for itself. speaking of the girls bogs you can hear everything going on in the beer garden in the summer, giving oyu opportunities to eavesdrop and spread malicious gossip.
  • The Romford Mosque
  • upper cut
  • The Cellar Bar, never a bad night had!
  • The new brewery site
  • Liberty 2 used to be good, but now rollerbowl and uncle sams pool is good. My favourite building has got to be Frances Bardsley school for girls. So many experiances are because that school exists!
  • The Liberty 2 building, only one that stands out.
  • The Decaying dolphin. As that building decays the town seems to get worse and worse...
  • None, oh maybe Uncle Sams
  • Time and Evny- QUALITY!
  • Pompadours
  • Golden Lion Pub and St.Edwards Chuch (in market)
  • The central library is indeed fantastically 70s and actually almost well designed. The North Street bus garage has a glimmer of ambition and the American 30s about it. The building next to Slime&Scurvy and above that shoddy furniture shop is in need of repair but promisingly Art Deco-ish. Would make nice flats. And it would be lovely to live beside the nightclub in Greater London, wouldn't it?
  • Romford central library. An amazing spot with the appearance,atmosphere and floor polish smell of the 70's.
  • Railway Station, it got me out of town!!
  • Favourite Building would have to be Time
  • My favorite building use to be little known place over Bedfords Park. For years we didnt know what it was but laterr I discoved it was an old ice house for the manor that use to be there.
  • Time & Envy - South St.
  • Some nice houses on the outskirts but Romford itself is one of the most ugliest places I have ever seen and unfortunately I come from that area. I would never ever go back unless it was life/death.
  • The little Church up Church Road (Noak Hill) it's very quaint, a friend of mine married there a couple of years ago & I would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to tie the knot.
  • Rumford Market...YES RUMFORD not ROMFORD! because the twats cannot spell. It is a shite hole..of tacky stalls and pick'n'mix sweet shop. It also contains RAGE (SEE SHOPS maybe)
  • moon and stars toilets
  • Saffron House, South Street (a mecca for the thrifty).
  • Has to be the old Dolphin centre, because of it's unique pyramid shape.
  • The fountain WAS ok but on my return sixteen years later I have now fount it to be non-existent !!
  • The Golden Lion,South street,a nice old clapperboarded pub of considerable age.
  • st Edwards church in the market. just look at it

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