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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • the local torie mp, racist, corrupt and racist!
  • who was the bloke who twirled round on request when asked?
  • JIMMY.............WWWWWEEEEEEE..........
  • the old man with a beard has been under the subway forever playing his guitar.....
  • Scary big issue selling man in Hornchurch that spins the magazine...ack..the drunk..
  • silver man- the guy that walks about in a silver suit
  • anyone down hilldene shops all very strange
  • High voiced Jimmy. Usualy frequents Burger King
  • the sub way out side the opium has the odd one down there all putting there heart into it, you will always find one at the top of the market place some where.
  • The homeless guy with the guitar who plays Simon and Garfunkel songs remarkably well.
  • the 'are you a sinner or are you a winner??' guy who stands around in south street at the weekend. and who you'll also find at any music gig you ever go this man cloning himself? he's f***ing hilarious!
  • Anyone remember local character Jimmy / Jimmie Parrott? Used to frequent the wimpy opposite the bitter end (now the firkin) & the fountain. Easily identifiable by his high pitched tone of voice, and breakdancing abilities...
  • there is some kool busker in the subway from como street car park he has got a beard and plays the gituar and sometimes sings there was once a busker in the same subway but the other end he was singing country and western and he had a banjo!!
  • the coolest Romford character was Peter the Painter
  • Bill the tramp was around a few years back, then theres that bloke with the high pitched voice, that looks like pewee herman on crystal meth.
  • pie man
  • Jeff The Tramp , he stole my rook once from chess club.
  • Billy the tramp!!!Not entertainment really but hes still goin strong and is regularly seen doing his rounds
  • Some mexican type people, various musicians etc.
  • The street art darling of discarded Mcdonald's wrappers, broken glass and blood not to mention Police meat wagons, and lack of used condoms (no one here knows how to use one anyway! apart from to roll over their head!) inspires a profound teleological appreciation of the universe and Romford's place in it!
  • There was a bloke we all used to call 'Death' who carried plastic bags everywhere. he had white hair, black eyebrows and used to stalk up and down mawney road / london road like the grim reaper. not strictly entertainment but certainly a man of the street. as was the SM paperboy in lederhosen, also in the mawney road area. how he didn't get queerbashed in the most intolerant town i the world i'll never know. respeck to him for having the balls to dress like that.
  • That guy who plays his guitar in the subway leading to the market.
  • people in the pound shop
  • Occasionally get buskers but havn't yet seen a street entertainer, mind you some of the market traders are pretty amusing!
  • These can be found all over South Street, usually from Friday onwards till about Sunday. They can often be found with a kebab in their hand/hanging out of their mouth/down the front of their Ben Sherman/YSL and calling after someone called 'shell' who then tells him to 'fuck off!' Always worth a look!
  • Bill the Tramp and his Yo-Yo motion. What a guy. Also Romford very own superstar Guilldo Sparks and his one man band. This guy has been there since i can remember. There was a Busker who played Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix tunes, who must of been on some sort of Drugs, i think he must of snuffed it, or moved on.
  • Point Break, famous for a bit, live near Midland Bank on Main Road.
  • quite a few down the subways.
  • Bill the Tramp is the legend of Romford and Hornchurch.
  • The dodgy tramp shows up every so often in romford, although they usually wear nike trainers!!!
  • yeah who remembers the one opposite Boots. Poor dog!
  • A few, but the local authority are good organisers though.
  • Years ago there was an old boy that use to stand outside Woolworths and the Golden Lion with an accordion and (wait for it)a bloody monkey!Well I thought it was a monkey until it went off and done the shopping.Turned out to be his wife so I would like to nominate the accordion players wife for doing such a good job of pretending to be a monkey.
  • The best entertainer Romford has produced is without dought Peter the Tramp.
  • under subways etc you get the usual, playing old beatles songs on a guitar and trying to sing as well as trying to look desperately poor and lonely.
  • Lots but all poor quality and mainly around easter/xmas for the kids
  • We Kill and Rob Them is in our nature
  • Richard feaver and gareth thomas used to play the blues man! but they have gone now
  • There's the guy with the devil puppet and the fiddle, the guy with the orgay thing and every now and again PAN PIPES!!!
  • Major street entertainment as part of 1997 750th anniversary celebrations of Romford Market.
  • Always a busker/homeless drunk with an instrument opposit boots on a saturday.
  • Go to the Square

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